July 2012 Issue of MMM

July 2012 Issue of MMM

July 2012 issue

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Change is everywhere in healthcare... Standing still is not an option.


100 Agencies: AbelsonTaylor

AbelsonTaylor's 2011 and 2012 are looking a lot like 2010, and this is a very, very good thing.

100 Agencies: The Agency Inside Harte-Hanks

"We're kind of retooling our model," is how Anne Stroup, managing director, health and wellness, puts it. "We'll be coming to market with something new ...

100 Agencies: AgencyRx

AgencyRx's leaders say its financials are stable, with business up for the 12 months to May.

100 Agencies: ApotheCom

The mission at ApotheCom, which managed to inch up its take 5% in 2011 over the prior year, is directed toward the pre-launch states of ...

100 Agencies: Area 23

Area 23 has had a pretty quiet year—if you don't count the new top management, new business, new office space (as of next month) and ...

100 Agencies: Beacon Healthcare Communications

Turning digital communications into just one option among many

100 Agencies: Big Communications

In 2011, Big Communications made major personnel investments, beefed up its senior management team, and further integrated with owner Meredith Corp.

100 Agencies: Blue Diesel

At a time when the industry is falling over itself to get up to speed on digital, Blue Diesel has evolved into a full-service firm

100 Agencies: Cadient Group

If not for FDA delays, CEO Stephen Wray says last year could have been the agency's best ever.

100 Agencies: CAHG

Despite Merck losses, agency wins with TBWA pact and hep. C agent

100 Agencies: Cambridge BioMarketing

A shift in positioning to the orphan and rare-disease space makes great business sense

100 Agencies: CDM New York

The CDM flagship shop lost Lipitor, but made up the revenue in new business

100 Agencies: CDM Princeton

Relationships with longstanding clients are the basis for a rebound

100 Agencies: CDMiConnect

The CDM patient/consumer shop is retooling for the CRM of tomorrow

100 Agencies: The CementBloc

A dynamic team puts together the elements for a healthy growth surge

100 Agencies: Centron

Countering a hit from generics with positive energy and account wins

100 Agencies: closerlook

Mixing mobile innovation and the bigger industry picture has benefits

100 Agencies: CMI/Compas

Pairing a new name with a string of long-term client relationships

100 Agencies: Compass Healthcare Marketers

How can you fight industry doom and gloom? Find the right space

100 Agencies: Concentric Pharma Advertising

A place under the MDC Partners umbrella results in a broader focus

100 Agencies: Core-Create/Brandkarma

How mergers and acquisitions can forge stronger client relationships

100 Agencies: DiD

Philadelphia-area firm makes some noise without tooting its own horn

100 Agencies: DDB Health Group

Depth and diversity of talent help bring in work on a global scale

100 Agencies: DevicePharm

Making strong headway in the device space is all a matter of "positioning"

100 Agencies: Digitas Health

A move toward mid-tier and specialty clients makes a restructuring pay off

100 Agencies: Draftfcb Healthcare

IPG behemoth's business is up vs. prior year, despite some client losses

100 Agencies: Dudnyk

Specialty brands are the motor that drives this firm's revenue growth

100 Agencies: DWA Healthcare Communications Group

A mission to educate leads to a broad communications practice

100 Agencies: Entrée Health

Crossing a major threshold with an eye on maintaining company culture

100 Agencies: Euro RSCG Life 4D

Chasing the future, Havas's digital lab is on a global growth spurt

100 Agencies: Euro RSCG Life LM&P

A digital acquisition and a search for big ideas at Euro's oldest shop

100 Agencies: Euro RSCG Life MetaMax

Strong growth and more consumer work at the global shop

100 Agencies: Eveo Communications Group

A digital and mobile innovator tries to move into the full-service sector

100 Agencies: evoke interaction

Huntsworth Health agency builds up its success by doing good work

100 Agencies: Extrovertic Communications

A social-media startup turns itself into a strategic and creative force

100 Agencies: FingerPaint Marketing

An upstart no more, this firm mixes creative freedom with rapid growth

100 Agencies: Flashpoint Medica

Focusing on the future by making "digital is inbred" a company motto

100 Agencies: GA Communications Group

Taking a "newfangled" approach to established industry principles

100 Agencies: ghg

Digital focus and a diverse roster gave WPP agency a big boost in 2011

100 Agencies: Giant Creative Strategy

San Francisco shop lives up to its name by having a very big year

100 Agencies: Greater Than One

After years of putting the client first, GTO steps into the agency spotlight

100 Agencies: GSW Worldwide

Tweaking a business strategy while keeping core values consistent

100 Agencies: Guard Dog Brand Development

This firm doubled in size by casting its nets far beyond blockbusters

100 Agencies: H4B Catapult

So over Lovenox, the Havas digital shop is expanding into Boston

100 Agencies: H4B Chelsea

Havas's thriving H4B flagship has tripled in size over three years

100 Agencies: Harrison & Star

New president, outgoing chairman and more growth for specialty shop

100 Agencies: HCB Health

A firm handle on the medical-device market leads to rising revenues

100 Agencies: Healthcare Regional Marketing

Cincinnati firm lets its brand of foward-thinking work do the talking

100 Agencies: HealthEd Group

Pushing the envelope for health ­education and patient marketing

100 Agencies: Heartbeat Ideas

Gaining a strategic advantage by moving past a digital-only rep

100 Agencies: HLG Health Communications

Using a new name‚ plus flexibility in staffing and service, to win clients

100 Agencies: The Hobart Group

A firm sense of who they are has led to this agency's impressive growth

100 Agencies: ICC Lowe

MM&M's Agency of the Year enjoys expansion, wins and lots of pitches

100 Agencies: Ignite Health

Bolstering mobile and digital bring inVentiv shop into the big leagues

100 Agencies: imc2 health and wellness

Taking a purpose-driven approach to "relationship-era marketing"

100 Agencies: InTouch Solutions

This go-to shop for iPad apps has its feelers out for the next big thing

100 Agencies: Jocoto Advertising

As the D&D sector broadens, this California firm finds opportunities

100 Agencies: JUICE Pharma Worldwide

Devising a way to let agencies in on the trend toward consolidation

100 Agencies: Kane & Finkel Healthcare Communications

San Francsico shop succeeds by catering to the entrepreneurial spirit

100 Agencies: Klick Health

Toronto tech firm wants to play a big role in the future of digital health

100 Agencies: LehmanMillet

A broadened focus lets Boston-based agency find its "sweet spot"

100 Agencies: LLNS

With a big legacy behind it, this firm makes its move into the payer space

100 Agencies: McCann Echo Torre Lazur

Organic growth leads to 33% revenue spike at New Jersey agency

100 Agencies: McCann HumanCare

Merck respiratory win, more DTP work have agency breathing easier

100 Agencies: McCann RCW Healthcare

Calif. shop expands with Botox neuroscience win, new NYC office

100 Agencies: McCann Regan Campbell Ward

In a post-Pradaxa world, looking toward a McCann link to bring work

100 Agencies: McCann TL Managed Markets

Having a solid year of business counters some big patent losses

100 Agencies: McCann Torre Lazur

After a big comebeck year in 2011, agency gets a branding change

100 Agencies: Mc|K Healthcare

Restructuring helps this Boston firm find some new revenue streams

100 Agencies: MedThink Communications

Management and tech changes set up Raleigh, NC, shop for growth

100 Agencies: Metaphor

Negotiating a rough year's pitfalls to build a basis for future success

100 Agencies: MicroMass Communications

A new management team gets back to behavioral science basics

100 Agencies: Natrel Communications

Tweaking a winning formula to help clients open the "digital doorway"

100 Agencies: The Navicor Group

Finding opportunity in the active oncology and hematology markets

100 Agencies: NeON

Work from Novartis, Pfizer, Gilead set conflict shop up for more growth

100 Agencies: Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide

Megamerger makes few shock waves in transition to become global powerhouse

100 Agencies: Pacific Communications

A rebrand, steady growth—and a plan for success in the digital space

100 Agencies: Palio

Account wins, big launches and a rapidly growing digital initiative

100 Agencies: Publicis Healthware International

Publicis firm goes deep to bring ­clients a higher level of efficiency

100 Agencies: Publicis Life Brands Medicus

Creating customer experiences to build brands while driving growth

100 Agencies: Purohit Navigation

Increased work in diagnostics helps Chicago firm make solid gains

100 Agencies: Razorfish Health

A new kid on the block uses its ­digital savvy to build a reputation

100 Agencies: Renavatio Healthcare Communications

In just under three years, a sharp, fast-moving approach has paid off

100 Agencies: RevHealth

Driven by digital, and finding ways to make agency independence a plus

100 Agencies: Rosetta

Acquisition by Publicis, integration activities lead to flat year for agency

100 Agencies: Roska Healthcare Advertising

Reinvent healthcare marketing? It's a big job, but Roska wants to do it

100 Agencies: Saatchi & Saatchi Health Communications New York

New leadership at the Publicis ­network's flagship professional shop

100 Agencies: Saatchi & Saatchi Science

New name, new focus for the Yardley, PA-based Saatchi shop

100 Agencies: Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

Coming off a good year, the shop is investing in tech and analytics

100 Agencies: Sentrix Health Communications

S&H spinoff follows rapid growth spurt with a pursuit of A-list clients

100 Agencies: Siren Interactive

An up-close-and-personal touch makes this digital agency unique

100 Agencies: StoneArch Creative

Minneapolis agency successfully defends its medical-devices turf

100 Agencies: STRIKEFORCE Communications

An innovative attitude and approach result in effective, distinctive work

100 Agencies: Sudler & Hennessey

A global slowdown doesn't keep this firm from an international expansion

100 Agencies: Targetbase

In a competitive climate, this firm says market forces are in its favor

100 Agencies: Topin & Associates

Expanding relationships were the ­basis of a"solid year" for the agency

100 Agencies: Vogel Farina

Doing things their own way leads to growing popularity with clients

100 Agencies: Vox Medica

An executive-suite shuffle provides a launching pad for the future

100 Agencies: W2O Group

Starting small, this shop found big growth via speed and flexibility

100 Agencies: Williams Labadie

Chicago agency reintegrates old business and moves into new areas

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