July 2013 Issue of MMM

July 2013 Issue of MMM

JULY 2013 issue

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The fruits of reinvention

Objectives have been redefined... now it's time to put them into practice

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Top 100 Agencies: Agents of Change

Last year's agency survey painted a picture of a sector cocooned in transformation and reinvention. This year's responses provide ­evidence these labors are starting to ...

Top 100 Agencies: AbelsonTaylor

A solid foundation softens the blow of the patent cliff's repercussions

Top 100 Agencies: The Access Group

Setting up a buffer against industry woes provides a plan for success

Top 100 Agencies: AgencyRx

Riding the consolidation wave to solid success and steady growth

Top 100 Agencies: ApotheCom Group

Adopting a dynamic approach to ­being an "indispensible" partner

Top 100 Agencies: Area 23

A new leader helps agency to do "more from the consumer end"

Top 100 Agencies: Avant Healthcare Marketing

New business softens the blow of a few "blockbuster" departures

Top 100 Agencies: Beacon Healthcare Communications

Attracting clients by taking a "holistic approach to engagement"

Top 100 Agencies: Biolumina Group

An oncology leader focuses itself on crossing category boundaries

Top 100 Agencies: Brandkarma

Engineering a return to agency roots leads to healthy growth in revenue

Top 100 Agencies: Cadient Group

Making client engagement a prime focus helps to drive agency growth

Top 100 Agencies: CAHG

A strategic network opens up a ­pathway to growth on a global scale

Top 100 Agencies: Cambridge BioMarketing

A reorganized management team meets a tough year's challenges

Top 100 Agencies: CDM New York

This "strong, steady and stable" ­agency has designs on innovation

Top 100 Agencies: CDM Princeton

Relying on a collaborative culture to push a new surge in business

Top 100 Agencies: CDMiConnect

Ahead of the pack in digital, and doubling down on patient marketing

Top 100 Agencies: The CementBloc

Despite launch delays, strong client results keep business on a even keel

Top 100 Agencies: Centron

Tightly knit firm gets a big new space and new work along with it

Top 100 Agencies: closerlook

Finding the right solution for clients by having the right conversation

Top 100 Agencies: Compass Healthcare Marketers

Taking the rare-disease market ­seriously results in solid growth

Top 100 Agencies: Concentric Health Experience

A diversified approach helps clients deal with a challenging environment

Top 100 Agencies: DevicePharm

Emphasizing the entire market's success as much as its own

Top 100 Agencies: DiD

Philly-area firm expands its range, its client base—and its office space

Top 100 Agencies: Digitas Health

Bringing multiple messages together into a single, successful strategy

Top 100 Agencies: Discovery USA

Merging three of PHCG's agencies results in a unique set of offerings

Top 100 Agencies: Draftfcb Healthcare

Growing empire raises its account numbers and excitement level

Top 100 Agencies: Dudnyk

Newly bicoastal firm builds a strong base in digital communications

Top 100 Agencies: Entrée Health

Positioned as niche leader, agency spreads its wings

Top 100 Agencies: Eveo

Still a go-to shop, but no longer just digitial and mobile clients

Top 100 Agencies: Evoke Health

An increased focus on consumer work leads to a jump in revenue

Top 100 Agencies: Extrovertic Communications

How do you handle "a year of flux"? With flexibilty and forward thinking

Top 100 Agencies: Fingerpaint

Saratoga Springs shop celebrates fifth birthday with growth spurt

Top 100 Agencies: Flashpoint Medica

Building solid growth on a base of digital expansion and innovation

Top 100 Agencies: GA Communication Group

Chicago-based firm finds the right mix of sustainability and success

Top 100 Agencies: GCG Healthcare

Fort Worth agency finds big growth working with smaller budgets

Top 100 Agencies: ghg

Riding a wave of growth by focusing on the basics of communication

Top 100 Agencies: Giant

Well-positioned firm parlays its ­digital skills into big business

Top 100 Agencies: Greater Than One

Finding growth by helping clients create businesses around digital

Top 100 Agencies: GSW

Now "Fueled by Blue Diesel" and ready to become a new kind of agency

Top 100 Agencies: H4B Catapult

Havas shop grows a diversifying business from its digital roots

Top 100 Agencies: H4B Chelsea

An "all-in-one" agency succeeds by having an all-for-one corporate spirit

Top 100 Agencies: Harrison and Star

Sticking to what it knows best has resulted in serious business

Top 100 Agencies: Havas Life Metro

A system reboot recasts the oldest Havas agency for the digital age

Top 100 Agencies: Havas Life New York

The name says "Big Apple," but ­Havas shop has a global outlook

Top 100 Agencies: Havas Lynx

For growing Havas digital shop, "mobile is really where it's at"

Top 100 Agencies: HCB Health

Digital-savvy Austin firm positions itself as a premier device agency

Top 100 Agencies: Healthcare Regional Marketing

Analytics-driven firm decides it's time to stop flying under the radar

Top 100 Agencies: HealthEd Group

A growing digital presence makes riding out client problems easier

Top 100 Agencies: Heartbeat Ideas & Heartbeat West

A new California outpost fuels ­explosive growth on all fronts

Top 100 Agencies: HLG Health Communications

Building optimism on a policy of "very competitive pricing"

Top 100 Agencies: The Hobart Group

A clear sense of purpose leads to a position of true leadership

Top 100 Agencies: ICC Lowe

Paving the way for the future with a new digital integration model

Top 100 Agencies: ICC Lowe Trio

Inspired by its parent ­company, this agency has forged its own identity

Top 100 Agencies: Infuse Medical

How working in a "little microcosm" can lead to big revenue growth

Top 100 Agencies: Intouch Solutions

An "explosion" in mobile business leads to revenue and staff gains

Top 100 Agencies: INVIVO Communications

Digital shop prospers from ­mainstream demand for expertise

Top 100 Agencies: IOMEDIA

Digital pioneer extends range into the full-service territory

Top 100 Agencies: JUICE Pharma Worldwide

A diversified client base points the way toward a period of expansion

Top 100 Agencies: Kane & Finkel Healthcare Communications

Finding new ways to communicate with "empowered patients"

Top 100 Agencies: Klick Health

Continued strong growth from data-driven innovation and digital skills

Top 100 Agencies: Lanmark360

South Jersey firm commits to ­quality leads—and to quality of life

Top 100 Agencies: LehmanMillet

Boston-based firm celebrates its 35th birthday by looking forward

Top 100 Agencies: LLNS

Making the most of a collaborative spirit to foster continued growth

Top 100 Agencies: McCann Echo Torre Lazur

New leadership sets sights on old habit: double-digit growth

Top 100 Agencies: McCann HumanCare

A pivot toward digital and mobile has McCann unit on the right path

Top 100 Agencies: McCann Managed Markets

Realignment brings IPG agency a greater ability to collaborate

Top 100 Agencies: McCann RCW Healthcare

Bicoastal agency is able to give ­clients "the best of both worlds"

Top 100 Agencies: McCann Regan Campbell Ward

Reconfigured McCann shop ­continues its comeback

Top 100 Agencies: McCann Torre Lazur

A "bolus shot" of new talent sets up McCann shop for continued success

Top 100 Agencies: Mc|K Healthcare

Searching for where the value is brings solid growth to Boston firm

Top 100 Agencies: MedThink Communications

Raleigh-based firm uses a mix of skills to rebound from a flat 2011

Top 100 Agencies: MEplusYOU

A new name puts Dallas agency's ­ideology and methodology in focus

Top 100 Agencies: Metaphor

Dealing with a big loss leads to ­opportunities for new success

Top 100 Agencies: MicroMass Communications

Clear leadership and vision put Cary, NC, agency on a positive path

Top 100 Agencies: Natrel Communications

A consistent focus leads to more clients and bigger revenues

Top 100 Agencies: The Navicor Group

"Doing well by doing good" reaps major dividends for inVentiv agency

Top 100 Agencies: NeON

A do-it-all approach proves to be a reliable path to steady growth

Top 100 Agencies: Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide

Expanded focus on Big Data produces creative insights that are paying off

Top 100 Agencies: Pacific Communications

Riding out a "pretty tumultuous" year—and winding up on top

Top 100 Agencies: Palio+Ignite

An "integration of equals" results in an agency with a big menu of skills

Top 100 Agencies: Publicis Life Brands Medicus

New leadership and a structural overhaul keep Publicis shop on track

Top 100 Agencies: Purohit Navigation

Being early out of the gate in ­personalized medicine has paid off

Top 100 Agencies: Razorfish Healthware

A "true merger" creates an agency with global reach and deep skills

Top 100 Agencies: Renavatio Healthcare Communications

"Steady, focused growth" keeps revenues on an upward swing

Top 100 Agencies: RevHealth

Morristown, NJ agency aims to be a one-stop shop for its many clients

Top 100 Agencies: Rosetta

Embracing a full-service model and keeping a focus on pharma

Top 100 Agencies: Roska Healthcare Advertising

Making ambitious plans—and then able to deliver on them

Top 100 Agencies: Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcare Communications NY

Caught out amid industry changes, a venerable professional shop rebuilds

Top 100 Agencies: Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

Big consumer shop looks to expand beyond pills, blockbusters

Top 100 Agencies: Scout Marketing

A "year of transitions" results in new business and a higher profile

Top 100 Agencies: Siren Interactive

A leader in the rare-disease market is primed for a new burst of growth

Top 100 Agencies: Snow Companies

Finding a unique focus by letting ­patients speak for themselves

Top 100 Agencies: StoneArch

Learning to blow its own horn brings this agency a stream of new clients

Top 100 Agencies: STRIKEFORCE Communications

Agency with a mission diversifies its base and comes up a winner

Top 100 Agencies: Sudler & Hennessey

Using a broad base of knowledge to go beyond talking global to doing it

Top 100 Agencies: Topin & Associates

Flexibility and focus keep ­agency on the right track for 30 years

Top 100 Agencies: TRUE Health + Wellness

A "new breed of agency" seeks ­clients who welcome innovation

Top 100 Agencies: Vogel Farina

Growing revenues and headcount take small firm into the big leagues

Top 100 Agencies: Vox Medica

Poised for new opportunities after a successful consolidation

Top 100 Agencies: W2O Group

Using acquisitions and hires as the building blocks for steady growth

Top 100 Agencies: Wunderman World Health

Fostering growth by helping clients to embrace "consumer centricity"