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2013 favored specialists, specialty Rx

2013 favored specialists, specialty Rx


The latest IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics assessment of 2013's prescription drug use shows that 2.3% of prescriptions account for 30% of a patient's out-of-pocket prescription costs.

HHS extends insurance deadline

The March 31 deadline for health insurance is not the be-all-and-end-all, while a survey found that 50% of the uninsured intend to stay that way.

Survey shows patient insurance experience

The JD Powers survey shows health insurance communication opportunities.

Healthcare reform transforms hospital policies

Hospitals are contemplating financial incentives—as in fines or less support—for patients who could have signed up for health insurance but opted not to.

ACA enrollment misses target

Official numbers are pending, but Reuters notes enrollment appears to be just 3% of the government's goal.

Healthcare reform roundup

Healthcare reform roundup


A roundup of some exchange-related news circling the web.

Employer, employee healthcare costs to rise in 2014


Benefits research studies show employers expect to lay out 7% more in healthcare costs in 2014, a move that has not been accompanied by lower employee costs.

Studies provide more clues to patient adherence, medical needs


Three studies take on different angles of the patient experience. Spoiler alert: no cost increases are mentioned.

Business briefs: Roche, WellPoint, Bayer, Takeda, Allergan

A JAMA article says prostate cancer patients are getting treatments they don't need; Roche and AstraZeneca will share safety data; WellPoint gives cost sharing a new spin; Bayer seeks to boost its oncology pipeline; Takeda announces organizational changes; and the FDA puts Allergan's Restasis on track for generic competition.

Business briefs: Astellas, ADA, AJMC, AARP

Astellas teams up with Cytokinetics for muscle weakness research; ADA says lifestyle changes don't protect diabetics' hearts; AJMC talks pharmacists as diabetes counselors; and AARP helps with healthcare reform education.

Impact and importance of patient preference still TBD


JAMA's look into the impact of patient centric care shows that a broader scope is needed to understand the financial and health impact of active patients and how doctors perceive what it means to be engaged with patients.

Despite HPV vax ad bonanza, low awareness and slacker docs dog uptake


A little over half of US girls ages 13 to 17 have not gotten even one dose of the HPV vaccine, and among the main reasons are poor awareness and the failure of doctors to recommend vaccination, a study shows.

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