January 2014 Issue of MMM

January 2014 Issue of MMM

January 2014 issue

Editor's Desk

Five stars for the New Year

In this issue's All-stars coverage you'll find five great industry success stories from the past year. Here, in a nutshell, is why each won

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MM&M 2014 Company of the Year: Amgen

The skill, nimbleness and unflagging energy with which Amgen tackled some daunting challenges—plus a rich product pipeline and a surge in 2013 sales—made Amgen MM&M's ...

MM&M 2014 Agency of the Year: Intouch Solutions

Intouch Solutions ended 2013 with about $70 million in revenue, and 465 employees—seven times the revenue and nearly five times the number of employees it ...

MM&M 2014 Large Pharma Marketing Team of the Year: Humira

Despite a host of challengers, AbbVie has kept Humira atop the hotly competitive anti-TNF and broader autoimmune category

MM&M 2014 Small Pharma Marketing Team of the Year: Tecfidera

In a year when high hopes around several launches ended up fizzling, the hottest launch story belongs to biotech, with the debut of Biogen Idec's ...

MM&M 2014 Media Brand of the Year: Remedy Health

In a year when goliath health portal competitors About.com, Yahoo Health and MSN Health are hemorrhaging visitors, Remedy Health Media is bucking the trend

Therapeutic Focus 2014: Cardiovascular

Despite having the brightest data set of all the oral anticoagulants, the newest one is off to a rocky start. DTC advertising and medical education ...

Leadership Exchange: Adding Value

With pharma transforming more rapidly than ever, seven industry vets chart a road map for meeting a changed industry's challenges. James Chase led the discussion.

Vantage Point

Vantage Point: Big Data

Big Data is coming and with it the danger of pharmaceutical marketers relying on it too heavily

In Focus

New law aims to remedy drug supply chain

Big pharma marketers who've been complaining to Washington for decades about the unregulated nibbling at their market shares won historic relief when the Drug Quality ...

Professional Marketing

Researchers find reps increasingly losing out

Although doctors still like sales reps, Capgemini and Quantia's researchers find their appeal is on the decline, while digital is on the rise. While age ...

Sovaldi adds indications, but no reps

Gilead will not add any more sales reps to Sovaldi despite the unanticipated indication it grabbed for genotype-1 patients

Professional Marketing briefs: January 2014

News on Araid Pharma, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Forest Labs and Eisai

Med Ed Report

J&J HCV drug OK'd; educational push planned

Janssen's hepatitis C drug Olysio (simeprevir) offers modest benefit over standard of care, but resistance in a subgroup of patients could hinder broader uptake.

House members voice opposition to CMS reprints stance

Nearly two dozen members of Congress signaled solidarity with 41 medical boards and 33 physician associations in opposing the inclusion of textbooks and reprints in ...

Med Ed Report briefs: January 2014

News on CME Coalition, Haymarket Medical Education, American Academy of Physician Assistants and Physicians Interactive

Professional Media

Cegedim enters physician network fray

The company says Docnet is more than a social site—it's a hub that merges networking, research and financial (as in Sunshine) resources.

Frontline hits the refresh button on Emergency Medicine

Six years after transitioning from a primary care/emergency physician focus to a strictly emergency medicine focus, Emergency Medicine has gotten an upgrade

Professional Media briefs: January 2014

News on PubMed, UBM Canon, F1000 Research and Elsevier

Partner Forum

What's the RX for specialty meds?

Unmet need has turned pharma toward specialty meds. Yet every success reduces unmet need, raising the bar. In this landscape, how do you ensure that ...

Digital Media

E-prescribing systems not so pharma friendly

A study points out barriers to e-prescribing pharma products and shows how doctors rate various EHRs.

Polls highlight chronic disease information needs

Chronic disease patients seek online support and information, and show little love for branded websites.

Digital Media briefs: January 2014

News on Nintendo, Pain.com, Leapfrog Group and Appthority

Consumer Marketing

Osbourne joins Teva for "You Don't Know Jack About MS"

Famous from his reality show, "The Osbournes," Jack narrates his life with MS in a web documentary series.

DDR on DTC: Humira

AbbVie is firing on all of DTC's cylinders to educate and convert Crohn's Disease sufferers to Humira

Healthcare.gov ads acquire fans

Healthcare.gov's marketing efforts are getting some applause

Marketing Research

IMS Health acquires HGS Europe

IMS Health brought market access firm HGS Europe into the fold last month.

Agency Business

UK, Brazilian ads take top honors at Globals

An organ-donation campaign with a Brazilian football tie-in, and a UK managed-access company's series of documentary films, took top honors.

LehmanMillet formalizes strategy dept.

The Boston-based agency hopes the new department will allow teams a broader perspective.

Agency Business briefs: January 2014

News on the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame, McCann WorldGroup, Allergan and Benchworks

Beltway Insider

As I See It: Small is the new Big

It's fast becoming an n of 1 world, where every disease is an orphan disease and success is measured by individual outcomes

FDA and advisory panels mostly on the same page

A McKinsey Center for Government analysis shows that in the period 2001-2010, FDA approved 88% of NDAs and BLAs that were supported by advisory committees ...

RTI to study DTC ad response for FDA

Under a $4-million contract from FDA, RTI International researchers will look at consumers' responses to risk, benefit and cost information in direct-to-consumer prescription drug ads


How pharma can stay a step ahead of milestones

Thoughtful PR counselors preach the virtues of ensuring a company's point of view be part of a negative story

Big Data and some ways to spot a great insight

Insights are often confused with findings and even worse, strategies. We have to know the difference

Private View

Private View: Meeting the chronic-disease challenge

Well-conceived disease awareness communi­cations can be a powerful vehicle in establishing an urgent, emotional connection with an audience

Upward Move

Upward Move: Jeff Winton

Jeff Winton, SVP, chief communications officer, Astellas

At Work With

At Work With: Lisa Adler

LISA ADLER VP, corporate communications Millennium


People Moves: January 2014

Promotions and hires for manufacturers and agencies

Back Talk

From RFP to termination call

There is room for growth, loyalty and long-term partnering