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Company Profile

MPR's mission is to develop integrated, multi-platform marketing communication programs for pharmaceutical companies by leveraging the MPR brand's 26-year history of delivering concise, up-to-date drug information to over 650,000 clinicians. MPR delivers point-of-care messages to the health-care professional's preferred media: web, mobile, and print. Every program delivered includes comprehensive metrics to measure Return-On-Investment.

Core Capabilities

In 2012, MPR continues to provide up-to-date drug information and clinical decision support tools to help the busy clinician make the right prescribing decisions. Through print, web, and mobile channels, MPR offers a customized approach to marketing solutions, including: Sales Force Access Tools; REMS Solutions; Therapeutic Content Focus; Targeted Distribution; and Digital Programs at the point-of-care.

• Reach PCPs, PA/NPs, OB/GYNs, PEDs, UROs, Hem-Oncs, LTCs, Residents, RPHs, and other specialists
• Used millions and millions of times
• Average monthly page views – 480,000
• Average monthly unique visitors – 150,000
• 4,000 drugs, with new content, tools, and functionality, including drug interaction checker
• Advertising Opportunities
—Banner Ads (ROS, Profession-Targeted, Specialty-­Targeted, List-Match)
—Contextual Opportunities (Therapeutic subsection takeover; Enhanced online monograph; Keywords search – targeted to brand name, generic name, or disease)
•    MPR Weekly News Brief and Seasonal Spotlight-sponsorship of our opted-in eNewsletter
•    MPR Prescribing Alerts – posted online, emailed, and via push notification to mobile devices

MPR App: iOS, Android & Blackberry Platforms
• Average monthly page views of > 800,000
• Banner Ads: ROS, Profession- or Specialty-Targeted, List-Match
• Contextual Opportunities
—Therapeutic subsection takeover
—Enhanced online monograph
—Keywords search

Case History

A pharmaceutical manufacturer faced a clear “compliance gap” among both patients and HCPs for a major product. MPR designed a customized clinical solution that aligned with marketing objectives and leveraged the trusted MPR brand and channels to:
• Educate target MDs, PAs, NPs and RPHs about this issue via advertorials and KOL webcasts
• Provide clinical support tools that empowered target HCPs to better counsel patients
• Integrate compliance information with rebates and copay assistance programs
• Engage field sales to deliver medically-relevant collateral to targets
• Engage motivated clinicians and maximize SOV through congress activities
The result was a 54% engagement rate, sustained increase in prescribing activity, and tracked utilization of co-pay cards.

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