August 2014 Issue of MMM

August 2014 Issue of MMM

August 2014

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We cemented our credibility during the most difficult period for publishing

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Biotech Report: Ultra Man

Innovation is still valued in the orphan-drug space, but the reimbursement bar is rising. NPS Pharma's Eric Pauwels, who's launched five ultra-rare disease products, explains ...

Leadership Exchange: Thinking More Like a Patient

A major information explosion is just the tip of the iceberg in the paradigm shift that is taking place between pharma, marketers and the patients ...

Marketing Research: A Question of Value

When assessing the value of breakthrough drugs, Health Economics & Outcomes Research can help generate the economic profile of a new therapy. Mohan Bala and ...

Therapeutic Focus 2014: Oncology

Immunotherapy is an emerging powerhouse in cancer treatment. Early gains being made in multiple tumor types provide a glimpse of the effectiveness of several agents ...

Multichannel Marketing: At Your Service

Pharma is moving toward a broader treatment paradigm based on providing additional services for patients. Boris Kushkuley describes what the Pill+ model looks like, and ...

MM&M Awards 2014: The Final Cut

More than 100 esteemed industry leaders and thinkers spent several hours discussing, reviewing and scoring around 700 entries to the MM&M Awards. Here are the ...

Headliner: Galderma CEO confronts challenges

Stuart Raetzman, CEO, Galderma Labs

In Focus

FDA and off-label uses: a balancing act

FDA's current re-examination of its off-label promotion policies in light of the First Amendment is a delicate balancing act between its rock-solid traditional enforcement posture ...

Partner Forum

Can value vanquish payer pressure?

Pharma cites "payer pressure" as one of its biggest marketing challenges yet struggles to make the "value" case for products. How can it translate market-access ...

Consumer Marketing

DDR on DTC: Linzess

Linzess has been enhanced and reworked to reach self-identified sufferers with its own brand relief story

Beltway Insider

Washington Insider: When FDA Overstates its Case

What happens when it's the FDA—not a medical marketer—that is doing the overstating?


Saying Goodbye to Brand Standards Manuals

Don't waste another minute or dollar on your brand standards manual. It's painfully irrelevant

Private View

Private View: Discussing Women's Health

Dan Chichester, chief creative officer, LLNS

Back Talk

Think You Own Your Brand? Think Again

When you have a successful brand, you tamper with it at your peril


How to Shatter the Glass Ceiling

How Pharma Can Benefit from the Transformation of Pharmacy


Live at MM&M Transforming Healthcare

Pharma faces its 'oh, shit' moment

In his keynote address at the MM&M Transforming Healthcare conference, Dr. Gautam Gulati says the industry is being outpaced by its innovation.

Merck, Takeda execs: Is AI the new bad app?

One executive referred to AI as a "black box" and as the "Tower of Babel."

Value-based care requires innovators to challenge the status quo

Execs stressed the importance of collaboration, consumer-mindedness.

Admetsys wins the 2017 MM&M Startup Showdown

The artificial pancreas can provide value to the health system.

Top 40 Healthcare Transformers

MM&M honors 40 upstarts and veteran innovation gurus.

Top 10 Innovation Catalysts

For the first time MM&M honors a group of 10 agency execs.