January 2017 Issue of MMM

January 2017 Issue of MMM

Go Figure

Infographic: Can pharma give doctors what they want?

Physicians do not like EHRs. That much is clear. But the vast majority have to use electronic record systems on a daily basis. What can ...

Editor's Desk

MM&M's new logo reflects the evolving industry

This month we will debut a restyled MM&M logo on our website, in a mobile-friendly, redesigned email newsletter, and on the cover of our magazine.

Digital Edition

Read the complete January 2017 digital edition

Here you'll find everything you need to know from MM&M's January 2017 issue, including our health-tech preview, a deep dive into data science, and report ...


5 digital experts on what's next in health technology

Read more to learn what Startup Health's Unity Stoakes and UCB's Greg Cohen, and others have to say about the latest trends for 2017.

Pharma adopts data-science culture in move toward AI

Data scientists are a new kind of insight and analytics professional showing up in the biopharma ranks.

Why healthbots may eat search ads and mobile apps

The internet strongly agrees there's an artificial intelligence revolution going on, and it's come to pharma marketing.

Big data expert Hilary Mason on 3 ways to create a data-driven culture

The first step is to seek leadership support, she says.

Shark Tank's Herjavec shares his tips for innovation competitions

When his mother suffered from ovarian cancer a decade ago, Robert Herjavec found himself frustrated by the quality of care she received.

Japanese drugmakers lead the way in digital innovation

Otsuka, Astellas, Takeda, and Daiichi Sankyo share a degree of adventurousness and forward-mindedness in the digital realm.

Trump administration raises questions for rare-disease drugmakers

Nobody knows what the future holds for the Affordable Care Act under the Trump administration and an emboldened Republican Congress.


If CSL Limited CEO Paul Perreault sneezes, Australia gets a cold

"In Australia, we are the healthcare industry," he says.

Upward Move

EMD Serono promotes Craig Millian to SVP of neurology and immunology

Millian, a former Sanofi and Merck executive, on marketing new therapies in the MS market.

Therapeutic Focus

When it comes to PCSK9s, payers resisted — and sales flopped

The first two PCSK9s landed with a thud. What does their disappointing launch say about the need for marketers of CV drugs to get their ...

For statin-intolerant patients, what's next?

Despite their blockbuster status and distinction as the world's most widely prescribed class of drugs, statins may not be the best option for all patients ...

Top 25 cardiovascular brands, 2015-2016

The top-selling heart drug is Merck's Zetia, which is expected to bring in about $1.68 billion in sales in 2016.

In Focus

BI and Lilly face a new challenge: how to market a diabetes drug to cardiologists

Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly have to position their third-in-class diabetes medication Jardiance as a heart drug.

Partner Forum

4 Ways Dwindling Pharma Sales Detailing Will Affect the Cloud

As the effectiveness of in-person detailing wanes, how will cloud-based content solutions adapt?

Beltway Insider

10 Things for Trump to Consider When It Comes to Healthcare

Peter Pitts calls for Trump to eliminate the Independent Payment Advisory Board and direct the FDA to issue guidance on off-label communications.


Allowing Off-Label Data Would Do More to Protect Public Health

We should make off-label research publicly available in a non-promotional format to both healthcare professionals and patients.

Pharma Marketers Using Programmatic, Consider Privacy and Measurement

There's a reason pharma lags on the programmatic adoption curve: It's a heavily regulated industry, and there are concerns around privacy.

Private View

Centron's Letty Albarran Talks Ads That Get Personal

Here are six campaigns that connect with the patient on a personal level.

At Work With

Carling's Sherri Wilkins on her first creative break

The chief creative officer at Carling Communications talks about how she learned that the best leaders are only as good as the performance of their ...

Back Talk

Harness the Power of Paranoia to Disrupt Your Business

In short, CEOs can't be afraid to walk away from their most profitable line if another approach may lead to improved long-term outcomes.