July 2007 Issue of MMM

July 2007 Issue of MMM

July 2007

Editor's Desk

The Spirit of 2007

I always look forward to compiling the July issue because, although we cover agency news year-round, it affords us a much more detailed look at ...


Agency A-to-Z

The indispensable guide to healthcare agencies, including contact details, rosters, wins, losses and examples of creative work. Firms submitted their own data as part of ...

The Big Brands: Top 20 Accounts

Your at-a-glance guide to which agencies hold the professional and consumer accounts on the top 20 prescription drug brands by US sales

Substance and Style

HCB is following an ambition bigger than Texas, Carbon is winning bags of big-name business and The Navicor Group is collecting clients through its commitment ...

The Top 50: AbelsonTaylor

Successful beyond its wildest dreams (even the one with Abe and the beaver)

The Top 50: Adient

J&J brands help rebuild momentum following the president’s departure

The Top 50: AgencyRx

CDM splinter is off to an explosive start, propelled by Novartis work

The Top 50: Altum

Two-year-old specialty shop boosted by significant growth in global work

The Top 50: BrandPharm

Finding life after Nelson, and ready to ramp up its digital offerings

The Top 50: Cadient

Continued growth explosion from an influx of new interactive business

The Top 50: CementWorks

Third consecutive year of 20% growth rewards global vision and creativity

The Top 50: Cline Davis and Mann

A bigfoot firm steps out, finds competition liberating—and lucrative

The Top 50: CommonHealth Consumer Group

Columbia-Walsh leads the restructured group to greater scope and expertise

The Top 50: Corbett Worlwide Healthcare

Investing the kind of talent that will support 45 more years of success

The Top 50: Digitas Health

The former MBC agency thrives on the support of its new parent

The Top 50: Donahoe Purohit Miller

Midwest mainstay continues to expand geographically and therapeutically

The Top 50: Dorland Global Health Communications

Well-placed for global growth after acquisition by British powerhouse

The Top 50: Draftfcb Healthcare

Continued upswing from organic growth and a wealth of additional resources at its disposal

The Top 50: Dudnyk

Improved management structure returns notable organic growth

The Top 50: echo Torre Lazur

Astronomical growth from a trio of new GlaxoSmithKline accounts

The Top 50: Euro RSCG Life Chelsea

Ready to seek new clients, following a year of significant organic growth

The Top 50: Euro RSCG Life LM&P

Euro RSCG Life LM&P is a great story right now, according to agency president David Paragamian

The Top 50: Euro RSCG Life MetaMax

Winning pitches with its new, flat management structure in place

The Top 50: Ferguson

Returning to its roots revitalizes CommonHealth’s original shop

The Top 50: Goble & Associates

Celebrated its 25th birthday with 20% growth and a cruise to the Bahamas

The Top 50: Grey Healthcare Group

Ringing the changes with a structural overhaul and a new media fascination

The Top 50: GSW Worldwide

Settled quickly at head of the inVentiv table with a remarkable display of creativity and growth

The Top 50: Harrison and Star Business Group

Employee initiatives readies ranks for global, interactive business push

The Top 50: Ignite Health

Innovative shop performs even more impressively on a bigger stage

The Top 50: Integrated Communications

After a five-year hot streak, ICC gets Alchemy to spur further growth

The Top 50: Interlink Healthcare Communications

Wins from Pfizer and BMS, and its first foray into DTC, add up to a solid year

The Top 50: Juice Pharma Advertising

Multi-channel mindset maintains lofty position for young agency of record

The Top 50: Kane and Finkel Healthcare Communications

San Francisco shop pauses for breath after a decade of explosive growth

The Top 50: KPR

Currently regrouping, following the departure of CEO Stu Klein

The Top 50: Lehman Millet

Steady growth on both coasts helped offset the significant loss of Allergan

The Top 50: The Hal Lewis Group

Continuing focus on integrating digital offerings and attracting talented staff

The Top 50: LifeBrands

Publicis specialist shop overcomes Ketek setback with spate of wins

The Top 50: LyonHeart

A recent rebranding gives birth to an agency that promises a cure for complacency

The Top 50: McCann HumanCare

Added Chantix and Cervarix to a long list of big-name consumer accounts

The Top 50: Medicus NY

Bolstered by new business, the firm continues to extend its global reach

The Top 50: MicroMass Communications

Holistic approach pays with a ton of new business; staff grows by 50%

The Top 50: Noesis

On a crusade to break the mold of industry stagnation and boring ads

The Top 50: Ogilvy Healthworld

By expanding its integrated offerings, demonstrating ROI and filling in gaps in global reach, the giant is in good health

The Top 50: Pace

Perreca oversees recovery from loss of its CEO and a key Pfizer franchise

The Top 50: Pacific Communications

Revenues and staffing levels continue to rise in a difficult West Coast market

The Top 50: Palio Communications

Organic growth makes up for losses from GSK's agency consolidation

The Top 50: Regan Campbell Ward • McCann

GSKs Avandia and Coreg represent RCWs first foray into primary care

The Top 50: Saatchi and Saatchi Healthcare Communications

New management structure steers this formidable alliance of professional and consumer capabilities

The Top 50: Sudler and Hennessey

After a management restructure and a solid home performance, SH takes on the world

The Top 50: Surge Worldwide Healthcare Communication

Living up to its name with spectacular growth from a glut of new business

The Top 50: Torre Lazur McCann

Pedigree shop propelled further by the GlaxoSmithKline consolidation

The Top 50: Vox Medica

Despite wins, outside forces converge on two key clients to flatten revenues

The Top 50: Williams-Labadie

Slightly down overall, but the agency rallied to make up for med ed losses

The Top 50: Wishbone/ITP

Won 80% of its pitches in a year that marked its first venture into DTC

Vantage Point

Vantage Point

Marketing guru Seth Godin has done it again. Each year, he publishes a book, examining marketing from a whole new perspective, and then spends the ...



When Rezulin was removed from the market several years ago, the top endocrinologist I worked with was quite upset.

Med Ed Report

Staging a play to address a timely need

The tragic shootings at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in April underscored the need for education on diagnosing and treating mental health problems.

ACC welcomes one education maven, waves off another

Joseph Green, PhD, will join the American College of Cardiology (ACC) in September as VP for professional development and chief learning officer, marking his return ...

Dik Barsamian joins Haymarket's med ed team

Haymarket has named Dik Barsamian EVP in charge of medical education.

BMJ partners with John Hopkins School of Medicine

The publisher of the BMJ has formed a partnership with Johns Hopkins School of Medicine to jointly develop CME.

Raichle forms new med ed company

Linda Raichle, PhD, MS, former director of external affairs for Merck, has formed a new med ed company, Spectrum Medical Education.

ContinuingEducationLinks.com provides national database

A new Web site, ContinuingEducationLinks.com, provides a national database of on-site and online CE courses, searchable by geographical location and occupation.

Professional Media

AMA enters online forum with Sermo

The American Medical Association (AMA) announced it is partnering with Sermo, the online community for physicians.

The Patient brings new perspective

Wolters Kluwer is launching The Patient, a quarterly journal that will look at reimbursement issues from a patient perspective.

Ascend Healthcare Media hires Gary Gyss as publisher

Ascend Healthcare Media hired VNU's Gary Gyss to serve as publisher of The American Journal of Managed Care.

Journal Watch responds to reader criticism

Journal Watch, an online digest of medical journal articles, responded to reader criticism of its disclosure policy by reducing the number of click-throughs required to ...

The American College of Cardiology's board approves sanctions

The American College of Cardiology's Board of Trustees approved sanctions against a physician for leaks that broke an embargo on COURAGE trial data presented at ...

JAMA launches JAMA-Francais

JAMA is launching a weekly French-language online journal, JAMA-Francais, and hosting a conference for Parisian physicians comparing the new French CME regime to the US ...


Web Watch

Doctors are people, too. So much so that they’re flocking to a Web “chat room” just for them. Perhaps “chat room” is a misnomer.

Search behavior varies based on stage of illness

Consumers’ online health search behavior differs significantly based on their stage of illness and the condition they are seeking information on, a new study from ...

Microsoft to buy aQuantive for $6B

Microsoft agreed to buy digital marketing firm aQuantive in a deal valued at $6 billion.

Direct Marketing

Brand managers value integrated DM

Over 80% of brand managers believe an integrated direct marketing program is an important part of promoting a brand, with almost half saying it is ...

FDA issues Flonase, Nasonex letters

The FDA’s Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising and Communications has issued untitled letters of violation to Schering-Plough for its Nasonex nasal spray, and to GlaxoSmithKline ...

Bradley beefs up reps for launch

Bradley Pharmaceuticals is hiring about 60 reps as it gears up to launch Elestrin, a low-dose estrogen gel for treating the symptoms of menopause.

Nancy Connelly named SVP at PDI

Nancy Connelly was named SVP, sales support services at contract sales provider PDI.

Ingrid Swan named VP, general manager of MediZine

Ingrid Swan was named VP, general manager of MediZine.

Four ex-Serono execs were acquitted of illegal kickbacks

Four ex-Serono execs, who were linked to alleged illegal kickbacks, were acquitted in May of any role they allegedly played in illegally boosting sales for ...

Redi-Mail Direct Marketing receives accreditation status

Redi-Mail Direct Marketing has received Verified Accredited Wholesale Distributors accreditation status from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

DTC Report

Prevention uncovers clued-up patients

Consumers are getting savvier about the risks and benefits of the medicines they’re taking, according to Prevention’s 10th Annual National Survey on Consumer Reaction to ...

PhRMA releases DTC comments

PhRMA’s Office of Accountability released its second survey of comments received by companies regarding DTC ads, which showed concern among consumers and physicians about the ...

Eli Lilly draws the line on DTC

Eli Lilly is drawing the line on DTC—at the spots plugging the services of ambulance-chasing trial lawyers.

Pink Sheet reports on Aranesp and Procrit concerns

Members of the FDA’s Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee expressed concerns at a May meeting that DTC advertising of Amgen’s Aranesp and Johnson & Johnson’s Procrit ...

Lunesta ads remain best recalled

Lunesta ads remain the best-recalled on TV, according to IAG Research, but now have some company in the sleep category.

Pharmas want to launch European health info channel

A consortium of pharmas want to launch a European health info channel, The Guardian reports.

Public Relations

PR View by Marita Gomez

I sat in a meeting recently listening to two agencies bicker about which will shrivel up first in the next decade—advertising or PR.

Pharmas not ‘Sicko’ with worry over Moore movie

On the eve of the June 29 debut of Sicko, Michael Moore’s broadside against American healthcare, pharma communicators were wary but optimistic that his latest ...

Former Euro PR head joins GolinHarris

Former Euro RSCG Life PR head David Catlett has resurfaced as head of GolinHarris’ New York healthcare practice.

Marketing Research

IMS reveals how to avoid common launch miscues

Pharma brand share can level off just a few short months after a launch, according to a new study from IMS Health that examines this ...

GSK: two days’ data do not a trend make

Financial analysts, known for their penchant to wield prescribing data, may have jumped the gun recently.

Beltway Insider

As I see it

The FDA's own little "Avandiagate," complete with Nixonian "dirty tricks," emerged in May's mass media coverage of the editorial decision at the New England Journal ...

Companies want quicker turnaround from FDA

While acknowledging improvements in the guidance they get from the FDA, the nation’s pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies still want faster turnaround times and ...

Purdue pleads guilty in OxyContin case

The Purdue Frederick Co. and three of its officers entered a plea agreement with the FDA in which the company agreed to pay more than ...