July 2017 Issue of MMM

July 2017 Issue of MMM

Top 100 Agencies

Wunderman Health | 2017

The agency recently invested in research around "health inertia," which is part of an effort to better understand how to drive positive health behaviors.

2e Creative | 2017

For an agency to do what it does well and still maintain its culture and soul, it has to function like a tribe. A tribe ...

AbelsonTaylor | 2017

By mortal standards and most rational measures, AbelsonTaylor enjoyed a fine 2016. The Chicago agency picked up 16 accounts, 12 of them without a pitch.

ApotheCom | 2017

Asked to deliver an ApotheCom state of the union, global CEO Elaine Ferguson reports her agency claimed the title of the fastest-growing firm in the ...

Area 23 | 2017

Area 23 entered 2016 on the crest of a wave following a year of record growth.

Artcraft Health | 2017

Artcraft primarily works with clients that have products in Phase II through Phase IV trials. The firm's efforts, Schaechter says, help sponsors more quickly fill ...

Avant Healthcare | 2017

Last year's more modest performance saw revenue jump at the Indianapolis-based medical communications agency to $39 million, up from $34 million, while employee count edged ...

Beacon Healthcare Communications | 2017

Beacon Healthcare communications celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2016.

Benchworks | 2017

Benchworks beefed up its creative team with the hire of group creative director Jake King, formerly of Coras­Cloud and Wunderman DC, and several others to ...

Biolumina | 2017

Biolumina emerged from Harrison & Star in 2008 to handle conflict business from Novartis Oncology.

Butler/Till Health Group | 2017

Though Rochester, New York-based Butler/Till boasts a long history in pharmaceutical and medical marketing, it only launched its health group division in 2015.

Cadient | 2017

Cadient continued to evolve beyond its digital roots in 2016, amplifying its strength in experience design and deepening its collaboration with parent Cognizant.

Calcium | 2017

Calcium is bigger now in terms of revenue and staffers than when founder and CEO Steven Michaelson's first agency, Wishbone, was acquired by Rosetta in ...

Cambridge BioMarketing | 2017

Cambridge ended 2016 with 110 full- timers, down 10 from 2015.

Carling Communications | 2017

Through a mix of account wins and continued work with such staple clients as Santen Pharmaceutical, the firm generated $13 million in revenue last year.

CDM New York | 2017

Over the past few years — or over the company's 34 years in business — CDM's results have been consistently strong, financially and otherwise.

Centron | 2017

Last year proved to be an intense 12 months for Centron.

closerlook | 2017

Twelve months ago, David Ormesher, Closerlook's CEO, blasted healthcare marketers for running their campaigns from "intuition and last year's playbook." A year later finds him ...

CMI/Compas | 2017

CMI/Compas has experienced its share of foundational change during the past 18 months.

Concentric Health Experience | 2017

At the beginning of the calendar year, Concentric Health Experience cofounder and CEO Ken Begasse always delivers an Agency State of the Union address to ...

Create NYC | 2017

Eight years on, Create NYC has carved out a niche for itself, happy to serve as a complement agency or AOR once such foundational elements ...

DDB Health | 2017

In one of the agency world's most eye-opening moves of 2016, Omnicom combined two of its New York-based professional agencies, AgencyRx and Flashpoint Medica, into ...

DevicePharm | 2017

The agency saw 5% revenue growth to $18.9 million in 2016.

DiD | 2017

While DiD grew in 2016, it did so at a slower rate: Revenue jumped by 5.2% to $20 million.

Digitas Health | 2017

Media is the new name of the game at Digitas Health.

Discovery Worldwide | 2017

For many of its clients, Discovery is incorporating scientific messaging into brand programming.

Dudnyk | 2017

Revenue in 2016 rose to $14.5 million, up from $10.8 million in 2015, thanks to a mix of organic growth and new business.

Elevate Healthcare | 2017

Elevate Healthcare's successful first full year providing early stage counsel to companies launching specialty products might not even be managing partner Lorna Weir's best accomplishment ...

Entrée Health | 2017

Entrée launched two analytics offerings last year: Inside Payer and a predictive tool it developed in collaboration with Carson Analytics.

Eveo | 2017

Top-line growth wasn't Eveo founder and CEO Olivier Zitoun's priority last year.

Evoke Group | 2017

Evoke Group's quest to humanize healthcare marketing — to grow from its digital roots and extend its usefulness as a strategic partner and problem-solver — ...

FCB Cure | 2017

Approximately 15% of the agency's hires in 2016 had previously worked for the firm.

FCB Health | 2017

Approximately 15% of the agency's hires in 2016 had previously worked for the firm.

Fingerpaint | 2017

Agencies frequently speak to the value of looking after their people, but few follow through on this promise as much as Fingerpaint.

ghg | 2017

The strategy CEO lynn O'Connor Vos put into place at ghg| greyhealth group a few years ago may be paying off.

Giant | 2017

Giant found itself in uncharted — and choppy — waters at the start of 2016.

Greater Than One | 2017

When asked to share her assessment of 2016, Greater Than One CEO Elizabeth Apelles calls it a "transformational" year.

GSW | 2017

Let's begin GSW's story with an anecdote about a large pharma agency that isn't GSW.

Guidemark Health | 2017

Calling Guidemark Health's last three months of 2016 "eventful" is an understatement.

H4B Chelsea | 2017

Lynyrd Skynyrd, pizza, and wine at 10 p.m. all play a role in Christian Bauman's favorite H4B Chelsea moment of 2016.

Harrison and Star | 2017

Neither H&S president would comment on the Omnicom-owned agency's 2016 revenue, but staff size rose to 486 at the end of spring.

Havas Health & You | 2017

In early March, Havas became the most recent mega-organization to unite its health and wellness offerings under a single flag.

Havas Life Metro | 2017

Cris Morton, president of Havas Life Metro, says his company enjoyed a barnburner year.

Havas Life New York | 2017

HLNY has focused on the nitty-gritty: executing first-in-class launches, building relationships, and preserving that culture amid the stress of the agency environment.

Havas Lynx | 2017

Over the span of a few weeks in late February of this year, Havas Lynx lost its leader to the consulting world and replaced him ...

HCB | 2017

Since 2001, Austin-based HCB Health has built up a reputation on a steady diet of device manufacturers and treatment centers.

Healthcare Success | 2017

The agency's client roster is principally composed of hospitals, entrepreneurial doctors, and health systems, among them Kofinas Fertility, The Hernried Center, the Start Center for ...

HealthWork | 2017

The Omnicom-owned firm partnered with Abbott on #BeThe1Donor, a campaign in which soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo encouraged young adults in seven countries to become blood ...

Heartbeat | 2017

Prior to its acquisition by Publicis in 2013, the agency was renowned for its digital chops when few healthcare-first agencies had invested fully in the ...

Huntsworth Health | 2017

Global CEO Neil Matheson points to several factors for growth, including further development of the network's market-access capabilities.

Intouch Solutions | 2017

For an agency that reported double-digit growth in 2015, the 2.8% decline in Intouch Solutions' revenue — to $102 million in 2016 — might seem ...

inVentiv Health PR Group | 2017

An intense political environment and high-profile discussions around hot-button health issues have made for a busy season on the problem-solving front for inVentiv Health PR ...

INVIVO Communications | 2017

All things considered, Invivo president Andrea Bielecki considers 2016 "a good year, with lots of learning and many opportunities."

JUICE Pharma Worldwide | 2017

Juice Pharma Worldwide's 2016 started out as high profile as it gets for a healthcare agency.

Klick Health | 2017

Klick expanded its staff, from 548 full-timers at the end of 2015 to 639 at the end of 2016 to 697 at the end of ...

Lanmark360 | 2017

While 75% of the agency's business comes from dental clients, two of the agency's biggest — Dentsply and Sirona — merged in 2015.

LevLane | 2017

LevLane enjoyed other successes on the client front, which spurred a small bump in revenue to $8.9 million in 2016, up 3.5% from 2015.

Maricich Health | 2017

Long a fan of creating a new mantra every year, Maricich has settled on "build it and make it happen" for 2017.

McCann Health North America | 2017

The company's restructuring was motivated in equal parts by practicality (better alignment means more business) and ambition (the bigger, the better).

MediMedia Managed Markets | 2017

As longtime clients Amgen, Genentech, and Shire and 2016 roster additions Merck, Sage, and Indivior attest, MediMedia facilitates these conversations better than almost anyone else.

MedThink Communications | 2017

On the new-business front, MedThink president Scott Goudy reports six wins during 2016.

Merkle Health | 2017

Of all the agencies in MM&M's Top 100, none has been as active on the deal-making front as Merkle Health.

MicroMass Communications | 2017

MicroMass Communications welcomed a lot of new people into the fold last year.

Natrel | 2017

For Natrel, 2016 represented a return to its roots.

The Navicor Group | 2017

Revenue in 2016 grew to an MM&M-estimated $22.5 million on the back of 12 new accounts, with staff size surging from 74 to 107.

Neon | 2017

Twelve employees joined Neon last year, bringing the firm's total to 147 at the end of 2016.

Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide | 2017

Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide's bread and butter remains high science and medical expertise.

Pacific Communications | 2017

While Pacific's 2016 roster additions came mostly from Allergan, look for the agency to expand its client base.

Palio | 2017

The centralization of Palio's brainpower facilitated partnerships with sibling agencies offering PR, managed markets, and medical comms expertise.

Partners + Napier | 2017

Partners + Napier's wide experience has given the 125-person agency a "holistic perspective on the industry," says Courtney Cotrupe, managing director of the firm.

Patients & Purpose | 2017

Any conversation about the last year in the life of the agency formerly known as CDMiConnect ought to start with its new name, Patients & ...


CEO and founder Sanjiv Mody attributes 2016's success to Pixacore's analytical focus.

Precision For Value | 2017

Stilt walkers. That's the metaphor president Dan Renick is kicking around to symbolize Precision For Value's 2016.

precisioneffect | 2017

Precisioneffect agency is "committed to working with companies that are seeking to change the standard of care," said president Carolyn Morgan.

PRI | 2017

PRI sits on or around a wealth of information about physicians across the gamut of therapeutic specialties.

Publicis Health Media | 2017

Managing director Jedd Davis reports that growth continues to exceed expectations.

Publicis Life Brands Medicus | 2017

The agency maintained its healthy glow in 2016 with several client wins, three new therapeutic categories, and a renewed focus on diversifying its capabilities and ...

PulseCX | 2017

Building on a rebranding effort, the agency has been on a mission to "design great impact moments, not just for individual brands, but also for ...

Purohit Navigation | 2017

2016 was a milestone year in Purohit Navigation's evolution, from a regional player that was well regarded in certain therapeutic categories to a jack of ...

RAPP Worldwide | 2017

Since its founding in 1965, Rapp has grown into one of the marketing world's elite data operations.

Razorfish Health | 2017

Razorfish Health managing director David Paragamian insists the story of his company's 2016 can be told in one word: transformation.

Relevate Health Group | 2017

Last year was something of a startup year for Relevate Health Group.

Renavatio Healthcare Communications | 2017

The agency vows to go beyond the deep insights promised by competitors to deliver scientific, strategic, and creative services that are "anything but typical."

RevHealth | 2017

Managing partner Bruce Epstein believes the firm's strong clinical backbone is a major draw for its clients.

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness | 2017

SSW spent most of the year tending to a trove of AOR assignments from 2015 and developing new tools and capabilities to inform and drive ...

Sandbox | 2017

After three years of mapping out how its independent collective of agencies would operate vis-à-vis one another, the company unified under a single P&L in ...

Sentrix | 2017

The launch of WPP Health & Wellness has promoted cross-pollination within WPP that is more congenial and effective than before, says EVP and managing director ...

Silverlight Digital | 2017

Silverlight's strategy is to focus on "contender" brands — those that aren't number one or two in their competitive set — and operate as shrewdly ...

Squint Metrics | 2017

Squint Metrics was chosen as the firm's name as it reflects the company's focus on data-generation and communication via its proprietary software and outcomes platforms.

StoneArch | 2017

The 33-year-old Minneapolis staple entered 2016 with momentum after a banner 2015.

STRIKEFORCE Communications | 2017

Strikeforce Communications founder and CEO Mike Rutstein has long been a critic of work that plays like it came from a box.

Scout Marketing | 2017

In 2016, Scout announced it had been acquired by Stagwell Media, a private equity fund headed by former Burson-Marsteller CEO and Clinton administration pollster Mark ...

Sudler & Hennessey | 2017

In the wake of restructuring, the firm reported both top and bottom-line growth in 2016.

TBWA\WorldHealth | 2017

Rather than cram all processes and philosophies into one of the two existing infrastructures, the firm wiped the slate clean.

The Access Group | 2017

After almost two decades of focusing on managed care, few agencies are better placed to give commentary for the shifting dynamics of healthcare decision-making than ...

The Bloc | 2017

The Bloc mainly handles high-science projects in the primary-care space, but has expanded its expertise to accommodate providers, genomics companies, and device companies, among others.

The Kinetix Group | 2017

With newly expanded offices in New York City and Dublin, Kinetix boasts "foundational expertise in health system and managed markets AOR activity," according to cofounder ...

Triple Threat Communications | 2017

The company's reliance on "the modern agency model" has helped it sustain relationships with more cost-conscious clients.

W2O Group | 2017

W2O had a lot going on in 2016 — enough, really, to justify the presence of a few additional participants.

WPP Health & Wellness | 2017

Of the 410 companies referenced on the About Us page of WPP's website, exactly three include the letters "WPP" in their moniker.

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