Generic Drugs

Lawmakers float generic drug legislation

The bill proposes fining branded drugmakers for not complying.

Mylan buys branded and generic Arixtra

The $225-million deal will give Mylan one of two generics for the deep vein thrombosis drug.

FDA sanctions don't kill a business

Bloomberg reports that India's Wockhardt has become an M&A target.

Generic Viagra floods Brazil

The generic ED pills sell for five cents less than Pfizer's branded blue pill, but the undercutting is a bit deeper.

UK generic use soared in 2013

Generics made up almost 75% of prescriptions in the United Kingdom last year.

FDA generic division overhaul kicks in

The Food and Drug Administration has been intent on elevating and reorganizing its office of Generic Drugs since 2012.

Visual continuity key to patient adherence

Visual continuity key to patient adherence


Researchers at the Brigham and Women's Hospital found that continuity in color and shape have a significant impact on whether patients stick with a prescription regimen.

Abbott pairs generics with tax benefit

Abbott and Mylan are setting up a generics business. The all-stock deal will give some branded generics a new home and offer Abbott a tax benefit that will increase over time.

Generics trigger wallet shock

Prices for some generics are rising, thanks to limited competition.

EU fines six for pay-for-delay

Servier and Teva have been fined for keeping a generic heart medication off the market.

Sun recalls cancer drug

It's the generics maker's second recall of 2014.

India's generics makers hire Beltway help

The Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance makes a bid for legislators' attention.

Diovan competition is coming

Novartis no longer has a lock on the Diovan market: the FDA approved Ranbaxy's generic, which will be made in the US.

Sun's FDA Warning Letter

Sun's FDA Warning Letter


The FDA's seven-page letter outlines some of the problems the regulator has with one specific Sun site.

FDA seeks math of similarity

A three-year, $1 million project seeks an equation for generics and biosimilars.

Generic Copaxone is coming

Teva lost its most recent fight to keep generics of Copaxone off the market.

Court won't stall generic Copaxone

Court won't stall generic Copaxone


The Supreme Court denied Teva's request to keep branded Copaxone off the market while the appeals process shakes out.

Generic Celebrex is coming

Pfizer and Teva's settlement puts generic Celebrex on the market by December.

Ranbaxy extends branded Diovan's life

Ranbaxy may be on the blocks, but it has a hold on the right to produce generics of the Novartis heart medication Diovan. Only problem: it can't, and that is good news for Novartis.

2013 favored specialists, specialty Rx

2013 favored specialists, specialty Rx


The latest IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics assessment of 2013's prescription drug use shows that 2.3% of prescriptions account for 30% of a patient's out-of-pocket prescription costs.

GSK accused of wrongdoing in Poland, Wellbutrin generic revoked

Poland joins the list of countries in which GlaxoSmithKline is accused of misconduct. Meanwhile, bioequivalence issues have prompted the FDA to revoke its approval of GSK's Wellbutrin generic.

Sun Pharma to buy Ranbaxy

The announcement will create the fifth largest generics drug maker, reports Reuters.

In DC, parties argue generic label freedom

In DC, parties argue generic label freedom


At a hearing today, Public Citizen and the generics industry are sounding off on an FDA proposal that would allow generics firms to update labels, regardless of whether the brand has or hasn't.

FDA says generics study is wrong

The regulator disputes findings that generic heart drugs made abroad were contaminated.

Color keeps GSK generic off the market

Color keeps GSK generic off the market


GlaxoSmithKline claims that Sandoz needs to change the packaging for its generic Advair.

Novartis not sweating generics turmoil

The drugmaker's CEO tells Reuters it is in a good position to weather troubles in India's generics industry.

Teva converts Copaxone users

The drugmaker's outreach efforts involve switching patients to the latest—and patented—Copaxone formulation.

Proposed budget gets mixed reviews

The White House's proposed FY 2015 budget gives an additional 1% to the FDA.

FDA ends Teva Plan B OTC dominance

The regulator is allowing generic makers room on the OTC contraceptive shelf.

FDA slammed over generics

Critics say the FDA is not doing enough to ensure generics quality and that communications between industry and the regulator need to improve.

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