March 2010 Issue of MMM

March 2010 Issue of MMM

Interactive Guide 2010


Overview: Online Video Killed the Radio Star

Mobile marketing and online video are coming of age as economic pressures and the realities of where viewers are prompt pharmas to shift dollars, reports ...

Healthcare Professionals and Mobile: Mobile on the Move

Mobile marketing to healthcare professionals is set to explode, while physician online communities mature, finds Matthew Arnold

Social Media Regulation: Social Graces

Don't let a lack of (official) FDA guidelines keep you from joining the conversation and engaging patients and caregivers. Tanya Lewis spells out some basic ...

Search & Regulation: One Click Rule, RIP

Vanity URLs are fast replacing branded links in paid search, with the wake of FDA action, reports Matthew Arnold

Interactive Future: Seeing the Impact

The industry continues to grapple with unclear social media regulations and finding ways to make mobile marketing a viable option. Five key players offer their ...

Beacon Healthcare Communications

At Beacon Interactive, it's all about you, your brand, and your success. Our promise to our clients and customers (whether patient, payer, or professional) can ...

Blue Diesel

With extensive expertise in the pharmaceutical and healthcare arena, Blue Diesel understands the demands and challenges that drive the industries and the many audiences they ...

Digital Draftfcb Healthcare

One of the largest digital healthcare agencies in North America, Digital Draftfcb Healthcare (dDFCB) is a recognized leader in providing integrated, multichannel health communication solutions. ...

Digitas Health

Digitas Health is the largest interactive marketing agency catering exclusively to healthcare and pharma, offering services to many of the nation's top pharmaceutical companies as ...

Flashlight Interactive

Flashlight Interactive, a division of the award-winning medical-marketing agency Flashpoint Medica, is a digital agency offering an unrivaled level of quality and marketing accountability.


ghg is the foremost, integrated, multichannel communications partner dedicated to health. Our company is built to get health brands deeply engaged in all the conversations ...


IOMEDIA is a digital agency focused on the bigger picture—strategy, concept and the execution of extraordinary digital visuals and brand-centric media experiences.


MPR's mission is to develop integrated, multiplatform marketing communications programs for pharmaceutical companies by leveraging the MPR brand's 25-year history of delivering concise, up-to-date drug ...

Qi, part of CommonHealth

innovation is our passion. technology, our world. digital, our playground.

Topin and Associates

Topin and Associates is a full-service, independent health care communications agency. We're in the business of developing strategic, integrated communications programs that meet our clients' ...