Point-of-Care Marketing (January 2015)

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ContextMedia:Health focuses on engineering high levels of patient engagement through technological innovation at the point of care. They own and operate an array of digital healthcare networks, bringing contextually relevant health education and brand messaging to patients when and where they need it. The company empowers healthcare professionals and brand marketers to engage patients during their wait time in the office by delivering award-winning content personalized for each member practice based on demographic data including health literacy, ethnicity, conditions being treated, etc. 


As a mission-driven organization, they strive to deliver relevant, actionable media to inspire, empower and engage patients to better their health outcomes. The company utilizes the latest first-to-market digital media technologies, including interactive exam-room tablets and EMR-integrated patient messaging, enabling their brand partners to reach patients more effectively than ever. 


ContextMedia:Health currently partners with over 70 health brands across 27 of the top 30 global pharmaceutical manufacturers. Its fully customizable marketing offering has delivered an average of 6:1 ROI for its partners. As the company continues to add 400 physician facilities each month, they now impact 121 million annual patient visits at over 8,000 hospitals and health systems across all 50 states. 



• Customizable, targetable, digital marketing solution at the point of care

• National reach in over 8,000 offices and 20,000 exam rooms 

• Presence in 15+ specialty verticals, reaching top-decile prescribers  

• Digital screens in physician waiting rooms

• Digital interactive tablets in physician exam rooms

• Pre-Appointment and Post-Appointment EMR-­integrated messaging 

• Condition-specific patient education from 30+ ­publishers personalized for each provider practice

• Campaigns fully third-party measurable with guaranteed ROI in endemic categories 

• Multicultural capabilities for African American, ­Hispanic and other markets 

• Under 48-hour go-live for marketing programs 


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