June 2008 Issue of MMM

June 2008 Issue of MMM

Med Ed Guide 2008


Market Overview: Lesson Plans

CME support is likely to slump amid regulatory uncertainty and a multi-pronged assault on alleged industry influence.

Restrictions: The Regulation of Education

Ethical issues raised by the ACCME, AMA, the Senate Finance Committee and OIG have significantly affected medical education. Here are two areas of concern that ...

Quality improvement: Eye on Outcomes

Ben Comer explains how the experts are embarking on their search for clarity and performance improvement in CME

Tools and Technology: Channel Surfing

The number of physicians earning CME via Internet searching and learning methods continues to grow.

Conflicts of interest: Probing Promotion

Will the Institute of Medicine's investigation into med ed conflicts of interest change the face of an industry?

Medical meetings: Is Live CME Still Effective?

Traditional lecture-based CME will always have its place, but experts agree that alternative media is necessary for retention.

The Future of CME

Five key visionaries share insights on the immediate future of medical education

Certified CME provider: cme2

cme2's mission is to elevate medical education from a matter of pass/fail to learning mastery that measurably advances healthcare professionals' behavior and ultimately improves patient ...

Certified CME provider: CME LLC

CME LLC, a leading provider of fully accredited continuing medical education programs since 1978, offers a wide range of informational and educational resources for healthcare ...

Certified CME provider: Excerpta Medica

Excerpta Medica Inc., an Elsevier business, is a global medical communications company headquartered in the US and The Netherlands.

Certified CME provider: Haymarket Medical Education LP

Haymarket Medical Education (HME) is a custom medical communications company with more than 20 years of experience in producing top-quality continuing education programs.

Certified CME provider: Med-IQ

Med-IQ is a full-service, accredited medical education company committed to delivering superior continuing education that improves healthcare professionals' medical knowledge and everyday performance, ultimately leading ...

Certified CME provider: Medscape

Medscape, LLC is an ACCME, ANCC and ACPE accredited provider with a dedicated editorial staff that develops and publishes independent educational content on 33 specialty-focused ...

Certified CME provider: Pri-Med

Pri-Med is a global provider of innovative, cutting-edge clinical education that is designed to meet the individual learning needs of specialists and primary care practitioners ...

Certified CME provider: Scienta Healthcare Education

Scienta Healthcare Education®, an ACCME-accredited medical education company since 1997, is dedicated to the development and dissemination of CME.

Certified CME provider: SciMed

SciMed is a leading provider of continuing education for physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

Certified CME provider: Wolters Kluwer Health

Lippincott CME Institute (LCMEI), an independent subsidiary company of global medical publisher Wolters Kluwer Health (WKH), is able to leverage the vast resources of medical/pharmacy ...

Promotional med ed firms: IntraMed Educational Group

IntraMed is a full-service agency offering a unique combination of strategy, service and content.

Promotional med ed firms: Synapse Medical Communications

Synapse Medical Communications is a leading full-service, strategic medical marketing and communications company based in New York City.