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Company Profile
Group DCA is a privately owned interactive agency that was founded in 1999 by pharmaceutical industry veterans Rob Likoff and Jack Davis in response to an industry need:

Create a more effective way to engage healthcare providers.

Group DCA and its divisions leverage the strengths of the Internet, multimedia, tablet PCs, direct mail and proprietary software called DIAGRAM (DIAlog, GRAphic, Motions) to deliver breakthrough solutions that immerse healthcare providers in a worthwhile, enjoyable and interactive dialog online, in the mail and in their office.

Group DCA has expanded the use of that proven model to deliver award-winning content in “active learning” sessions (Learning by doing), to doctors (in every specialty, and to KOLs and speakers), nurses, pharmacists, patients and caregivers. Programs have also been created to train pharmaceutical sales reps.

Group DCA programs yield actionable response data, change behavior and produce remarkable ROI.

Services and Offerings
Group DCA is the parent company of five, award-winning, specialized divisions offering these interactive services:  
  • Cue—Patient education, adherence and persistency programs
  • Graphic Details—Promotional programs, i.e. eDetailing (online & convention-based)  
  • iLights—Pharmaceutical manufacturer sponsored online healthcare publishing  
  • Insight Exchange—Online KOL-focused programs
  • Park Street Research—Online market research
Group DCA partners with direct mail veterans D & R Communications to offer POWERXposure—seamless coordination of promotional touch-points (direct mail, eMarketing, live meetings) that elicit even greater physician response.

Case Study
eDetailing ROI Report - March 8, 2007
Product Category: Diabetes Care
The Program
  • 2 waves of eDetailing
  • 1,200+ completions per wave
ROI measurement
  • All ROI analysis performed by third-party (Bullseye ROI, Ft. Lauderdale) in conjunction with analytics team at client company
  • Reports typically generated at 6, 12 and 18-months program launch

  • The analysis methodology is a physician matched pair design
  • Each participating doctor (test doctor) is matched to a control doctor such that they have very similar “Product” prescribing levels and patterns
  • A 6 or 12-month period prior to the start of the program was used as the match period
  • “Product” prescription data was available for use in matching
  • Physicians were also matched on prior call activity—Prior call/Rx activity represents >90% of “variability”
Two Waves (n=767)
  • 51.1% NRx increase
  • 5-month ROI: 301%
  • 12-month ROI (proj): 692%
  • 24-month ROI (proj): 1484%
Statistically significant at 99%
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