March 2014 Issue of MMM

March 2014 Issue of MMM

MARCH 2014 issue

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Insight trumps innovation

At any given time, 25-40% of your staff don't know how to do their jobs

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Data & Analytics: New Frontiers for Big Data

Five areas in which innovative uses of data and analytics promise to improve outcomes along the healthcare continuum. Marc Iskowitz reports

Journal Ad Review: Paper Chase

The downward spiral for journals continues. Is anyone surprised? Larry Dobrow on how the fundamental shift to digital continued to affect professional media last year, ...

Specialty Pharma: Coverage at the Crossroads

As orphan and specialty drugs account for a larger part of total spend, insurers say a barrage of tactics are needed to manage costs. Sarah ...

MAHF 2014: Honoring Our Heroes

Hundreds of industry execs assembled in New York to pay tribute to the careers of the 2014 MAHF honorees

MM&M Awards: How to Win

You have less than eight weeks left to enter the MM&M Awards. No problem. Give yourself the best chance of success by following our checklist ...

Headliner: Leading the fight against infection

Carrie Bourdow, Vice president, marketing, Cubist Pharmaceuticals

Therapeutic Focus

Therapeutic Focus 2014: Metabolic

The launch front in this category is relatively calm—for now. A movement is brewing to unseat the top diabetes drug, a long-acting insulin, as faster-acting ...

Vantage Point

Vantage Point: Boosting Quality, Containing Costs

A new industry has emerged to provide analytics and predictive tools that support optimized care


Antidote: On DNA testing for cancer

We are reaching an exciting new time in medicine when genetics will play a major role in predicting and treating disease

In Focus

Agencies step up recruiting to capitalize on unrest

Last year's merger of two big ad networks prompted indie shops to step up recruiting, and get creative. Blanketed media buys, organ-themed T-shirts and ice ...

Professional Marketing

PDI launches sales rep network

The new network, PD One, will allow reps to connect with HCPs through PDI's Medical Bag.

Ashfield's name and services expand

Ashfield unites its businesses under the Ashfield Commercial & Medical Services banner

Professional Marketing briefs: March 2014

News on Johnson & Johnson, Novartis and Merck

Med Ed Report

Companies view Sunshine differently

A report indicates pharma companies do not agree on what research needs to be reported.

Alexion ramps up med-ed for HPP drug

Alexion is focusing on medical education ahead of an anticipated approval of asfotase alfa for patients with hypophosphatasia, or HPP

Med Ed Report briefs: March 2014

News on the CBI Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress, Eli Lilly and New York TImes

Professional Media

MPR marks a few digital milestones

Within four days, drug resource MPR hit two milestones of note: reaching one million monthly views as of February 3 and moving from a soft ...

Wolters Kluwer broadens the focus of Nursing Advisor

Wolters Kluwer Health has renamed Lippincott's Nursing Advisor the Lippincott Advisor

Professional Media briefs: March 2014

News on PLOS, PMLiVE and Elsevier

Digital Media

Pitting Big Data against nonadherence

A young company is hoping its analytics platform can help doctors and pharma figure out who's going to stop taking their medication, and get them ...

Engaging mobile diabetes management

A six-month pilot program at the University of Chicago improved glycemic control and engaged patients and HCPs through one key device: a mobile phone.

DIgital Media briefs: March 2014

News on IBM, Google, Glooko and Welltok

Consumer Marketing

Medicate responsibly, urges maker of Tylenol

J&J's campaign picks up where the FDA left off when it alerted physicians to concerns about prescribing acetaminophen-containing drugs but deferred action relative to OTC ...

DDR on DTC: Latuda

Latuda, a new bipolar anti-depression brand from Sunovion, has joined the DTC fray with an integrated campaign targeted at women betweeen 25 and 49.

OTC side effects prompt concerns

Consumers are paying attention to OTC side effects, a study by research firm Mintel shows

Marketing Research

Market research vies for more of pharma's ear

Suppliers are touting a deeper level of analysis, in some cases bypassing the market-research function and reaching the highest levels of their pharma clients.

LIlly comes on board at think tank

National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC) said Eli Lilly joined earlier this year

Agency Business

McCann vet Piasecki in dual role at inVentiv

The 20-year McCann veteran, who most recently headed McCann Health North America, has left the network for a dual role at inVentiv Health.

Indie ad agency forms new network

Chicago-based shop GA Communication Group says it's striving for the middle ground in an increasingly polarized agency landscape.

Agency Business briefs: March 2014

News on Rosetta, StoneArch and Intouch Solutions

Beltway Insider

As I See It: Access to data

We need for pharmaceutical companies to come forward and make the pledge to stop hiding data

Waxman, a tough critic of industry, is retiring

California Democrat Henry Waxman, one of the strongest FDA overseers and drug industry critics on Capitol Hill, will step down when the House of Representatives ...

Breakthrough requests swamp FDA

FDA's drug center says it has been so overwhelmed with industry's response to its new Breakthrough Therapy program that it is becoming difficult to promise ...


Payers must reach millennials for ACA to work

Now is the time for insurers to invest in differentiating their brand among younger and healthier people

How to raise your brand's social media profile

Social media marketing has the best reach and results when it is part of a larger digital marketing strategy

Private View

Private View: Telling good brand stories

Good stories feel as if they're meant for us, and they stay with us.

Upward Move

Upward Move: Ceci Zak

Ceci Zak, Chief operating officer, Diversified Agency Services, Omnicom

At Work With

At Work With: Jack Hyndman

Jack Hyndman, Creative, Fingerpaint


People Moves: March 2014

Promotions and hires for manufacturers, agencies and regulatory

Back Talk

Putting moves on Big Data

It's time to make healthcare data Big, and for patients' sake, sexy

Skill Sets (advertising section)