February 2013 Issue of MMM

February 2013 Issue of MMM

Interactive Guide 2013

Interactive Guide 2013

Interactive Guide 2013

Welcome to the annual roundup of the digital adventures of pharma

Overview: A new era of partnerships

Digital has changed everything—from the way we think and behave to the products that clients expect from pharma. James Chase on the ground rules for ...

Analytics: Social insight

How we find data online is taking a back seat to how we decipher that data, and use it to provide actionable insight. Kevin McCaffrey ...

Organizational Change: Digital DNA

James Chase looks at how pharma companies are restructuring their organizations—and refocusing their psyches—for a more productive digital push

Regulatory: Who's afraid of MLR?

James Chase charts some of marketers' more positive experiences with their MLR teams and compiles tips for expediting internal approval

Healthcare Professionals: The iPad and other drugs

It's no surprise: doctors like their iPads. They really, really like them. But what kind of apps get their ­attention, and which leave them cold? ...

Think Tank: On the digital curve

With digital growing at an ever-faster pace, how can pharma keep up in 2013? Five experts offer some insight on the gains that have been ...

Interactive Companies

A showcase of select interactive marketing and media companies

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