August 2006 Issue of MMM

August 2006 Issue of MMM

August 2006

Editor's Desk

The state of give and take

State legislators are continuing to forge ahead with measures to stop pharma's evil-givers from corrupting the medical profession with freebies.


CME's New Order

Pharma's fresh cadre of doctorate-level gatekeepers seeks to foster education that matters. Committed to analyzing, reporting and publicizing data on the impact of their programs--and ...

Getting to Grips with Grants

Funding procedure has replaced compliance as the biggest challenge facing providers. That said, many are reporting an increase in pharma support. Marc Iskowitz dissects MM&M's ...

The Age of Alzheimer's

While a cure for Alzheimer's disease seems unlikely for some time to come, the market for treatments is a hot one, almost tripling in size ...

Head to Head: Prizes, pitfalls and pains of comparative clinical testing

Head-to-head trials are becoming the gold standard in clinical testing. But while a good contest can win a brand formulary freedom and promotional bragging, marketers ...

Headliner: Ken Begasse, Jr. of Concentric Healthcare Advertising

Ken Begasse, Jr., a medical advertising client services guy like his father, got tired of being called "Junior."



The purpose of this column is to debunk myths about pharmaceuticals and, more specifically, to defend the drug manufacturers from unfair attacks against their products ...

Med Ed Report

AMA moves ahead with med ed revamp

The American Medical Association (AMA) voted in June to move ahead with Phase II of its Initiative to Transform Medical Education (ITME).

Scienta adds Morgan to clinical team

Scienta Healthcare Education has hired Marcello Morgan, MD, MPH, as scientific information specialist.

UpToDate offers a short cut to credit

Evidence-based, point-ofcare resource UpToDate is making it simpler for individual subscribers of its service to receive their CME credit.

AFP and Family Practice Management experiment with live CME courses

American Family Physician and Family Practice Management are experimenting with one-day live CME courses that use their journals' content as a base for presenting clinical ...

CE Solution received WBE certification

The CE Solution has received Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) certification from the Women's Business Enterprise National Council.

Interlink provides Januvia pre-launch med ed

Interlink Healthcare Communications will provide pre-launch medical education for Merck’s Januvia (sitagliptin), a DPP-4 inhibitor for treating type II diabetes.

Fission Communications joins NAAMECC

Fission Communications has joined the North American Association of Medical Education and Communication Companies (NAAMECC), a professional organization with around 70 members.

Epocrates reports 200,000 CME courses completed in '05

Epocrates reported that nearly 200,000 CME courses were completed in 2005 for its MobileCME medical education program for handheld devices, launched last year (MM&M, April ...

Professional Media

Pharma ad boom propels USA Weekend

USA Weekend is revving up its health coverage in response to skyrocketing revenues from pharmaceutical advertising.

Gottlieb to journals: Keep out of politics

Medical journals must stay out of politics or risk fueling public distrust of the medical profession and the FDA, said Scott Gottlieb, the agency's deputy ...

Blackwell acquires Le Jacq

Blackwell acquired Le Jacq, a Connecticut firm which publishes over 100 books and 350 journals in medicine, biomedicine and allied health.

Advanstar names Cornejo account manager

Advanstar has named Carlos Cornejo account manager for its nursing group, including the RN and Healthcare Traveler franchises.

Quadrant names Flomenbaum editor-in-chief

Quadrant HealthCom has named Dr. Neal Flomenbaum editor-in-chief of Emergency Medicine.

Ascend Media appoints Doutre director of clinical affiars

Ascend Media appointed Dr. William Doutre director of clinical affairs.

Partner Forum

Are journals losing their credibility?

Medical journals have taken a lot of flack lately, from the NEJM's handling of Vioxx to questions about drug company influence on editorial content and ...


Web Watch

More than one billion people worldwide now have access to the Internet.

Oncology drug marketers 'missing out' online: study

Oncology drug e-marketers are missing out on major opportunities to grow their brands by failing to consider the divergent information requests of doctors, patients and ...

Direct Marketing

MicroMass recruits three strategy vets

MicroMass Communications has added three new VP, senior strategists to better address the marketing shift from mass-market communications to a more patient-focused approach.

Cephalon, Takeda ramp up Provigil reps

Cephalon and Takeda Pharmaceuticals' North American divisions have entered into a deal that has more than doubled the size of the sales force promoting Cephalon's ...

Unit 7 lands Shire, Bayer accounts

Omnicom Group relationship marketing agency Unit 7 has picked up new accounts from two pharma clients, the firm's CEO Loreen Babcock told MM&M.

Sudler & Hennessey announces new relationship marketing unit

Sudler & Hennessey has announced the creation of S&H Group pi, a relationship marketing unit.

Advancis Pharmacautical enters marketing agreement with Innovex

Advancis Pharmaceutical Corporation has entered into a two-year sales and marketing agreement with Innovex for 75 sales reps to promote Advancis' recently approved cephalosporin antibiotic ...

Redi-Mail Direct Marketing opens sample distribution facility

Redi-Mail Direct Marketing, an operating unit of Redi-Direct Marketing, has opened a state- and Drug Enforcement Administration-approved sample distribution facility located in Fairfield, NJ.

King Pharmaceuticals, Wyeth amend Altace agreement

King Pharmaceuticals and Wyeth have amended and restated their co-promotion agreement for King's Altace (ramipril), an angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor to treat high blood ...

DTC Report

Viagra: most recalled DTC brand in '06

News stories about Cox-2 drugs and ads for Viagra were the most recalled by consumers, according to a Verispan survey.

Aloxi ads target female chemo patients

MGI Pharma's anti-emetic drug Aloxi has its first ever consumer effort, featuring print ads aimed at women cancer patients.

FDA: Wyeth's DTC for ReFacto has unsubstantiated safety claims

A Wyeth Pharmaceuticals direct-to-consumer brochure for ReFacto antihemophilic factor contains unsubstantiated safety claims, according to an FDA notice of violation letter.

Study finds benefits listed in larger text than risks in mags

A study of oncology drug ads in the magazines CURE, Coping With Cancer and MAMM found benefits presented more prominently and in larger text than ...

AIDS Healthcare Foundation blasts Viagra ads

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has blasted Pfizer Viagra print ads, telling occasional ED sufferers to "enjoy what it can do to help you improve your ...

PhRMA's SVP says newspaper overlooks benefit of DTC

PhRMA SVP Ken Johnson, responding to a Christian Science Monitor piece critical of drug DTC advertising, said the newspaper "unfortunately overlooks the educational benefits of ...

Public Relations

PR View by Charlotte Wray

Tysabri faced an unknown destiny when these safety signals were presented to an FDA advisory committee in March.

Baseball all-stars step up for blood-clot awareness

If it's summer, it must be sports marketing season for Big Pharma.

Clark crosses pond to lead C&W health

Cohn & Wolfe has moved London practice head Jeremy Clark to New York, where he will serve as global healthcare practice leader in September.

Beltway Insider

As I see it

While some in the pharmaceutical industry think there is altogether too much public focus on drug risks at the expense of drug benefits, it may ...

FDA concerned over foreign trials data

As more companies outsource expensive human clinical trials to lower-cost foreign sites, the FDA says it is confronting "huge" challenges in the safety and effectiveness ...

Hinchey decries the lack of FDA reform

Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) says Congress has refused to act on several bills to reform the FDA, "because members are comfortably obliged to the pharmaceutical ...

Jenkins defends approvable letters

A recent controversy about the FDA ducking its legal obligation to approve new drugs on time by issuing "approvable" letters is just silly, said FDA ...

Senate grants the FDA a 6.5% raise in funding

The FDA's total funding for FY 2007 has been set at $1.942 billion--representing a 6.5%increase over the previous year.

Trial initiatives to protect patients, integrity of data

The FDA has announced policy and regulatory initiatives intended to strengthen its oversight and protection of patients in clinical trials and the integrity of clinical ...

Ketek's new labeling approved by FDA

Ketek (telithromycin), Sanofi-Aventis' antibiotic, has had new labeling approved by the FDA, including a bolded warning and additional information on liver toxicity and failure.

FDA issues public health advisory on NEJM report

The FDA will issue a public health advisory based on a June 8 New England Journal of Medicine report of an increased risk of birth ...

FDA relied on proprietary company data, charges Pfizer

Pfizer's charge that the FDA relied on proprietary company data on its Genotropin in approving rival Sandoz' human growth hormone product Omnitrope have been denied ...

FDA withheld data from advisory committee

The FDA withheld from an advisory committee data linking the anti-obesity drug orlistat to a potential cancer risk before the committee recommended its switch from ...

Back Talk

Acronymics Anonymous (AA)

Jack Barrette of Yahoo! wrote in a letter to the editor (MM&M, May 2006): "We live in a world of consumers deeply engaged in their ...