February 2012 Issue of MMM

February 2012 Issue of MMM

Interactive Guide 2012

IG 2012

Website development: 5 Steps to Walk the Web Walk

With 39% of online US adults and more than 80% of physicians visiting brand.coms*, the browser remains the workhorse of digital pharma efforts. Tanya Lewis ...

Guide to Interactive Companies

A showcase of select interactive marketing and media companies, comprising a concise profile of each, with details of their services and offerings, areas of expertise ...


Overview: A Movable Feast

Marketing now means digital, digital means mobile and search is no longer the starting point for online promotion. Matthew Arnold charts the trends

Mobile: Get Smart

It's amazing what you can do with mobile these days. So isn't it time you did something amazing with mobile? James Chase charts the data ...

Regulatory updates: First Glimmer of Guidance?

While the FDA's recent draft guidance is hardly a social media roadmap, it does offer some useful pointers. Peter Pitts and John Kamp read between ...

Gamification: Game On

Applying game dynamics to non-game environments creates opportunities to engage people and exert behavioral changes with unprecedented success. James Chase reports

Case study—Nuvigil: Pay for Play

Performance-based e-marketing may rival mass-media reach for less money, Marc Iskowitz finds

Digital think tank: Pharma Touchpoints

Is pharma up to speed yet in digital? And where do the opportunities lie for 2012? Five digital gurus offer their thoughts on the road ...

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