February 2014 Issue of MMM

February 2014 Issue of MMM

FEBRUARY 2014 issue

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Shiny objects with meaning

Gaming does not trivialize the patient's experience of a chronic disease

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Mobile Marketing Report: The Wellness Game

Pharma has reduced the burden of disease. It can develop a condition-specific app. But getting people to take their medications as prescribed? That's another matter. ...

Managed Markets: Operation Patient-Centricity

As the Affordable Care Act rolls out, the behaviorists at MicroMass surveyed stakeholders about the impact on industry. Jessica Brueggeman sorts out the diverse views ...

Medical Advertising Hall of Fame 2014: Honor Roll

The four newest luminaries honored by the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame built sterling reputations as they advanced their fields. Joshua Slatko looks back on ...

MM&M Awards 2014 launches

The MM&M Awards 2014 program is officially open for business. This is your chance to put your best work—and people —forward and get the recognition ...

Non-Personal Promotion: Devil in the Detail

Tactical ROIs aside, pharma must go beyond the detail to create longer-term value, say Croom Lawrence and Kent Groves, who offer a few tips for ...

Headliner: A commander in GSK's air corps

Jorge Bartolome, SVP, US respiratory, GlaxoSmithKline

Therapeutic Focus

Therapeutic Focus 2014: Rare Diseases

"New and improved" has entered this space. Alongside the existing compounds that are transforming the lives of patients with orphan ailments, a wave of incrementally ...

Vantage Point

Vantage Point: Observational Research

Pharma can be in the moment with customers as they interact with our information or products


Antidote: On Acetaminophen

Acetaminophen is a feel-good drug that is just too easy to overuse. We need to keep track of how much we take before we become ...

In Focus

NuvaRing: another ethical crisis at Merck

The ethical spotlight is once again pointed at Merck & Co., Inc. In December, Vanity Fair put a human face on the controversy swirling around ...

Professional Marketing

Proposed guidelines kick industry off campus

Pew Charitable Trust's proposed conflict of interest guidelines could mean even less face time for sales reps and less industry money for CME programs.

Iclusig is back in US

Two months after it was pulled from the US market, Iclusig is returning with a narrower approval.

Professional Marketing briefs: February 2014

News on Aegerion, Vivus, Merck and Gilead

Med Ed Report

ACCME revisits commercial logo ban

The ACCME announced a public call for comment about its proposal to simplify the accreditation requirements and process, including revisiting a ban on commercial support ...

CMS: journal reprints fall outside of Sunshine exclusion

It looks like, for now, journal reprints and medical textbooks are reportable items under the Sunshine Act.

Med Ed Report briefs: February 2014

News on the Federation of State Medical Boards, Haymarket Medical Education, ACCME and the Audio-Digest Foundation

Professional Media

Elsevier sends wave of takedown requests

Elsevier is taking a hard-line posture against several different universities, asking them to take down scholarly research.

New owner to publish MedAdNews biannually

A month after UBM Canon closed the B2B magazine, marketing firm Outcomes LLC announced its return to twice-a-year publication.

Professional Media briefs: February 2014

News on Doximity, Hepatic Oncology and media group F1000

Partner Forum

How do we make the mobile move?

With physicians and patients engaging in more cross-platform behavior, marketers must be multi-screen to reach them. Yet only one-third of pharma sites are mobile-optimized. Can ...

Digital Media

Nodding to bloggers, Lilly digitizes content

The move to digitize a series of books it co-created with Disney for kids with type 1 diabetes was spurred by a meeting with the ...

CMS lax in EHR-enabled fraud, OIG says

CMS could provide more guidance for how to crack down on healthcare fraud, the OIG asserts in a report.

Digital Media briefs: February 2014

News on Merck, TGaS Advisors, Johnson & Johnson and AdhereTech

Consumer Marketing

Jackson enlisted in Stand Up to Cancer campaign

The six-year-old research group Stand Up To Cancer is featuring Samuel L. Jackson in its "In Play" campaign.

DDR on DTC: Belviq

Belviq has launched a DTC campaign that positions weight-loss as being about health

Platform links up PAs and patients

Liberate Ideas and the American Academy of Physicians Assistants are rolling out the Liberate Health platform to give physician assistants more tools to communicate with ...

Marketing Research

FDA seeks EMR data-mining partner

The regulator's proposed database could help identify adverse events.

IMS to go public, says acquisitions possible

The data and analytics giant is looking to launch an IPO. The company, which is the subject of an antitrust suit, said in its prospectus ...

Agency Business

Geider takes reins at ICC Lowe Pace

Gregg Geider, who headed up high-profile accounts at Omnicom's Harrison & Star, has joined IPG's ICC Lowe Pace as managing director.

Ogilvy lands Endo pain, men's health work

Endo signed Ogilvy PR to a one-year deal for comms support, following a selection process that reportedly lasted but a few weeks.

Agency Business briefs: February 2014

News on Havas, Fingerpaint Marketing, 3D Communications and Ogilvy

Beltway Insider

As I See It: FDA and the First Amendment

FDA's Warning Letter to Aegerion is a bureaucratic thumb in the eye to the US Court of Appeals

Supreme Court declines drug free-speech case

The US Supreme Court has declined, without comment, to hear a closely watched appeal by former InterMune CEO Scott Harkonen on whether someone can be ...

FDA stand on compounding criticized

Public Citizen has written FDA asking it to stop making "misleading" statements about pharmacy compounding

Private View

Private View: Hitting the boomer target

These ads take aim at the aging male population. How well do they do at hitting their target?

Upward Move

Upward Move: Erik Hawkinson

Erik Hawkinson, Managing director, WCG

At Work With

At Work With: Martin O'Brien

Martin O'Brien, Partner, Rosetta


People Moves: February 2014

Promotions and hires for manufacturers and agencies

Back Talk

Agencies, get over your fear

Success cures fear, and success is born out of focus and hard work

Skill Sets (advertising section)