July 2009 Issue of MMM

July 2009 Issue of MMM

July 2009

Editor's Desk

Double-digit opportunity

I just might be the only editor of a longstanding business title who, this year, has the pleasure of welcoming readers to its biggest-ever issue.


The Top 75: AbelsonTaylor

Independent stays buoyant with 19 new brands under its belt

The Top 75: AgencyRx

After five years, growth slows down but high-tech work speeds up

The Top 75: Area 23

Two-year-old firm continues to build on its relationships with Big Pharma

The Top 75: Beacon Healthcare Communications

Self-proclaimed "best kept secret" finds growth in interactive division

The Top 75: Blue Diesel

Firm finds digital offerings transcends the economic suffering felt by others

The Top 75: Brand Pharm

Offering clients strategic thinking and efficiencies in the tactical execution

The Top 75: Cadient Group

Agency sees healthy year as it expands its digital offerings

The Top 75: Cambridge BioMarketing

Small shop reaches big goal while continuing to grow in 2009

The Top 75: CDM Princeton

After J&J consolidation, rebounded from the brink and won business

The Top 75: CDMiConnect

Digital shop aims to keep it steady by "building healthy relationships"

The Top 75: The CementBloc

Four firms bond to form a structure that stays solid for third straight year

The Top 75: Centron

Five-year-old agency keeps growing amid mergers and consolidations

The Top 75: Cline Davis & Mann

Betting on global, CDM plants its flag in five countries and posts a solid year

The Top 75: closerlook

Seeing healthcare communications in a new light fuels recent growth

The Top 75: CommonHealth

After J&J's consolidation, shop takes notice and minimizes professional units

The Top 75: Concentric

Meeting economic challenges with a five-year roll of double-digit growth

The Top 75: Corbett Worldwide Healthcare Communications

Corbett flagship shrugs off hard times with significant pre-launch work

The Top 75: Core-Create/Brandkarma

Gained a foothold on the West Coast; won business on the back of new talent

The Top 75: Digitas Health

Predominantly digital shop's business explodes by thinking traditionally

The Top 75: Dorland Global

Looking to the next chapter to regain the footing lost in the recession

The Top 75: Draftfcb Healthcare

Change, consolidation and economic chaos results in a slew of new business

The Top 75: Dudnyk

Product launches and organic growth overshadows firm's modest gains

The Top 75: echo Torre Lazur

Shop takes a bullish stance on new business and grows organically

The Top 75: Euro RSCG Life 4D

Havas' new digital shop launches with a seasoned staff and a solid roster

The Top 75: Euro RSCG Life Catapult

The x2 spin-off comes into its own as Euro's Princeton shop

The Top 75: Euro RSCG Life Chelsea

A year of change at the top for Euro's downtown shop leads to an even year

The Top 75: Euro RSCG Life LM&P

Euro's flagship shop reorganized its practices to create a unified offering

The Top 75: Euro RSCG Life MetaMax

Coming off a spike in new business, the firm is feeling optimistic for 2009

The Top 75: Flashpoint Medica

Relatively young agency continues to grow organically and digitally

The Top 75: GCG Healthcare

Consistency is key for Texas shop as it realizes growth through new business

The Top 75: Giant Creative Strategy

West Coast firm continues to work toward living up to its big name

The Top 75: Goble & Associates

Steady, measured expansion pays off with new business and organic wins

The Top 75: GSW Worldwide

With a slew of new business, firm lives up to its name by expanding globally

The Top 75: Harrison & Star

On a seven-year revenue streak, shop opens new unit to increase footprint

The Top 75: HC&B Healthcare Communications

Texas firm expands overseas and gets referrals at home from existing clients

The Top 75: HealthEd Group

Educational marketing firm poised for big growth in a down market

The Top 75: Heartbeat Digital

Not-strictly-digital firm looks to maintain its position as an innovator in the field

The Top 75: ICC

Organic growth mavens pad mini empire with Lunesta, J&J work

The Top 75: Ignite Health

Making further inroads into the ever-evolving social media landscape

The Top 75: Interlink Healthcare Communications

Agency bounces back from rough patch with wins from Sciele, Meda

The Top 75: Juice Pharma Worldwide

Agency joins global network but stays true to its "bigtique" vision

The Top 75: Kane and Finkel Healthcare Communications

Not-so-static year ends with new business and innovative programs

The Top 75: Kinect Interactive Digital Communications

Firm's tablet PC, CLM work expands as pharma looks to build relationships

The Top 75: Lab9

Fledgling CDM offshoot grows beyond its roots in Genentech business

The Top 75: Lehman Millet

30-year-old firm accelerating its business in specialty medical arena

The Top 75: The Hal Lewis Group

Firm looking at partnerships and joint ventures to expand its capabilities

The Top 75: LyonHeart

A reinvention and partnership with digital shop keep firm at the forefront

The Top 75: McCann HumanCare

Global business and service offerings continue to grow by leaps and bounds

The Top 75: MedErgy Marketing

Seven-year-old agency stays on its path of stable growth with scientific edge

The Top 75: Medicus Life Brands

Combined powerhouse emerges with new account wins and organic growth

The Top 75: Metaphor

Putting more effort into digital pays off as shop builds on existing business

The Top 75: MicroMass Communications

Master of direct overcomes FDA snags to post record growth in 2008

The Top 75: Natrel Communications

Small guys find a way to compete with Big Pharma for business

The Top 75: The Navicor Group

High-sci shop picks up five accounts, expands with MSL, consulting offerings

The Top 75: Ogilvy Healthworld

Top-tier agency launches multi-cultural unit, adds new business from Novartis

The Top 75: Pace

Sans consumer biz, Lowe shop sharpens its focus, nets six brands

The Top 75: Pacific Communications

Proper preparation helped this firm stave off a stormy fourth quarter

The Top 75: Palio

Celebrating a decade in business with a dozen client wins and new global work

The Top 75: Partners+simons

Genre-busting clients propel firm to double-digit growth for fourth year

The Top 75: Purohit Navigation

New commercial offshoot looks to establish itself with old, new clients

The Top 75: Regan Campbell Ward • McCann

A new division and beefed-up portfolio keeps business from flattening out

The Top 75: Revolution Health

Finding an appetite for peer-to-peer, managed-markets and CRM work

The Top 75: S&R Communications Group

Branded med ed work sustains agency despite recent setbacks

The Top 75: Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcare Advertising

The shop's crystal ball told them to invest in digital, and it's paying off

The Top 75: Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcare Innovations

Under new leadership, the Newtown, PA, shop is in a "stabilizing year"

The Top 75: Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

A shortened name allows for a more focused approach to marketing

The Top 75: Stonefly Communications Group

Market factors prove vexing as inVentiv shop tries to rebound from losses

The Top 75: Stratagem Healthcare Communications

A steady diet of local and emerging companies leads to a 15% uptick

The Top 75: Sudler & Hennessey

Focusing on current clients here and abroad help drive this shop's success

The Top 75: Surge Worldwide Healthcare Communications

High-energy pitch activity, new account wins jolt Corbett Accel unit

The Top 75: Torre Lazur McCann

Planning ahead has kept this shop on track for growth

The Top 75: Vox Medica

Re-engineered shop streamlined its business model, added 12 brands

The Top 75: Williams-Labadie

Chicago firm has a slow year but says things are starting to bounce back

The Top 75: Wishbone/ITP

Taking care of existing business has become this firm's winning philosophy


Antidote: Treating Hodgkins disease and other cancers

Last month, a 13 year old with Hodgkins disease, one of the most treatment-responsive cancers known, ran away to Mexico and was reported by the ...

Professional Marketing

PDI, TMAC form a strategic alliance

Contract sales firm PDI and The Medical Affairs Company (TMAC) signed an agreement aligning their respective services with the goal of providing clients with a ...

Sanofi-Aventis, Cegedim Dendrite join forces

Cegedim Dendrite inked a three-year agreement with Sanofi-Aventis to provide Mobile Intelligence CRM solution to over 20,000 users across 28 countries including the US, France ...

Baxter recieves warning letter from FDA

The Office of Compliance and Biologics Quality (OCBQ) in the FDA's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) has sent a warning letter to Baxter ...

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Med Ed Report

AMA delegates find ethical CME proposal less than preferable

For the second year in a row, members of the AMA House of Delegates sent back policy proposals tightening the organization's rules regarding continuing medical ...

"Pharmacists' Facebook" to offer news, CE and community

JMI Health is launching a social networking site for pharmacists.

Coalition flags ACCME plans

The Coalition for Healthcare Communication said it doesn't oppose ACCME's proposal to set up an independent entity for disbursal of CME funding—provided CME providers don't ...

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Professional Media

AMM names Kurland's successor

The Association of Medical Media (AMM) announced that Dennis Johnson has been named executive director of operations, succeeding MaryBeth Kurland, who was promoted to chief ...

MPR database goes mobile

Prescribing Reference (PRI) announced the mobile launch of its Monthly Prescribing Reference (MPR), a drug database for medical professionals.

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Digital Media

UCB to report AEs to FDA via website

UCB announced a partnership with PatientsLikeMe.com to launch an epilepsy-focused patient community, and will report adverse events to the FDA through round-the-clock surveillance.

Reuters Health adds executive editor

Reuters Health hired Ivan Oransky as executive editor, heading editorial operations for the company's global medical and healthcare news services.

comScore unveils audience analytic

Online measurement firm comScore launched a "panel-centric hybrid" product for measuring digital audiences, to be implemented in August 2009.

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Consumer Marketing

Consider the 'reasonable consumer'

DTC drug and device marketers looking to steer clear of FDA ad reviewers should follow the "reasonable consumer standard" and consider the net impression their ...

DDR on DTC: Androgel

Slovay Pharmaceuticals, based in Marietta, GA, has given us a DTC campaign that's as classic as southern fried chicken, Masters Golf or Georgia's own Scarlet ...

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Beltway Insider

As I see it: Reorganizing the FDA means sweeping changes

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Hamburg: Judge the agency on public health

FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg and principal deputy commissioner Joshua Sharfstein said in a June 11 New England Journal of Medicine "Perspective" column that the "ultimate ...

FDA's Goodman urges transparency

FDA chief scientist Jesse Goodman, recently named acting deputy commissioner for scientific and medical programs, said in May that he has been struck at how ...


How mobile will revolutionize pharma marketing

The mobile phone has grown into a remote control for our lives. It's an always on, multichannel interactive device.

Blur, Facebook and the First Amendment

The opinions expressed here are my own, and do not necessarily represent the views of my current employer. This disclaimer will make more sense as ...

Back Talk

Latest FDA guidance may require copy testing

What the FDA euphemistically calls "guidances" are usually received by industry with something less than cheers. Despite the name, the guidances are often perceived as ...