February 2012 Issue of MMM

February 2012 Issue of MMM

February 2012 issue

Editor's Desk

Change you can believe in

A body of evidence suggests that gamification might change the world


Patient Education: Vying for Attention

Marc Iskowitz on how Shire's disease-awareness campaign engaged untreated Gen Y-ers, and why it's time for more patient-education efforts like it. Plus: See patient advocates ...

Medical Advertising Hall of Fame: Lasting Legends

The Medical Advertising Hall of Fame's three new members have had exceptional lives and careers. We look back at their achievements

Managed Care: Preferential Treatment

Pharma firms are partnering with managed care companies to find drug evidence and improve outcomes. Can this strategy provide the proof payers demand before giving ...

MM&M Awards: The Hunt for Red October

The MM&M Awards 2012 program is open for business.

Headliner: Fred Wilkinson, Watson Pharmaceuticals

Fred Wilkinson's "second tour of duty" at Watson includes global expansion, R&D investing and launching branded and generic products

Therapeutic Focus

Therapeutic Focus 2012: Cardiovascular

New cardiovascular treatments are gaining FDA approval as massive brands lose patent protection. Noah Pines on the potential of these new entrants to replace that ...

Vantage Point

Vantage Point: Fixing What's Broken in Pharma

A survey shows that many leaders think "the current commercial pharmaceutical model is broken"


A new test to identify Down Syndrome

The Materni T21 test has been found sensitve for discovering Down Syndrome in over 99% of cases

In Focus

The factors behind WebMD's sale attempt

News of WebMD's planned sale—since aborted—surprised many observers.

Professional Marketing

Novartis cuts jobs to counter losses

Novartis will eliminate 1,630 sales rep jobs and 330 headquarters marketing jobs as its hypertension franchise faces the impending loss of Diovan patent exclusivity and ...

Takeda absorbs Nycomed, downsizes in Europe and US

Takeda said it will slash its global workforce by around 2,800 jobs—700 in the US, the rest in Europe—as it absorbs Nycomed and moves toward ...

Professional Marketing briefs

News on Standard Research, Human Genome Sciences, ImpactRx and DCA

Med Ed Report

CME quality has slid, docs say: poll

A quarter of physicians in a recent survey cited a decrease in CME quality as commercial support has dropped.

Marquis' big tent vision for Alliance

Damon Marquis wants to make one thing clear: CME is not the only important form of medical education.

Sunshine may be problem for CME

Ppatient advocacy groups and professional medical associations producing CME, though they may not be "covered recipients" under the Sunshine Act, could still be impacted

Med Ed Report briefs

News on Us Healthconnect, Medical Insight, PCI and LLC

Professional Media

SaaS spurs health media M&A blitz

WebMD's non-sale was the big story in digital health media last month, but the buzz in the space is all around software-as-a-service firms, says media ...

Tamiflu review raises questions

A systematic review of Roche's antiviral drug Tamiflu appearing in last month's Cochrane Library has led to questions about the data's efficacy, as well as ...

NEJM celebrates 200 years

The New England Journal of Medicine celebrates its 200th aniversary by producing a series of review articles and perspective pieces by established authors

Professional Media briefs

News on Archives of Neurology, Science, Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics and The Ocular Surface

Partner Forum

Will 2012 ad spend go for the gold?

For media buyers, 2012 means the "quadrennial" cyclical driver. The Summer Olympics and European Soccer Championship are expected to boost advertising. Will we see more ...

Digital Media

WebMD not for sale, CEO steps down

WebMD scrapped plans for a possible sale and announced that president and CEO Wayne Gattinella is stepping down after 11 years in that role.

Healthline lands Drugs.com ad deal

Healthline Networks has secured a deal with Drugs.com giving it exclusive rights to sell consumer ads on the site

Merck adds to its digital portfolio

Merck's Global Health Innovation Fund (GHIF) is investing up to $17 million in Physicians Interactive

Digital Media briefs

News on Quintiles, Pfizer, Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer and Doctors.net.uk

Consumer Marketing

GSK divests OTC brands, Prestige picks them up

GlaxoSmithKline divested North American OTC drugs worth about $200 million in sales, a portfolio that seemed like a good strategic fit for buyer Prestige Brands ...

New marketing, PR chief at J&J

Johnson & Johnson is promoting the head of its global vision-care business to serve as its marketing and PR chief

DDR on DTC: Spiriva

Spiriva's "Controlling the Elephant" campaign is one of the most brilliant we've seen in ages.

Marketing Research

Rate of provider-panel deals picks up steam

The pace of deal-making in marketing research has quickened, as firms prepare for new regulation that could affect HCPs' survey participation.

InVentiv to buy SDI audits from IMS

Privately held inVentiv Health is acquiring two of SDI Health's audit businesses worth under $15 million, firms said.

Agency Business

Promotions for CDM New York brass

CDM Group promoted Kyle Barich to president of CDM New York and named Lori Klein, PharmD, director of client services and Chris Palmer and Ben ...

Dudnyk heads west to serve California biotech firms

Indie medical advertising agency Dudnyk opened a southern California office, citing unmet need among the thousand or so biotech firms in the area.

Agency Business briefs

News on Heartbeat West, Ogilvy, GCI Health and Green Room Public Relations

Beltway Insider

As I See It: Political interference in FDA

Political interference in FDA's scientific decisions is growing, well-hidden phenomenon

Republican's bill to reform FDA, save jobs

Sen. Dan Coats (R-IN) has introduced a bill to clarify and reform FDA's mission in order to keep jobs from going overseas.

New drug sponsors cause FDA chaos

"Emerging sponsors" or companies that have never had an approved application to market a drug are wreaking havoc on review activities at FDA's drugs center, ...


Will this be the year Siri becomes board certified?

Siri's first step towards board certification could be creating a health-specific data engine

It's not the sky that's falling, it's the status quo

The horizon is changing and increasingly challenging. This can be a good and promising thing

Private View

Private View: Apple IOS apps

Six useful Apple IOS apps that likely met with little resistance from the legal team

At Work With

At Work With: Ed Mitzen

Ed Mitzen, Partner, FingerPaint Marketing

Back Talk

Docs, patients and pharma

Harnessing the power of digital and social media to maximize the doctor/patient relationship