November 2012 Issue of MMM

November 2012 Issue of MMM

November 2012 MM&M

Editor's Desk

Are we nearly there yet?

When toilet paper can get 2 million likes, you start to realize pharma is missing out


Sales Force Report: Shadowing the Reps

Drug companies still love their reps—just a lot less of them. That's the take-away from undercover observations of sales calls at primary care doctors' offices. ...

The Right Chemistry

With specialty players and multiple partnerships becoming the norm, agency-client relations are being tested. Marc Iskowitz asks agency and pharma execs about what they need ...

MM&M Awards 2012: Golden Ticket

The delectable Cipriani 42nd St. in New York was the scene for the most spectacular MM&M Awards to date. Here are some of the highlights

Headliner: Rx tech maven's new social network

Jeff Tangney, Founder and CEO, Doximity

2012 Career & Salary Survey

The 26th MM&M Career & Salary Survey reports that average salaries are slightly outpacing inflation. To get the whole story, download a copy of the ...

Vantage Point

Vantage Point: Marketing and Drug Development

Marketing continues to be a secondary consideration in the development process


Antidote: Compounding Pharmacies

Fear is spreading faster than the illness, although this kind of meningitis is not contagious

Professional Marketing

Hologic challenges KV over Makena

The swirl of paper surrounding KV Pharmaceuticals' request for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection continues to grow. At the center of the proceedings is the controversy ...

Horizon beefs up its sales force as part of Duexis push

Horizon Pharmaceuticals announced in October that it has added 70 reps to its sales force as part of the Deerfield, Ill., company's push to promote ...

Professional Marketing briefs: November 2012

News on Targacept, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Merck

Med Ed Report

CME-provider numbers rise: ACCME

The number of ACCME-accredited providers has increased, from 687 to 702

Device firms to up med ed staff: study

Half of medical device firms responding to a recent survey said field-based medical education staffing will increase, by 10% or more, in the next two ...

Psychology field mired in conflicts

By their third year of medical school, 94% of budding psychiatrists have already accepted a "small noneducational gift or lunch" from a drugmaker.

Med Ed Report briefs: November 2012

News on WedMD, Ireland's Medical Council, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and Symbionix USA

Professional Media

Cracking the fraudulent-data code

A study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science found that 43.4% of retracted articles were pulled over false and fabricated data ...

Clinical Advisor app offers information and education

MM&M sister publication Clinical Advisor launched an app September 25 that has already captured more than 92,000 page views and almost 20,000 app launches.

Professional Media briefs: November 2012

News on Lippincott;s Surgical Review Library App, Health Communications and Elsevier

Partner Forum

Will atypical ads make TV viable?

The use of 90-second ad units by healthcare advertisers is on the rise. Will 90s and other atypical ad-length units make TV more viable for ...

Digital Media

Using Facebook to influence health

Researchers at the Colorado School of Public Health in Denver decided to see if social media influencers—a key group for marketers—can change health habits

Mobile is key to communicating info, Google finds

Google's September ThinkHealth conference provided insight about what patients and physicians are looking for, and ignoring, in the webified healthcare space.

Digital Media briefs: November 2012

News on Everyday Health, EQAL, Healthrageous, Makovsky Health and Kelton

Consumer Marketing

Sanofi goes prickly-cute with Fluzone DTC effort

Sanofi Pasteur has launched its first consumer advertising for Fluzone Intradermal, featuring a prickly pitch-critter meant to stress the flu vaccine's extra-thin needle.

DDR on DTC: Stryker GetAroundKnee

Stryker Medical Devices has successfully capitalized on demography and media habits with their new DTC campaign for the GetAroundKnee knee replacement.

Mylan"s Epi-Pen plan

Mylan's latest allergy awareness campaign couples two popular touch points—celebrity and access.

Novartis retools breast cancer site

Novartis relaunched its with a focus on an often sidelined patient population—the breast cancer patients who have to live as cancer patients, not necessarily ...

Text4baby firm's new diabetes app

Mobile health firm Voxiva, which was part of the innovative Johnson & Johnson-supported text4baby program, is looking to tackle type 2 diabetes with Care4Life.

Marketing Research

Big Data's impact seen in small ways: survey

Life science firms are starting to realize that most of the innovation unleashed by Big Data will happen through incremental, bottom-up changes rather than the ...

SaaS firm's tool attracts agencies

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider Appature has signed up several healthcare marketing agencies to use its cloud-based relationship marketing tool.

Beltway Insider

As I See It: Regulating compounders

Neither FDA nor its HHS masters seem to know how to develop an effective regulatory scheme

Panel: FDA needs more accelerated approvals

A White House scientific panel has recommended that FDA expand its accelerated approval program to a broader range of drugs.

PhRMA's principles for patient input

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) has adopted "principles" to guide interactions between companies and patient organizations.


Redefining healthcare-marketing relationships

This is how healthcare marketers engage with "consumers" every day... At times, it's downright creepy

The high cost of doubting those ROI numbers

Some critics say, in effect, "I'd rather spend $20 million on TV and get a big splash of topline revenue."

Private View

Private View: Orphan Diseases

Orphan medicine is anything but me-too. But is the work?

Upward Move

Upward Move: Matt Brown

Matt Brown, General Manager, ICC Lowe

At Work With

At Work With: Ryan Mason

Ryan Mason, Vice President, Strategy & Creative, closerlook, inc.

Name That Brand

Name That Brand: November 2012

Part of a popular pharmaceutical product or advertisement, with clues to its identity.

Back Talk

Take off the blinders

"Big data" has radically enhanced the opportunities for industry to help patients