April 2011 Issue of MMM

April 2011 Issue of MMM

April 2011

Editor's Desk

DTC is dead/long life DTC

I'm a gonna tell you how it's gonna be..." screamed rock musician Jack White outside his music trailer, at the start of an "impromptu" one-man ...


DTC Report: Code Red for DTC?

DTC spending continues to slide, and with many of the blockbuster drugs that have sustained it over the past decade set to lose patent protection, ...

How to Win an MM&M Award

Last October, several hundred healthcare marketing and media executives flocked to New York's decadent Cipriani 42nd Street to celebrate some of the industry's finest work ...

Journal Ad Review: Gains on Paper

Medical/surgical journals are on the rebound, having posted a nascent recovery last year. Marc Iskowitz finds which categories and brands attracted the most ad dollars ...

Headliner: The writerly MD and muse of House, Dr. Lisa Sanders

Dr. Lisa Sanders, MD, was 39 and in her third year of medical school--a midlife career change that followed an Emmy Award-winning career in television ...

Therapeutic Focus

Therapeutic Focus 2011: Metabolic

The number of people with diabetes is on the rise. Marc Iskowitz examines drugmakers' efforts to control this public health issue, the marketing of diabetes ...

Vantage Point

Vantage Point

I've had an epiphany! I have come to believe that much of pharma marketing research is conducted with the wrong respondents.


Antidote: potassium iodide

Potassium iodide is a useful medication. It is also poorly understood, and has functioned as a "fear pill" in the current climate of radiation worries.

In Focus

Paying moms for app reviews: ethical or not?

An Abbott iPhone app is drawing attention to the practice of compensating bloggers for app reviews, as some call into question the ethics of pay-for-play ...

Professional Marketing

Savient focusing on reimbursement

Savient Pharmaceuticals launched Krystexxa, an orphan drug for chronic gout, and deployed a mix of sales reps, education specialists and business managers to help expedite ...

Forest Labs to acquire Clinical Data, add reps for launch

Forest Labs will acquire Clinical Data for $1.2 billion, and expand its primary care sales forces in preparation for the launch of Viibryd (vilazodone HCI), ...

Professional Marketing briefs

Featuring news about Eisai, Epocrates and the US Supreme Court

Med Ed Report

Supporters snub generic CME fund

Medical societies and other providers have been under assault the last few years for the way they handle commercial funds for med ed.

AAFP gives Pugno wider med ed role

The American Academy of Family Physicians promoted its longtime head of graduate medical education Perry Pugno, MD, to VP for education.

MD talks gift ban, CME measures

Maryland lawmakers are weighing a conflict-of-interest bill that impacts commercially supported CME.

Med Ed Report briefs

Featuring news about Informed Medial Communications, Pri-Med Point of Care, Lighthouse Learning, CCMEP credential and PDI

Professional Media

Intellisphere launches OncLive.com

Intellisphere launched an oncology news and information site--OncLive.com--on March 15, and changed the title of its Oncology Net Guide print journal to OncLive.

Doctors submit cases online

Alvaro Alonso, a physician at UMass Memorial Medical Center, won $2,500 for his case video, titled Brainstem Rescue.

Professional Media briefs

Featuring news about Wiley-Blackwell, Prescribing Reference, Inc., and the COPD Foundation

Partner Forum

Does new policy hurt transparency?

The FDA decided to bar reporters from consulting outside experts about embargoed news. Journalists say this runs counter to FDA's pledge to increase transparency. The ...

Digital Media

Everyday Health offers more apps

Everyday Health is going big on mobile, seeing an opening against its older and more established rival WebMD.

HealthiNation expands wellness content with new shows

HealthiNation is beefing up its health and wellness content with a slate of four new shows as the online health video company seeks to move ...

Digital Media briefs

Featuring news about Interactivation Health Networks, Pri-Med Point of Care, UCompareHealthCare.com, MDxMedical and the Interactive Advertising Bureau

Consumer Marketing

DDR on DTC: Pradaxa

Unbranded campaigns can be an effective way for Rx marketers to set the stage for a brand launch.

Ex-GSK marketer unveils migraine consumer site

Health Union, an online health information and social media company, announced the launch of its first website --Migraine.com--intended to foster "interactions about health conditions between ...

Merck looks to Facebook in CSR effort

Merck is launching a major corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, reports PRWeek, which profiled communications chief Adele Ambrose in its March issue.

Bayer recruits Mannillo for spot

Bayer has recruited TV personality Vanessa Minnillo to front an unbranded campaign promoting the use of daily folate supplements to women.

Crestor launches online series

AstraZeneca is launching an online campaign to promote a healthy diet as part of its Crestor efforts.

Marketing Research

Supreme showdown in Rx data case this month

Can Vermont bar companies from mining doctors' prescribing data and selling it to drug makers, unless doctors consent, or does such a law violate the ...

New field services director for Evolution

Evolution Marketing Research promoted Jennifer Steinberg to director of field services. She has handled field logistics since 2008.

Agency Business

CAHG establishes one 'seamless' shop

The Omnicom company formerly known as Corbett Accel Healthcare Group has devolved from a network into an agency, folding all of its once-independent agencies into ...

Concentric lands Enbrel professional account

Amgen and Pfizer named Concentric Pharma Advertising professional advertising AOR on its Enbrel rheumatology indication.

Agency Business briefs

Featuring news about Draftfcb Healthcare, HCB Health, Diccicco Battista Communications and Harrison and Star

Beltway Insider

As I see it

"Newspeak," as Orwellian cognoscenti know, is the official language of Big Brother, designed "not to extend but to diminish the range of thought."

Obama says FDA should be 'modernized' already

President Barack Obama hinted in February that FDA may be a candidate for sweeping reform amid complaints that it is ill-equipped to handle biotechnology and ...

Bills would ban 'authorized generics'

Legislation to prohibit companies from marketing an authorized generic version of a Rx drug until after expiration or forfeiture of any 180-day marketing exclusivity associated ...


Pharma shouldn't look at mobile as an 'add-on'

It's no surprise that digital communications channels are an increasing investment and focus of the pharma sector's marketing strategies.

How not to screw up running a healthcare shop

As we begin our fourth decade at AbelsonTaylor, I think it is finally time to come clean, and share the real secrets of how to ...

Back Talk

The traditional model is N/A

For generations, success in pharma could be virtually guaranteed by the three Ms: Put your best minds on discovering new treatments, invest enough money in ...