PR View by Maryellen Royle

As a company that focuses on healthcare PR, we are often involved in early-stage product communications. Some of our most exciting assignments are with start-up companies who are on the cusp of commercialization of their first product. While these companies are well-attuned to the importance of investor relations and the needs of analysts, we sometimes find their singular focus can cloud their vision of the benefits of PR. Moving beyond an investor-centric focus and addressing a broader audience enables companies to maximize interest in their products. 

When is the right time to think about a broader PR platform? It may be far earlier than many companies realize. Responsible dissemination of clinical programs outcomes provides an opportunity to shape discussions and trigger anticipation for future medical advancements. Three things to remember: Synergize messages for the IR and PR audiences but remember their unique needs; manage the dissemination of information to ensure the right balance of communication to  audiences, focusing on pivotal data and milestones; and leverage credible influencers from outside the company to give third-party perspective and build relationships that will be valuable to all involved.

Although some companies want one agency to manage both IR and PR, there is a demonstrated value in separating the disciplines. 
Maryellen Royle is EVP at Dorland Global PR
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