January 2013 Issue of MMM

January 2013 Issue of MMM

January 2013 issue MM&M

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The courage to collaborate

Too often "innovation" translates to "finding the best way to cut budgets"


2013 All-Star Company of the Year: Sanofi

Sanofi proves its pluck: Not only did Sanofi face down the patent cliff in 2012, Matthew Arnold reports, it made bold moves in the digital ...

2013 All-Star Agency of the Year: Klick Health

Data-driven talent magnet: Creating an environment that optimizes talent development pays off for the Toronto agency. Tanya Lewis reports

2013 All-Star Large Pharma Marketing Team of the Year: AndroGel

Vim, vigor and sales drive: Uncovering the market for what has been a taboo topic is a tricky goal, but this brand did it. Larry ...

2013 All-Star Small Pharma Marketing Team of the Year: Soliris

An ultrarare success: Marc Iskowitz on how an innovative approach helped this brand carve out a spot for itself in the biotech big leagues

2013 All-Star Media Brand of the Year: Everyday Health

Patient portal picks up pace: Deborah Weinstein on how moving back to basics, and responding to its audience, has helped this web portal grow

Therapeutic Focus

Therapeutic Focus 2013: Cardiovascular

With the impending US approval of their oral blood thinner, this could be a big year for Bristol-Myers Squibb. But the other two warfarin replacements ...

Vantage Point

Vantage Point: Hepatitis C

As it became evident that a large HCV+ cohort would likely need medical intervention, pharma responded


Antidote: Statins are great drugs

The real story is not the risk of statin drugs but the media's presentation of it.

In Focus

FDA touts approval speed as 2012 ends

Pushing back against complaints that the drug approvals process moves too slowly in the US, FDA issued a report saying it kept pace with its ...

Professional Marketing

Study weighs cost of docs' free lunch

Breakfast may be called the most important meal of the day, but MedScape's 2012 Ethics Survey results show that lunch also weighs on doctors' minds.

For pipeline drugs, making value part of the message

Companies can improve their performance by blending hard numbers, like outcomes and cost savings, with softer messaging that centers on payer and patient relationships, a ...

Professional Marketing briefs: January 2013

News on GolinHarris, McKesson and Shire

Med Ed Report

Re-thinking EHR as med-ed platform

The number of healthcare providers who use electronic health records has risen thanks to meaningful-use incentives and other factors.

FSMB's pilot sees resistance in Ohio

The State Medical Board of Ohio pulled out of a pilot project designed to evaluate new education requirements, dealing a setback to the movement.

Wyeth accused of 'branducating'

Pfizer paid about $55 million to resolve allegations that Wyeth, which it bought in 2009, used CME to promote Protonix for off-label use, the Justice ...

Med Ed Report briefs: January 2013

News on Omnipress, Doctors.net.uk, WorldEvents and OMB

Professional Media

Journal readers not giving up on print

Data from three publication groups indicate that it's still too soon for publishers to ditch print for digital-only publications,

MPR redesign streamlines info, adds prescribing tool

Monthly Prescribing Reference has unveiled a redesign—its first since 2009.

Professional Media briefs: January 2013

News on the Wall Street Journal, Nature and Elsevier

Partner Forum

How can specialty dollars do more?

Specialty pharma budgets can be smaller than in primary care, yet the conversations with specialists and ­payers are often more complex. How do you maximize ...

Digital Media

WebMD cuts 250 jobs amid ad slump

WebMD is laying off 14% of its workforce in hopes of saving $45 million to offset revenue losses from an ad slump that plagued the ...

Remedy gets docs, patients and advertisers talking

Remedy Health is launching a service letting doctors, pharmacies and other healthcare providers send topical health content to their patients.

Digital Media briefs: January 2013

News on Durex, MobiHealth News and Cochrane Collaboration

Consumer Marketing

HIV test maker lures Pfizer marketer for TV push

OraSure, the maker of the recently approved home HIV test, has hired an experienced consumer marketer from Pfizer to head up the launch for the ...

DDR on DTC: Xarelto

Xarelto's DTC campaign is humanizing the brand and making it memorable­—at least for its target group of men 65 and over who have AFib and ...

DePuy: Don't put off joint surgery

A new campaign from J&J's DePuy Orthopedics to raise awareness of joint replacement, features Baby Boomers' letters to their younger selves.

Marketing Research

Social network deepens real-world data offering

PatientsLikeMe, the online patient network and research platform, appointed Daphne Psacharopoulos to the new position of VP, client services and strategic initiatives

BioMeter analyzes data from deals

Law firm Morrison & Foerster launched a that indexes average up-front payments in agreements between biotech companies and companies that pay for commercialization rights.

Agency Business

AccentHealth acquires Havas Impact

AccentHealth is acquiring Havas Impact, the holding company's waiting room "WallBoards" arm, in a move that will double the New York firm's footprint.

Agency Business briefs: January 2013

News on Sudler & Hennessey, Topin & Associates, inVentiv Health and W2O Group

Beltway Insider

As I See It: Pharma's public image

The image of pharma as corrupt is not a problem of perception. It's one of fact.

Structure and staffing hold back FDA: study

A new report says that FDA still has significant workforce and management challenges in the scientific and medical arenas that need to be addressed

Lap-Band gets FDA Warning Letter

An FDA Warning Letter says that oBand Centers is making misleading claims in its promotional materials for the Lap-Band


Bringing digital innovation and humanity together

The environment is ripe for digital health; it's the way consumers are consuming their information

In healthcare market, no longer business as usual

The ACA will have a lasting impact on how providers treat patients and how doctors order care

Private View

Private View: Solving communication problems

Taking a look at some creative approaches agencies have taken to help make a product jump off the page

Upward Move

Upward Move: Mark Myslinski

Mark Myslinski, Chief Commercial Officer, Saladax Biomedical

At Work With

At Work With: Jamie Butler-Binley

Jaime Butler-Binley, Creative Team, FingerPaint Marketing


People Moves: January 2013

Industry, agency and media hires and promotions

Back Talk

The multicultural moment

The question is not whether you should do it, but how to do it successfully