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Company Profile
ghg is the foremost, integrated, multichannel communications partner dedicated to health. Our company is built to get health brands deeply engaged in all the conversations that matter because we speak the language of every health-related influencer—from the in-depth science of the KOL to the plainspoken opinion of the blogger.

We are inquisitive and experts in the anticipation and application of innovative technologies, from tablets to tweets. We are tellers of compelling brand stories that connect your brand in meaningful ways with every audience, and we live to generate engagement, grow sales, and improve lives.
Simply put—health spoken here.™

Services and Offerings
  • Professional and Consumer Digital Marketing
  • Strategic Consultation and Implementation
  • Complete Multichannel Services
  • Scientific and Medical Content Development
  • Scientific Animation Videos
  • Social Media Planning and Implementation
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Gaming
  • Event-Based Training/Virtual Worlds
  • Behavior Modification Program Development
  • Campaign Measurements and Analysis
  • Award-Winning Results
Text4baby Case Study
Each year in the US over 500,000 babies are born prematurely and an estimated 28,000 children die before their first birthday. National Healthy Mothers Babies Coalition (HMHB) came to ghg to help launch this ground breaking initiative. The program uses text messaging to promote preventative care for healthy birth outcomes among underserved populations.

Women who sign up for the service will receive free SMS text messages each week, throughout the pregnancy and the first year of their baby's life.

A broad marketing campaign will encourage pregnant women and new moms to register. The aim is to show the potential of mobile health technology in helping to improve maternal and child health outcomes, and reduce the number of premature births.

Text4baby was developed in partnership with government agencies, nonprofit organizations, corporations and academic institutions. The campaign launched nationally in February 2010.

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