Wolters Kluwer broadens the focus of Nursing Advisor

Wolters Kluwer broadens the focus of Nursing Advisor
Wolters Kluwer broadens the focus of Nursing Advisor

Although growing demand for nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants has been a common theme surrounding changes brought on by the Affordable Care Act, publisher Wolters Kluwer Health sees those professionals as part of a wider landscape. The proof: renaming Lippincott's Nursing Advisor the Lippincott Advisor.

The company noted in a statement that while better usability comes with the new name, the brand shift is about more than a shorter title. Instead, it reflects  a “growing use beyond nursing.”

“We are already seeing other clinicians and non-clinical departments within hospitals use the product, including diagnostics labs, health information management departments, transcriptionists and billing centers,” Chief Nurse of Professional Education Judith McCann said in a statement. She added that market research and user requests will continue to guide content.

Upgrades include a customizable component which allows users to add their organization's name and logo to the Lippincott Advisor, as well as the ability to create a customized landing page. The new software—which is iPad and Android compatible—includes the ability to search from any screen and a new alphabetical index.

This focus on adapting to a new medical dynamic is not limited to the Lippincott Advisor. The publisher noted that it implemented a similar shift in January when it decided to market Lippincott Procedures to nursing and non-nursing professionals. Procedures was originally created just for nurses.


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