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Giegerich attributes the majority of new business to OCHWW's existing client base, which, globally, includes every top 20 pharma company. “The fact that we are winning more than we're losing and growing as opposed to shrinking in a consolidating environment is probably the best news of the year,” he continues. “We're very proud of our evolution along the way. We've been really strong over these last years in building out digital competencies in every area, redefining medical education, and building a managed care payer marketing business. And bringing in completely new lines of activity, such as insights and analytics.”
Client reaction to the merger has been encouraging, too. “The first order of business was me literally getting on the phone with every one of our top clients and telling them personally about it,” says Giegerich. “The response I got firsthand was that it was a very smart move. Everybody got very clearly that there would be an immediate change and that we would immediately become a global network with presence in all the major markets. Everybody saw that as a very important move. Then as people got to know the Ogilvy brand and what it brings, with all the resources, case studies, client's expertise, media, technology, digital lab experience that we can bring to their business, they saw it was even better. So, it's been really positive. There has never been in one year a single negative response as far as I know.”
Chapman experienced a similar reaction from clients. “There were lots of fans of Ogilvy and Ogilvy Healthworld already out there, and there were lots of fans of CommonHealth that were already out there,” he says. “I can't tell you any place I've been where anyone hasn't told me: ‘Wow, that was the smartest move I've seen in years. Because of that I think we have been able to generate a great deal of more opportunities with clients that we both already had. We are definitely working with clients that neither of us had before.”
Parisi says that, ideally, he is looking for clients with courage and that are willing to take a chance. “I want clients that are tired of talking about the business changing and are ready to change the way they do business.”
He says he is starting to see a much greater willingness among clients to take risks. “My background is biotech, which has always been about more risk and higher rewards—taking greater risk with the potential for greater benefit. I think even general pharma is getting more aggressive now and it's really encouraging to see.” After all, he says, “every industry is regulated: The auto industry. The technology industry. The oil and gas industries. You figure out a way to be effective and still be creative and move the bar and be successful. “
Weiner sees a major shift in clients' willingness to embrace new technology, too. “It wasn't that long ago that we were bringing some really good thinking to our clients and not being challenged,” he says. “Right now the clients are really well up to speed in all of the new technologies. They are challenging the entire industry to get better. Our clients are very smart and savvy in the digital marketplace at this point.”
The other side of the coin, he notes is a greater focus on return on investment. “We have become a much more rigorous marketing machine. Digital is, by its nature, quantifiable and every day you have to prove the dollars and cents of it all.“
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