June 2011 Issue of MMM

June 2011 Issue of MMM

June 2011

Editor's Desk

The age of innovation

There's a lot of talk about innovation in pharma these days, or, at least, there's a lot of talk about the need for pharma to ...


Devices and Diagnostics: Screen Play

The suddenly hot market for high-risk HPV tests, where Roche Diagnostics is launching against two entrenched brands, offers a window into a future of personalized ...

Direct Marketing Report: Outside Insights

It's often said that pharma is still playing catch-up with other industries in terms of engaging consumers via digital direct marketing. But among those savviest, ...

Orphan Diseases: Rare View

Online resources (both branded and non-branded) for patients with rare diseases help replace feelings of isolation with a community that offers emotional and educational support, ...

Got Web?

The move to e-promotion may be risky, but marketers can ill afford to wait. Omnicom's Tom Harrison gives you permission to experiment with new types ...

Headliner: Daiichi Sankyo Inc.'s John Gargiulo

Internal development is key to Daiichi Sankyo Inc.'s new head, John Gargiulo, "because in order to be successful, we have to constantly be challenging ourselves ...

Therapeutic Focus

Therapeutic Focus 2011: Rheumatology

Injectable arthritis drugs dominate in RA. They may lose some clout if cheaper, convenient orals get approved. Marc Iskowitz reports on pills in late testing ...

Vantage Point

Vantage Point

The budgets and the personnel devoted to the generation of customer insight are shrinking, putting more pressure on market research functions to deliver value supportive ...


Antidote: Vicodin

A recent survey from IMS Health reveals that Vicodin is the most frequently prescribed painkiller in the US, with 131 million prescriptions written over the ...

In Focus

Seeking to revive pharma's R&D mission

Pharmaceutical R&D productivity hasn't always been an oxymoron. What has gone wrong, and how to improve it, was the subject of a Bernstein Research investor ...

Professional Marketing

Vertex to put 200 in field for launch

Vertex Pharmaceuticals said it stands ready to market hepatitis C drug telaprevir, under the brand name Incivek, and the company expected approval could come as ...

Epocrates creates drug sampling app for sales forces

Epocrates has launched a mobile drug sampling service to support pharma sales forces.

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Featuring news about comScore, Depomed, 3M Health Information Systems

Med Ed Report

Pfizer CME effort lacks brand tie-in

Harvard affiliate Joslin Diabetes Center is mounting a CME research project with funding from a pharmaceutical company whose products are tangential to the therapeutic area.

Docs unwilling to pay more for CME

Few doctors believe commercial support for CME should be eliminated, although a clear majority think corporate funding increases bias, according to a survey published in ...

ACCME asks: Should logos go?

The ACCME issued a call for comment on a proposal to prohibit use of corporate logos in disclosures of commercial support.

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Professional Media

DDMAC deems AzaSite ad misleading

A four-page journal ad for Inspire Pharmaceuticals' AzaSite has been reviewed and determined as misleading by FDA's DDMAC.

Peer-reviewed journal launches

The Journal of Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology (JAYAO) launched its inaugural issue in May 2011.

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Partner Forum

Where will pharma's web dollars go?

This year the healthcare/pharma industry is expected to increase web media spend 13% to $1.2 billion, according to an eMarketer forecast. Where should that spending ...

Digital Media

Health seekers going mobile: survey

Another day, another batch of survey data showing that smartphones have become the tail wagging the dog in medical media.

Pharma poised to up US online ad spend, says eMarketer

Healthcare and pharma advertisers' US online ad spend is expected to see double-digit growth over the next few years, rising from $1.03 billion in 2010 ...

Digital Media briefs

Featuring news about Pfizer, VAXTEXT, Johnson & Johnson, MedHelp, GE and Good Health Media

Consumer Marketing

DDR on DTC: Lovaza

Strategically, DTC marketers have many critical issues to review in their campaign development.

Pradaxa DTC campaign goes the white coat route

Boehringer Ingelheim is launching its Pradaxa DTC campaign with a first wave of white-coated doctors talking up the blood thinner for atrial fibrillation.

FDA to probe website DTC risk/benefit

The FDA announced plans to study online consumer advertising for prescription drugs in order to resolve "a number of questions surrounding how to achieve 'fair ...

Merz unveils 'Make Your Mark' campaign

A new patient advocacy campaign called "Make Your Mark" was launched April 14 on behalf of Merz Pharmaceuticals, maker of orphan drug Xeomin, a botulinum ...

AZ adds live chat option to sites

Visitors to Crestor.com and PurplePill.com can now hit a "click to chat" button to chat with a live AstraZeneca customer service rep.

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Marketing Research

Industry confident of Supreme Court victory

Data firms and pharmas are feeling confident after the Supreme Court arguments on Vermont's physician data ban.

Wolters Kluwer unit to get new CEO

Wolters Kluwer Pharma Solutions will get a new CEO following the retirement of the pharmacy data and analytics firm's former head honcho, Mark Spiers, in ...

Agency Business

Social media gurus flee to agency side

Two of the drug industry's top social media experts, Shwen Gwee and Marc Monseau, are changing jobs.

Biocell Center teams up with GCI Health for campaign

Biocell Center tapped GCI Health to establish consumer awareness of amniotic fluid banking as the fluid bank seeks to get a foothold in the US ...

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Beltway Insider

As I see it

Even a cursory review of FDA's April 28, 2011 Federal Register Notice, soliciting comments on several proposed consumer studies testing different ways of presenting benefit ...

FDA refusing more new drug applications

Analysts with healthcare equity research firm Leerink Swann say they are seeing what may be a significant increase in the number of FDA refuse-to-file (RTF) ...

Lawyer 'put loyalty to GSK over law'

Prosecutors told a Maryland federal court jury in late April that former GlaxoSmithKline associate general counsel Lauren Stevens put loyalty to the company above fidelity ...


The best way to bring medical devices to market

Every innovation begins with an initial spark--an innovative idea that sets a ball in motion. But the road to bringing a new medical device to ...

Healthcare reform makes marketing more critical

Whether you were for it or against it, the "Affordable Care Act" is likely to affect every part of your business. But smart marketing can ...

Back Talk

Multicultural matters

It will take some time before we begin to see top-line results from the 2010 US Census. However, it's a pretty safe prediction that the ...