April 2017 Issue of MMM

April 2017 Issue of MMM

Go Figure

Infographic: The physician view on patient data

A WebMD survey finds that patients are more engaged when they share their own health with their doctors.

Editor's Desk

Is a Crisis Brewing for Watson Health?

In the wake of MD Anderson's costly failure with IBM's Watson supercomputer, a Watson backlash brewing in biopharma may lead to a moment of reckoning ...

Digital Edition

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Here you'll find everything you need to know from MM&M's April 2017 issue, including our DTC report, our deep dive into respiratory drugs, and more.


Pro Ad Report: All the data on medical journal spending in 2016

The top three most advertised brands in 2016 were Gilead Sciences' Harvoni, Eli Lilly's Trulicity, and J&J's Invokana.

Upward Move

Deloitte taps Havas Lynx's Mickelberg as MD

Dennis Urbaniak has also been named chief digital officer at Havas Lynx.

Therapeutic Focus

Drugmakers target severe asthma patients with biologics, but payers raise pricing issue

Biologics prompt asthma marketers to catch their collective breath as innovation has resulted in a rise of payer blockades and sky-high prices

Novartis aims to bring first oral asthma drug to market in two decades

An investigative agent in the Novartis asthma pipeline could give biologics a run for their money.

Top 25 respiratory brands, by sales

While still the top-selling respiratory drug, GSK's Advair is facing growing competition from BI's Spiriva and Roche's Xolair.

In Focus

Digital IDs become focus as drugmakers seek to track doctors' behavior online

Organizations are focusing on better ways to verify HCPs' digital identities.

Partner Forum

4 Ways Marketers Can Create Valuable Content That Achieves Brand Objectives

"Find exactly what your audience wants, find exactly where they spend their time, and deliver."

DTC Report

Patients are taking on DTC ads. How will drugmakers respond?

Pharma spent more than $4 billion on TV ads last year. Empowered patient communities weren't impressed. Has DTC on TV reached its moment of reckoning?

The 2017 DTC Report: All the data in one place

Drugmakers again spent more on DTC advertising in 2016 than the year before.

The Top 10 DTC Ads of 2016

Mary Skoyles finds that DTC ads are getting better. "There's a lot of interesting work being done," she says. "There are more chances being taken."

The DTC Ads of 2016 That Shouldn't Have Happened

Pharma marketers are producing plenty of exceptional creative work in the DTC realm. There are also plenty that prompt quick checks to make sure that ...

What doctors have to say about those DTC ads

We had SERMO, a social network for physicians, ask about 1,700 physicians what they have to say about the impact of DTC on patient care ...

Beltway Insider

Why President Trump Won't Overhaul the FDA

In short, the Trump team, I predict, will seek to tweak FDA.


How To Make A Doctor Happy: Take Away the Brand Message in a Drug Ad

The presumption is Dr. A saw ad B, clicked on it, went to the site and within C time, prescribed product D.

Nothing Will Replace Human Doctors, Not Even Robots

Healthcare is one industry that hangs in this delicate balance, in large part due to the fact that it necessitates a blend of science and ...

Private View

Giant's Kristina Ellis Highlights 6 Campaigns that Create Empathy

Here are six creative campaigns that use creativity to connect with the audience.

At Work With

BreathResearch's Nirinjan Yee on being a female entrepreneur

A bout with Lyme disease led Yee to found a company that helps patients measure and track their breathing patterns.

Back Talk

Quitting Your Job: Dramatic Exit or Inappropriate?

Apologies to Paul Simon, but there must be 50 ways to leave your employer.