Jay Goldman
Klick Health
Senior vice president, innovation

Judging by its recent growth—40% per year, the agency says—Klick Health is doing an awful lot of things right. The firm has always been quick to embrace those technologies that, according to Goldman, help companies "treat you less as, say, a stomach-cancer patient and more as a person who has stomach cancer—treat you as a whole person, in a more personalized way." 
But really, Klick's most underrated recent innovation might be its efforts toward changing the way healthcare marketers work, says Goldman, co-author of The Decoded Company. "We've inherited so many management tools that were developed when we were a data-poor world—annual planning cycles, memos, you name it." To replace those "old and broken" management and workflow tools, Klick has founded Sensei Labs. The goal? To help biotech companies execute and evolve faster. "Management tools haven't kept up, but living in a data-rich world, we can reconsider everything," Goldman adds. —Sarah Mahoney