April 2014 Issue of MMM

April 2014 Issue of MMM

APRIL 2014 issue

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DTC Report 2014: DTC Gets Smart

Given the adoption of in-app video and gaming, forward-looking pharma marketers are experimenting with so-called smart DTC on small screens — and the skeptics might ...

DTC Report 2014: 10 Riskiest DTC Ads Ever

Here's a countdown of 10 risk-taking ads—five that our industry experts thought truly succeeded, followed by five that might have done better. It's our shout-out ...

Rare Diseases: Orphans in Danger

For rare diseases and orphan products, the future looks promising, but as Peter Saltonstall finds, significant research, educational and policy challenges remain. A view from ...

Non-Personal Promotion: A New Era in E-Sampling

Sales force success in the new world of prescribing takes technology. Harris Kaplan and Ann Mayer say substituting e-sampling for rep time could be a ...

Headliner: Pharma's type "A" exec—and mentor

Brian Goff, Global franchise head for hemophilia, Baxter

Therapeutic Focus

Therapeutic Focus 2014: Respiratory

With generics firms taking aim at high-flying blockbusters, Big Pharma stalwarts in the asthma and COPD market are pinning their hopes for the future on ...

Vantage Point

Vantage Point: Marketing Support for Clinical Trials

Pharmaceutical companies must provide robust marketing support for their clinical trials


Antidote: Are e-cigarettes safe?

The pros and cons of e-cigarettes

In Focus

Playing the name game with biosimilars

Allowing copies of branded biologic medicines to share the original drug's non-proprietary name will have little or no consequence for patient safety, most stakeholders and ...

Professional Marketing

Sanofi seeks to revive Kynamro launch

Kynamro's slow start, coupled with competition, has prompted Sanofi to add sales reps.

Endo reaches settlement with DOJ over Lidoderm claims

Endo Pharmaceuticals became the latest drugmaker to ink an off-label marketing settlement, paying $192.7 million to resolve charges it promoted pain patch Lidoderm for unapproved ...

Professional Marketing briefs: April 2014

News on Physicians Interactive, National Association of Boards of Pharmacy and Roche

Med Ed Report

Speaker pay sharply cut: ProPublica

The approach of new transparency rules, coupled with patent losses and industry's shift to specialty meds, has contributed to a big drop in the amount ...

A research gap for rare diseases

There is an "overwhelming need" among HCPs for greater awareness, training and education on the diagnosis and available treatment options for rare diseases, researchers suggest.

Professional Media

Off-label guidance may not be publishing boon

The FDA's proposed upgrade to its off-label distribution guidelines has some new features, but experts say it is unclear if this means more dollars will ...

Merion renames NP, PA print publication

The newly titled Nurse Practitioner Perspective rolls out this month, keeping pace with an educational shift in the nursing field.

Professional Media briefs: April 2014

News on MedCAREERS Group Inc., F1000 and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Partner Forum

Are rep networks a solid resource?

Research shows HCPs bounce from site to site, so rep networks seem to offer both one-stop info shopping and industry contact. But do they provide ...

Digital Media

OPDP slams Facebook page

The FDA's bad-ad unit took a drugmaker to task for what it calls a misleading Facebook page. History shows the social media surveillance should take ...

EHR use up 10%, as small practices tame data crunch

A report of over 270,000 US medical sites signals that EHR adoption is no longer a luxury reserved for hospitals and health systems.

Digital Media briefs: April 2014

News on the Journal of the American Medical Association, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and FDA

Consumer Marketing

Advil hearts menstrual cramps

Pfizer's consumer website for Advil in South Korea offers a strange appeal to women who experience menstrual pain.

Remedy debuts long-form sponsored stories

The publisher aims to bring patient stories to life through long-form multimedia narratives.

DDR on DTC: Nexium

AZ has taught us a lot about acid reflux disease over the years, but the latest Nexium campaign looks like the creative team simply gave ...

Marketing Research

Merck diversifies its Big Data agenda

Merck has broadened its analytics approach to include team-ups with a slate of organizations at the intersection of Big Data and health IT.

Checklist to gauge real-world studies

Researchers have developed and tested a checklist that aims to evaluate comparative effectiveness research and distinguish real-world studies that are good enough for decision-making about ...

Agency Business

Draftfcb Healthcare rebrands to FCB Health, acquires UK shop

Draftfcb Healthcare has rebranded to FCB Health, and has also acquired UK healthcare agency Halesway, effective immediately, the agency announced today

LEO Pharma and Edelman extend their partnership

LEO Pharma has inked an extension for its public relations contract with Edelman's Frankfurt, Germany office, according to news outlet PMLiVE.

Agency Business briefs:April 2014

News on N.S. Bienstock, Ogilvy CommonHealth, AbelsonTaylor and TGaS

Beltway Insider

As I See It: FDA and marketing materials

The more clarity that FDA provides, the more confident companies can be in their medical communications

Did "pay-to-play" confab help Zohydro approval?

US senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and David Vitter (R-LA) are asking whether a "pay-to-play" meeting between drug industry executives and FDA officials influenced the agency's ...

Broadcast DTC risk info could shrink

FDA's Office of Prescription Drug Promotion (OPDP) plans to research the effects that could follow changing the risk information the agency requires to be included ...


Putting consumers at the center of your universe

The question should be: How do you simplify and identify the moments that mean the most to customers?

How to establish brand preference among HCPs

Prescribing decisions have become tied to potential therapeutic benefits and the total "Patient Experience"

Private View

Private View: Creating Compelling Experiences

In today's multi-channel environment, game-changing ideas blend creativity and sensory ideation to create a meaningful customer experience

Upward Move

Upward Move: Maggie Helmig

Maggie Helmig, EVP, global brand lead, Ogilvy CommonHealth

At Work With

At Work With: Adam Scott Roberts

Adam Scott Roberts, Senior Vice President, Group Media Director, Communications Media Inc.


People Moves: April 2014

Promotions and hires for manufacturers and agencies

Back Talk

Combating concept churn

There's no cure. But the good news is that prophylaxis is possible.