August 2017 Issue of MMM

August 2017 Issue of MMM

Go Figure

Infographic | What patients want: a better healthcare experience

Patients are demanding more of their healthcare experience — and that includes from their healthcare providers, according to two new surveys.

Leadership Exchange

Roundtable: Market access takes center stage

Participants in this roundtable explore how digital forms of data are poised to illuminate the reimbursement pathway, as market access gets its closeup.


Live @ the MM&M Hall of Femme: Women talk about taking action to bridge the gender gap

Executives discussed the challenges and opportunities they have faced as women.

The 2017 MM&M Awards: The Shortlist

Find out who made award-winning work this year.

Photo | The 2017 Hall of Femme

Meet 13 of our 16 Hall of Femme honorees.

Editor's Desk

Gender Parity: A Known Quantity That's Being Ignored

Our goal is to make gender parity a priority, and to keep our spotlight trained on it.

Digital Edition

Read the complete August 2017 digital edition

Read the August 2017 issue in its entirety, including our recap of the MM&M Hall of Femme event.


Drugmakers turn to tech to better demonstrate empathy

Frustrated by its inability to empathize with patients, pharma has turned to tech to teach providers and caregivers what illness really feels like.

Pharma companies, now marketing high-science drugs, rely more on medical affairs

Five years ago, the notion of medical science liaisons as a guiding voice in the marketing mix was borderline preposterous. Now they're called upon early ...

Drugmakers test out Tumblr, to tap specific audiences

Pharma has more or less ignored the social-blog hybrid Tumblr, with the number of programs using it countable on a single hand. That's about to ...


From diversity to pricing issues, BMS marketing chief strikes a balance

Susan Sweeney has earned a reputation for such pragmatism and attentiveness to the things that really matter.

Therapeutic Focus

Saturday at ASCO: Trial results reveal promising data for combo I-O drugs but no home runs

Putting aside the hype around combination immunotherapies, concerns remain about overall response rates for these drugs.

Sunday at ASCO: What the latest trial data has to say about precision medicine

Notably, data for AstraZeneca's Lynparza, Johnson & Johnson's Zytiga, and Loxo Oncology's larotrectinib highlights the move toward specialized medicine.

Top 25 oncology brands in 2016, based on U.S. sales

Celgene's Revlimid tops the list, according to data compiled by EvaluatePharma.

Partner Forum

4 Ways to Help Pharma Understand and Better Use Big Data

As drugmakers hire economists and pharmacologists to better grapple with big data, how can ad agencies ensure they're not left behind?

Private View

CDM New York's Carolyn O'Neill on 'femvertising'

"Other brands have missed the mark, with an apparent belief that once you hashtag it, they will come," she writes.

Back Talk

How Do Docs Learn About New Drugs? TV, Of Course

If asked, some will equivocate and say they get their facts from medical journals and from published studies, but never from those pesky misleading ads.