December 2017 Issue of MMM

December 2017 Issue of MMM

Go Figure

Infographic | HCPs must deal with communication breakdown

Drugmakers are proud of the patient service programs they've developed. Yet there remains a disconnect in the way information is communicated to HCPs.

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How HUBs will evolve in the ever-changing healthcare landscape

The need to simplify access to treatment while finding new ways to keep patients engaged in their health and adherent is an undeniably growing trend.


MM&M 2018 staff predictions: From gift bans to Google Assistant

From gift bans to Google Assistant, POC to OPDP, MM&M staff members give their predictions on what to expect in healthcare marketing in 2018

Editor's Desk

First 'Digital Drug' Faces a Second Litmus Test: Improving Adherence

Technology like this could expand further to form better collaborations between pharma, payers and organized providers.

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The 2018 pipeline report: Aspiring assets to keep an eye on

The most promising products in pharma's pipeline will compete in a landscape that increasingly rewards big risks and places an emphasis on novel mechanisms. That ...

How will the pharma industry fare in 2018 under Trump?

The first year of the Trump administration was kind to pharma, but it might not be so fortunate in 2018.

Experts weigh in: How will health technology advance in 2018?

Innovation-minded executives share their thoughts and predictions for the year ahead.


Amarin's Salyer preps for Vascepa push

Whatever REDUCE-IT ultimately reveals (results from the completed study are expected in Q2 or Q3 2018), Salyer maintains Amarin has "a great story to tell, ...

Upward Move

StoneArch hires Marcia Miller as new president

Optum vet Miller replaces Jessica Boden.

Omnicom promotes Biolumina and H&S presidents to CEO

Ty Curran, previously CEO of the sister agencies, will serve as chairman in 2018.

In Focus

Why haven't biosimilars gained ground in the U.S.?

Two years after the first biosimilar approval in the U.S., biosimilars have yet to match sales forecasts. What is their path forward?

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4 Ways To Market CAR-T Therapies

How should marketers position this new type of cancer therapy?

Beltway Insider

Tax Bill Is Good News for Life Sciences and Marketing

Although it's a long way from the president's desk, the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 contains plenty of good news for the life ...


A Road Map for Your Campaign

Only 2.6% of board members in Standard & Poor's 1,500 firms have marketing experience.

Looking Beyond Overall Survival

Our understanding of how cancer develops and thrives has grown.

Private View

6 Campaigns Using Emotion to Boost Organ Donations

Rapp's Nic Climer examines the tension in tragedy and darkness.

At Work With

How Pablo Graiver plans to solve the problem of clinical-trial recruitment

The CEO and founder of Antidote talks about what inspired him to start the company, which recently received funding from Merck.

Back Talk

Gottlieb Eyes Prices, Not Lives

It turns out the real goal is going after Washington's favorite whipping boy — high drug prices.