Private View: Print ads

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Private View: Print ads
Private View: Print ads

Let's talk about print. I know everyone is focused on digital, but since you're reading this magazine, I think it's relevant. It's also top of mind for me because this year I headed the print jury of a global award show. I saw work from all over the world, but because of the restrictions we face in marketing pharmaceutical products in most other countries, there were just a few pure direct-to-consumer ads.

What did I see? Metaphors, empowered patients, sick patients, and baby boomers doing things that younger creatives think all older people do—like gardening. We in the U.S. are limited by what we can say and how we can portray the brands we work for, but nothing prevents us from executing what we do beautifully—with great photography, imaginative type design, and original illustration.

Each of these six print ads expresses the product benefits of the brand with smart and original creative execution. And without a smiling face or a grain of sand in sight.

Phonak Hearing Aids
Agency: Y&R Group Switzerland
Art Directors: Michael Gallmann, Silke Heninzelmann
Copywriters: Samuel Textor, Florian Tillmann

This campaign represents the benefits of a challenging and often un-heard product: a hearing aid. Every execution in this campaign is done by an artist interpreting a different sound. Each is a work of art, captured by a great photographer and some flexible talent.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Switzerland
Art Director: Daniela Nedelschi
Copywriter: Daniel Lunn

This could have been really hokey. Instead, the execution of people as forklifts, shovels and other lifting devices is disruptive, arresting, and all those words we use to describe stopping power. I don't know how they did it, but they did it well.

Abington Memorial Hospital
Agency: DeVito/Verdi
Art Directors: Sherrod Melvin, Brad  Emmett, Chris Turner
Copywriters: ­Sherrod Melvin, Brad Emmett, Chris Turner

This work is simple and clever, its metaphor clearly illustrated by using our vascular system as a map to show the location of Abington Memorial Hospital. Consumer DTC print would have to carry far more information, but the cleaner you start, the cleaner you end up.

Agency: Langland
Art Directors: Andrew Morley, Mark Carolan
Copywriter: Andrew Spurgeon

With excellent casting, a great set and stunning design, this campaign gives parents insight into the feelings of alienation their kids might be suffering, as well as their symptoms. This could have gotten “cutesy,” but the team developed a look and a restrained, yet engaging style that makes it stand out.

Agency: Harrison and Star
Art Director: Chong Won Wee
Copywriter: Louise Hewitt

This work provides a unique, very well-executed visual metaphor. It's a surprising visual that combines the porcupine and rabbit. Another ad in the campaign shows a storm cloud that goes through the O and comes out a puffy white, sun rimmed cloud, however, it looks as banal as it sounds, which is why it's not included it here.

Agency: Langland
Art Director: Shaheed Peera
Copywriter: Karen Phelps

Just another pain reliever ad? Not with this surreal-ish landscape with grandma pushing a monster pram. The charm and wit don't negate the seriousness of dealing with pain.

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