May 2013 Issue of MMM

May 2013 Issue of MMM


Editor's Desk

A marketer and a patient

When Ian Talmage, Bayer HealthCare's SVP, global marketing, was faced with a cancer diagnosis, he found that other patients had more information to offer him ...

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2013 Pharma Report: Don't Look Back!

What's that image fading from view? Pharma just sped by one precipice, losing $30 billion in brand revenue to the patent cliff. But another scary ...

Co-pay/Loyalty Programs: Shuffling the Pack

Co-pay cards and loyalty/CRM programs are a hot topic. As Larry Dobrow finds, a big disconnect still divides the stakeholders in this field

Training & Education: Majoring in Change

When it comes to conveying the changes that have transformed pharma, college degree programs can fall short. The answer may be faculty with pharma marketing ...

MM&M Awards 2013: Judging Panel

The 2013 panel features a variety of esteemed leaders, thinkers and experts representing a range of disciplines. Their hard work will determine which agencies win ...

Headliner: Mike Kaufmann, Cardinal Health

Mike Kaufman, Executive sponsor, Women's Initiative Network, Cardinal Health

Therapeutic Focus

Therapeutic Focus 2013: Rheumatology

Noah Pines on the roll-out of Pfizer's new RA pill Xeljanz, a biologic maker's response, and how the upstart may prompt a move away from ...

Vantage Point

Vantage Point: Qualitative Marketing Research

For all the advances in technology and methodology, qualitative research cannot shed its history like its quant sibling


Antidote: On cancer and CD47

CD47 is one story that the media may have gotten right.

In Focus

White House budget would cost pharmas

The White House has released its proposed budget for the 2014 fiscal year, and while it gives a modest boost to Health and Human Services, ...

Professional Marketing

How to succeed in emerging markets

A recent study by Booz & Co, signals what it takes to convert emerging markets from potential revenue sources into financially sustaining markets

Survey says sales reps are here to stay, despite changes

Sales jobs aren't vaporizing, Accenture's global director of life sciences Craig Roberston told MM&M—rather, they're being reconfigured, and in some cases, relocated.

Professional Marketing briefs: May 2013

News on Bristol-Myers Squibb, AstraZeneca and Accenture

Med Ed Report

Patent woes take a toll on speaking

For Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline, the effects of expiring patents on blockbuster drugs took their toll on payments to US doctors last year.

Median time to publication: 21 mos.

It takes nearly two years for results from the average clinical trial to be published, across all funders, according to a new study.

Did Cephalon use fake ad-boards?

A whistleblower says Cephalon used CME, "bogus 'market research surveys' and Advisory Board meetings" to disseminate an off-label message about Treanda to prescribers.

Med Ed Report briefs: May 2013

News on Pfizer, Novartis, Teva, SternScientific, Roche and the PharmedOut Conference

Professional Media

Elsevier gives RSS an editorial spin

Elsevier is replacing its OncologyStat portal with a multidisciplinary news and research aggregator called PracticeUpdate

Wiley adds new titles in several categories to its lineup

Wiley announced in March that it will enter 2014 with at least 66 new titles under its umbrella

Professional Media briefs: May 2013

News on the American Diabetes Association, MedCity News, UBM Medica and the American College of Physicians

Partner Forum

How can pharma build digital DNA?

Pharmas are restructuring to implement digital marketing initiatives—for instance, using social media to build brands or engage audiences. As they partner, how should agencies help ...

Digital Media

YouTube updates spur pharma fears

Google's latest YouTube update aims to make its Channels more social, and even as the company has given its pharma clients an extra month to ...

WebMD expands its scope with Qualcomm partnership

WebMD is getting personal. That's the upshot of the portal's latest venture, an alliance with QualcommLife.

Digital Media briefs: May 2013

News on Sanofi, the MediSafe Project and Vital Art and Science

Consumer Marketing

Shazam strikes a chord with Fluzone audience

Sanofi Pasteur scored a pharma first this past winter by offering "Shazam" technology as a way for viewers to interact with TV commercials for its ...

DDR on DTC: Gilenya

The "Take This!" campaign for Novartis' Gilenya is remarkable because of its high energy and attitude

Pfizer, YMCA target boomers

Pfizer is partnering with YMCA of the USA for a wellness campaign targeting boomers

Marketing Research

M3 lands ex-Epocrates research head, others

Athenahealth has wasted little time in putting its mark on Epocrates

The reasons behind Big Data's rise

Fiscal concerns are paramount in the rise of Big Data within healthcare, according to a recent McKinsey analysis, but clinical trends also play a role

Agency Business

Social media stars make their moves

Two of the pharma social media world's biggest names made career changes in March

Weber Shandwick goes high science with specialty shop

Weber Shandwick is launching a high-science shop, dubbed Element Scientific Communications

Agency Business briefs: May 2013

News on Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, Omincom, Ogilvy CommonHealth, WholeView and ApotheCom Group

Beltway Insider

As I See It: Activism and the FDA

Appendages of the HHS secretary's apron strings, FDA commissioners must toe the "party line"

FDA: Pradaxa fell prey to "stimulated reporting"

FDA drug safety officials say that an influx of numerous bleeding reports associated with Boehringer Ingelheim's blood thinner Pradaxa (dabigatran) is a case of "stimulated ...

New approval paths needed: report

Organization including the Pew Charitable Trusts are voicing basic suppor for FDA's efforts to develop an alternative approval pathway for certain drugs


Giving an under-served sector what it deserves

The balance of power is shifting to put marketing closer to the "editorial center" of the commercial model

How to unleash the power of Positive Deviance

Positive Deviance involves finding out what works and replicating it throughout an organization

Private View

Private View: Communicating with contrasts

If pharma advertising can stimulate gut instincts—with contrasts like before/after, risky/safe, with/without—it will be more effective

Upward Move

Upward Move: Tim Pantello

Tim Pantello, Managing Director, Digitas Health

At Work With

At Work With: Kathy Delaney

Kathy Delaney, Global chief creative officer, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness


People Moves: May 2013

Manufacturer, agency and consultancy promotions and hires

Back Talk

Off-label on the table

FDA cannot rely solely on the label or the current standard for drug approvals

Skill Sets (advertising section)