May 2006 Issue of MMM

May 2006 Issue of MMM

May 2006

Editor's Desk

Regulation: a risky business

The Coalition for Healthcare Communication caused quite a ruckus at the end of March when it filed a citizen petition on DTC, designed, it says, ...


IMS Health Report: The Quest for Propulsion

With US prescription drug sales falling to 5.4% in 2005, the challenge for pharmaceutical companies is to balance resources with results. IMS Health's Diana Conmy ...

FDA at 100: Alumni takes its temperature

As the Food and Drug Administration prepares to celebrate its centenary, six former senior FDA-ers talk to Warren Ross about the agency's mission going forward, ...

Specialty Journal Ad Review: Floundering Fortunes

Few specialty journal markets emerged from last year unscathed. Eugene M. May reports on the most advertised companies, services and brands in eight specialty sectors

Headliner: Shire's Matthew Emmens

In 1974, Matthew Emmens began his first post-college job as a Merck sales rep.



Litigation continues over Vioxx, where a statistically remote risk of heart disease is twisted to favor money-seeking defendants in a way that no self-respecting physician ...

Professional Media

Haymarket launches senior-care title

Sunrise Senior Living, the nation's largest senior care franchise, has hired Haymarket Media to publish Sunrise magazine, a title aimed at caregivers.

Quadrant shifts to emergency-only

Quadrant HealthCom's Emergency Medicine is narrowing its focus to the emergency medicine market, dropping office-based physicians and shifting emphasis toward urgent care and associated issues ...

Partner Forum

Is media outsourcing a good thing?

When healthcare agencies outsourced media services, media selection became disjointed from the creative process. Now some are rethinking the connection. Is media separation a good ...


Web Watch

The world of search is getting a little complicated.

BMS awards Interlink Emsam interactive work

Bristol-Myers Squibb has awarded the interactive business for newly approved depression patch Emsam to Interlink Healthcare Communications following a competitive pitch.

Medical sites valuable but inconsistent

Medical Web sites overall have been inconsistent in terms of Web development and low on innovation, according to the Web Marketing Association's (WMA) Internet Standards ...

Direct Marketing

Abbott, J&J: tops in sales force quality

Abbott Laboratories, followed by Johnson & Johnson and Eli Lilly, were ranked the top pharma companies in overall sales force quality by primary care physicians, ...

Structural Graphics picks up print, promotion firm

Essex, CT, direct marketing firm Structural Graphics has acquired Santa Monica, CA-based print and promotions company Intervisual Communications.

Novartis hit with class-action suit

US sales reps working for Novartis have filed a $225 million class-action lawsuit against the drugmaker, demanding pay for overtime work.

Ryan iDirect names new management supervisor

Ryan iDirect's Ryan TrueHealth unit has added Jacob Braude as management supervisor.

Harte-Hanks named No. 26 in "Global Outsourcing 100" list

Harte-Hanks achieved a No. 26 ranking in the inaugural "Global Outsourcing 100" listing, compiled by The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals.

DTC Report

Pfizer launches latest Lipitor TV spots

Pfizer launched new Lipitor consumer advertising featuring the inventor of the artificial heart.

DTC spend leveling off, marketers say

DTC spending may have hit a plateau, according to research firm Optas, but integrated direct-to-patient programs combining in-office, e-mail and Web channels will see significant ...

CHC calls for simpler DTC guidelines

The Coalition for Healthcare Communications (CHC) called on the FDA to simplify guidelines for DTC advertising.

Public Relations

PR View by Beth Herskovits

Sleepwalking. Driving the wrong way down a one-way street. Bingeing on half your refrigerator's contents.

Pharma analysts attuned to the value of reputation

Financial analysts who follow the pharmaceutical sector are far more attuned to the value of corporate reputation than colleagues covering other areas, according to a ...

Edelman adds Karr to its Health Policy

Edelman has hired Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services communications chief Gary Karr to its Health Policy and Public Affairs Practice.

Beltway Insider

As I see it

President Bush's nomination of Andrew von Eschenbach in March to be the FDA's permanent commissioner immediately ran into a brick wall.

Waxman alleges Troy blocked Plan B decision

Before he left the FDA 18 months ago, former chief counsel Dan Troy failed to complete a necessary legal review of Barr Laboratories' proposed under-16 ...

Off-label prosecutors target devices

In what may signal a new wave of government investigations, the US Attorney's Office in Philadelphia has issued a grand jury subpoena to a device ...

Ex-HHS deputy Allen in fraud arrest

Claude Alexander Allen, the No. 2 Bush appointee at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), was arrested in March for allegedly swindling retail ...

FDA alerted on abort drug

The FDA says it is investigating two more US deaths associated with the medical abortion drug Mifeprex (mifepristone) that were recently reported to the agency ...

WLF: leave ethics out of approvals

Calls by bioethicists and environmentalists for the FDA to consider other decidedly unscientific factors, including ethics and healthcare costs, when deciding a product approval decision ...

Back Talk

The pen got too mighty

As a former journalist, I was always trained to write the truth.