February 2012 Issue of MMM

February 2012 Issue of MMM

Interactive Guide 2012


Overview: A Movable Feast

Marketing now means digital, digital means mobile and search is no longer the starting point for online promotion. Matthew Arnold charts the trends

Mobile: Get Smart

It's amazing what you can do with mobile these days. So isn't it time you did something amazing with mobile? James Chase charts the data ...

Regulatory updates: First Glimmer of Guidance?

While the FDA's recent draft guidance is hardly a social media roadmap, it does offer some useful pointers. Peter Pitts and John Kamp read between ...

Gamification: Game On

Applying game dynamics to non-game environments creates opportunities to engage people and exert behavioral changes with unprecedented success. James Chase reports

Case study—Nuvigil: Pay for Play

Performance-based e-marketing may rival mass-media reach for less money, Marc Iskowitz finds

Digital think tank: Pharma Touchpoints

Is pharma up to speed yet in digital? And where do the opportunities lie for 2012? Five digital gurus offer their thoughts on the road ...

IG 2012

Website development: 5 Steps to Walk the Web Walk

With 39% of online US adults and more than 80% of physicians visiting brand.coms*, the browser remains the workhorse of digital pharma efforts. Tanya Lewis ...

Guide to Interactive Companies

A showcase of select interactive marketing and media companies, comprising a concise profile of each, with details of their services and offerings, areas of expertise ...