Will specialty titles start growing?

Publishers of multispecialty and primary care titles enjoyed the largest ad-spend gains in a resurgent first-half 2010. Will things get more interesting for the specialty care segment, as well? 

Rebecca D. Rinehart
Senior director & publisher,
The Endocrine Society

The specialty care segment of the advertising market will continue to grow as the role of specialists becomes increasingly important. Advertising in publications such as The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism and Endocrine News allows advertisers to take advantage of targeted specialty care markets to reach the experts as well as those they influence. In today's healthcare arena, the specialist is often the only physician providing care for a patient. This is especially true in endocrinology, as the incidence of disease increases with the aging of the population. Specialty care publications provide a valuable link to thought leaders that educate and influence a broad group of physicians and patients in key clinical areas. They are authoritative vehicles that offer high impact and long reach—a good value in today's market.  

Marc Ferrara
CEO, information services division,
Jobson Medical Information

We are continually monitoring the trend toward specialized niche buster drug development versus the blockbuster approach of the 1990s and early 2000s. With the focus on specialized drugs, we anticipate an increase in spend to follow in the specialty areas that are utilizing these new products. We are also closely watching the trend of additional caregivers being brought into the healthcare treatment chain. It is likely that more patients will continue to receive flu shots, and other immunizations at pharmacies and walk-in pharmacy clinics than ever before. The fact that pharmacists are more readily available to answer patients' questions, makes them ideal candidates to deliver critical medication therapy management and counseling.

Diane Corrado
Vice president,
Wolters Kluwer Health

At Wolters Kluwer Health, we've seen a resurgence in pharmaceutical and device company spending targeting medical and surgical specialists. HCPs in these areas demand in-depth information about products before adoption and changing prescribing behavior. We're using technology that enables Lippincott Williams & Wilkins specialty journals to offer advertisers innovative, value-added ways to deliver this information through a variety of access points. With multi-channel online advertising and microsite programs, we're facilitating greater interactivity with videos, quick response-driven action animation, and e-prints linking the advertiser's message to specialized content that practitioners' value. The market remains challenging, but signs of recovery are clearly evident.

Michael Springer
Managing VP and publisher,
American Dental Association

Specialty markets were hit particularly hard by the recession. These companies behaved exactly like other segments of the economy during the downturn: They hunkered down, cut costs and took a conservative approach to spending. The recession is over, and companies are ready to grow again. As an example, the dental market is up about 5% in pages through September. We are expecting to continue that trend next year. The elections have sent a positive message that there will be a more favorable business climate with the shift to Republican control of the House. Let's hope that a more favorable business climate in 2011 will translate into a renewed advertising market.
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