October 2006 Issue of MMM

October 2006 Issue of MMM

October 2006

Editor's Desk

MM&M: Still feisty at 40

The big four-oh is, for most of us, a tough one, as birthdays go.


40 MVPs

The following 40 people are innovators, creative geniuses, entrepreneurs, leaders, thinkers, doers...legends.

Firm Foundations

A chronology of medical agencies, from the founding firms through to the holding companies that now own them

40 Ads with Bite

We asked numerous industry executives for their thoughts on the most memorable campaigns from the past four decades of medical advertising.

15 on the Rise

Get acquainted with some of medical marketing's hottest prospects. Expect to read a lot more about them in the next 40 years.

Pipeline: 40 Drugs with Buzz

While the focus of activity in pharmaceutical R&D has shifted from mass-market primary care drugs to specialty products, there are signs the long freeze on ...

Tales from the Hall

We asked seven of the industry's greats to reflect on the past of pharmaceutical promotion. Their candid answers have much to say about the present ...

Jean-Pierre Garnier: Reshaping the spending debate

Pharmaceutical companies have not always done a good job of proving their value to the public.

Sidney Taurel: Innovation energizes the age wave

The pharmaceutical industry is dealing with a vast array of critical issues that this readership knows all too well.

Sir Martin Sorrell: The health of healthcare business

The entire communications services industry--clients, media owners and agencies alike--faces unprecedented challenges.

Billy Tauzin: Lending a hand to the uninsured

Helping people live longer, healthier, more productive lives: that's what America's pharmaceutical research companies do on a daily basis.

Pop Quiz

Whether you are a mainstay of medical marketing with an encyclopedic knowledge to boot, or you are just starting out in the field and could ...

Medical Marketing Moments

It's hard to believe that when this publication appeared 40 years ago, Tylenol was a relatively new product and the Medicare program was fresh out ...


Who's doctoring the facts?

My father is over 80 years old. To look at his bulging waistline and to hear about his history of heart disease is to wonder ...

Med Ed Report

40 years of CME

The 1990s are regarded as one of the most positive decades for CME.

CME in the next 40 years...

The stage is set for grantors and providers to continue evolving the quality of programming and their compliance with regulation during the next 40 years.

Professional Media

40 years of Media

It was simpler in the days, before DTC and CME and a host of other acronyms crept into the mix.

Media in the next 40 years...

The proliferation of available marketing channels--those targeting physicians as well as other audiences--has many in the medical publishing world convinced that the day of the ...


40 years of E-Marketing

Pharma e-marketers have the Cold War to thank for their craft.

E-Marketing in the next 40 years...

E-marketing has progressed into a way for marketers to differentiate themselves based on experience with their customers and as a viable means to be able ...

Direct Marketing

40 years of Direct Marketing

Lester Wunderman is credited with being the driving force behind direct marketing as it is known today, with his theories an integral part of the ...

Direct Marketing in the next 40 years...

As the mass marketing approach has become considered increasingly less effective, CRM and direct-to-patient initiatives are being thrust to the forefront of pharma marketers' efforts.

DTC Report

40 years of DTC

Claritin, approved in 1993 and launching DTC in 1995, wasn't the first big brand advertised to consumers, but it was the first really huge spender ...

DTC in the next 40 years...

After a period of soul-searching, a renewed commitment to self-regulation and a plague of doctors in TV ads, DTC seems to have survived the fallout ...

Public Relations

40 years of Public Relations

Corporate reputation can be a fickle thing—particularly in pharma.

Public Relations in the next 40 years...

Pharma marketers are seldom early adopters when it comes to cutting-edge promotional techniques and new technologies.

Back Talk

40 years of cheers and jeers

MM&M's 40th anniversary called to mind that one of my first articles for the magazine--not quite 40 years ago but close--was about the emergence of ...