December 2013 Issue of MMM

December 2013 Issue of MMM

December 2013 Issue

Editor's Desk

Wiping the slate clean

What if pharmaceutical marketing could start again with a clean slate, reinvent age-old marketing instincts and put in place some things that we think would ...

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Outlook 2014: Capitol Commotion

Change is a drag, but there are still several positive signs to be seen in the landscape surrounding the evolving healthcare system, finds Larry Dobrow, ...

Outlook 2014: Bright Future

Sanford Bernstein's Dr. Tim Anderson and ISI Group's Dr. Mark Schoenebaum talk about the industry's prospects for 2014

The Pipeline Report 2014: Class Seekers

These 16 agents, hand-picked from a total field of 164, are poised for approval, and possibly much more. Marc Iskowitz reports

Data Management: Sunshine on My Shoulders

Besides forcing industry to amass a torrent of new data, the Sunshine Act is also expected to wreak havoc on pharma-physician relations. Joe Dysart on ...

Leadership Exchange: If We Could Start Over...

Pharma marketing is not without its flaws. Last month, seven seasoned industry execs discussed what they might change if they had a clean slate. James ...

Headliner: A deal-maker, and company shaper

Anna Protopapas, President, Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Co.

Vantage Point

Vantage Point: Ringing in the new market

In 2014, the "new healthcare marketing" will become more discontinuous from the old


Antidote: Novartis strikes a blow against bacterial meningitis

A new vaccine from Novartis, Bexsero, is a safe and effective tool against the strain of bacterial meningitis that caused a recent outbreak at Princeton.

In Focus

Putting the big picture ahead of LDL levels

Aggressive new recommendations for treating patients at high risk of cardiovascular disease could significantly alter the treatment landscape.

Professional Marketing

Merck seeks way to stem sales slide

The company says it is moving its Januvia sales pitch from defending market share to expanding it.

Ariad pulls Iclusig from the market after FDA request

The drug company is ceasing US distribution and marketing the leukemia drug after the FDA said it was worried about blood clots among clinical trial ...

Professional Marketing briefs: December 2013

News on Eisai, Vivus and Amarin

Med Ed Report

OPDP expands "Bad Ad" with CME

The agency made good on a pledge to expand Bad Ad with a web-based CME course and case studies representing common problems.

Many unclear on 2013 Sunshine data

A poll by consulting firm QPharma indicates doctors are in the dark about what needs to be reported and what will be revealed.

Conflicts seen on guidelines panel

The AHA/ACC panel that wrote the potentially practice-changing cholesterol guidelines issued last month included six members with ties to drugmakers that sell or are developing ...

Med Ed Report briefs: December 2013

News on Bayer Healthcare, Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Lilly, J&J, CMS and Community Care Behavioral Health Organization

Professional Media

AMA slams CMS stance on reprints

The American Medical Association (AMA), together with a slew of co-signers, wants CMS to reverse a decision to include textbooks and journal reprints as reportable ...

WebMD is bringing former advertisers back on board

The company says it recaptured some former advertisers and that third-quarter traffic is up compared with last year.

Professional Media briefs: December 2013

News on Modern Healthcare, Journal of Lawand Biosciences and Neuro-Oncology

Partner Forum

Can analytics hit the ROI target?

How are analytics, targeting and other forces augmenting ROI measurement?

Digital Media

Mobile makes users more likely to switch brands: survey

Smartphone users, while in the exam room, are more apt to be in "switch mentality," a study finds.

Health apps come up short in study

Researchers found that most healthcare apps have limited functionality, don't serve patients with multiple needs, and taper off when support is needed most. No wonder ...

Digital Media briefs: December 2013

News from Pfizer, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, HealthTap and LEO Pharma

Consumer Marketing

Eli Lilly winds down long-running Cymbalta DTC

Eli Lilly promised a further easing in commercial outlays as it draws down sales force activity and advertising spend for two blockbusters whose patent expiries ...

Pattern seen in OPDP warnings

Drugmakers looking for wiggle room should keep such hopes far from any drugs with a boxed warning.

DDR on DTC: Osphena

Shionogi hopes the word "SEX" will attract women to Osphena via a beautiful two-page spread ad that recently ran in People and selected women's magazines.

Marketing Research

Patients use research tool to vote on Lemtrada

When an FDA advisory panel met last month to vote on whether to recommend approval of Sanofi's MS drug Lemtrada, patient opinion leaders had already ...

CMS rolls out new researcher tool

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) unveiled a new research tool last month.

Agency Business

Heartbeat becomes part of Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

Saatchi & Saatchi Health Communications and Wellness merge, Heartbeat brought into the fold.

Myers parts ways with Palio+Ignite

Mike Myers, president, and two other senior execs have left the agency Palio+Ignite, and a trio of long-time Palio leaders has assumed leadership of the ...

Agency Business briefs: December 2013

News on Clearpath Health Communications, Publicis,Omnicom, Incubate and Lilly

Beltway Insider

As I See It: Quality programs

Keeping up with quality programs often feels like a safari in a jungle of government paperwork

AdCom chair bows out of meeting under fire

Under pressure from Public Citizen and FDA, Dermatologic and Ophthalmic Drugs Advisory Committee chair Lynn Drake withdrew her acceptance of an invitation to provide a ...

Faster reviews increase risks: study

Two researchers say that expedited review of new drugs may have exposed some patients to safety risks that had not been well characterized.


The secret to digital success: putting the user first

Brands that put the user first when building digital assets experienced a 50% drop in user errors

How manufacturers can hit the pill-plus trifecta

As customers use Triple Aim to drive healthcare quality, pharma will need to develop integrated offerings

Private View

Private View: Focusing on the "one key thing"

These days, hitting the target in ads is ever more critical. These five ads are up to the challenge.

Upward Move

Upward Move: Shannyn Smith

Shannyn Smith, EVP, managing director, Centron

At Work With

At Work With: Sam Welch

Sam Welch, Global Group President, Publicis ­Healthcare Communications Group


People Moves: December 2013

Promotions and hires for manufacturers, agencies and consultancies

Back Talk

How to raise the quality bar

As healthcare marketers and their agencies develop ever more digital customer solutions like mobile medical apps, it may be time to take a fresh look ...

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