October 2013 Issue of MMM

October 2013 Issue of MMM

October 2013 Issue

Editor's Desk

The good, bad, ugly truth

MM&M's Career & Salary Survey usually throws up at least one interesting storyline or trend each year, based on an analysis of the numbers. In ...

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2013 Career & Salary Survey: Wheel of Fortune

Although job-cut announcements have become a part of daily life in the industry, average salaries have risen to an all-time high. Not only that, job ...

Workplace Culture: The Newlywed Game

Getting two unique agency cultures to click is no simple task. Larry Dobrow examines four healthcare-agency unions and finds that marital bliss is possible

Career Path: Advancing with the Stars

Sometimes it's a lateral move. Other times, advancing takes fancy footwork. The main thing, say these six biopharma execs, is to think on your feet. ...

Leadership Exchange: Issues with Co-Pay

Co-pay initiatives rank among the most hotly debated topics in healthcare marketing today. Pharmas and healthcare providers love them. Payers and PBMs... not so much. ...

Headliner: The DTC devotee behind Gilenya

Dagmar Rosa-Bjorkeson, VP/head, US general medicines MS business unit, Novartis

Therapeutic Focus

Therapeutic Focus 2013: Vaccines

While public health agencies see eye-to-eye with industry on the need to inoculate, vaccination rates among some patient groups remain stubbornly low. Noah Pines on ...

Vantage Point

Vantage Point: The Next Generation of Drugs

The next generation of drugs sees a number of market access challenges


Antidote: Mixed messages on e-cigarettes

Sorting out the good and bad about e-cigarettes

In Focus

A growing wave of recalls rocks pharma

According to a Stericycle ExpertRecall report, drug and pharmaceutical recalls reported by FDA in the second quarter of this year surged 127% over the previous ...

Professional Marketing

Promoting an OTC acne med to MDs

Valeant sales reps started doing something different in August. In addition to talking to dermatologists about prescription medications, they started dropping off samples of the ...

New Appature system zeros in on customer behavior

Bob Harrell, IMS Health-Appature's director of marketing says its cloud-based system Journeys, which launched in August, shows how customers are behaving in real time

Professional Marketing briefs: October 2013

News on Mission Pharmacal, Lundbeck and Boehringer Ingelheim

Med Ed Report

Compliance up, tougher rules loom

Providers of CME are getting better at complying with accreditation criteria, several years' worth of data show, yet tougher criteria may be in store.

Now appearing in operating theaters: Google Glass

In addition to donning scrubs before entering the OR, several surgeons have slipped on Google Glass, the augmented-reality enabling goggles.

Med Ed Report briefs: October 2013

News on Elsevier, CDC, Southern Medical Association and Astellas

Professional Media

Big Pharma pulls back on publishing

A research team found that Big Pharma has pulled back on publications despite doubling or even quadrupling research and development budgets

AMA has closed the book on American Medical News

American Medical News's 55-year publishing history ended September 2, although the website will be maintained through the end of the year.

Partner Forum

What's the key to communicating?

Healthcare reform opens the door for innovative communications among patients, payers and physicians. But how can disparate data sets and stakeholders from across a conservative, ...

Digital Media

Game for cancer patients goes mobile

Cigna is promoting the video game Re-Mission 2, the latest version of a simulation that puts young cancer patients at the center of their own ...

Remedy's HealthCentral.com is getting a makeover

Remedy Health is hoping a new-look website can help it further turn the tide in the portal wars.

Digital Media briefs: October 2013

News on WebMD, Doximity, WellDoc and the COPD Foundation

Consumer Marketing

Shire effort tackles diabetes from the bottom up

Shire recently launched website HealTogether.com for people and communities afflicted with diabetes and diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs).

DDR on DTC: Chantix

Chantix, Pfizer's smoking-cessation drug, is back on the air with a terrific new set of testimonials.

Study: Blogs may ease cancer blues

Results from a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology suggest that blogging may help women with breast cancer battle depression.

Marketing Research

Lilly-Humana data pact to focus on outcomes

Eli Lilly is tapping Humana's claims database for therapeutic study

ACC collaborates on CV database

The American College of Cardiology (ACC) said it's entered an agreement to cull insights from a healthcare database

Agency Business

Women take helm at LehmanMillet

Carolyn Morgan who has led LehmanMillet's West Coast office, was promoted to president and Deborah Lotterman to chief creative officer

Mc|K Healthcare and Neupro go their separate ways

Mc|K Healthcare said it resigned its largest account, UCB's Neupro patch, as the agency shifts its creative vision

Agency Business briefs: October 2013

News on Intouch Solutions, Cambridge BioMarketing, MedEvoke and Eveo

Beltway Insider

As I See It: Transparency and clinical trial data

By opposing making clinical trial data public, Pharma is once again swimming against the current

Stakeholders anxious over FDA data policy

FDA stakeholders in industry and academia told the agency in August that they're concerned about its newest initiative to make clinical trial data more publicly ...

Industry ties may expand indications

A study of government drug review advisory panels suggests that those with members who have financial ties to the drug industry recommended expansion of labeled ...


Is Costco selling cancer to consumers wholesale?

Unfortunately, it's likely that Costco Wholesale ranks as the biggest tobacco trafficker in the US

The importance of establishing access fluency

To better serve their customers, all customer-facing team members must speak the same language

Private View

Private View: Sparking Conversations

Displaying an in-your-face, post-digital sensibility, these global campaigns tell provocative stories to instigate behavioral change

Upward Move

Upward Move: Christine Armstrong

Christine Armstrong, Managing director, brand experience, Giant Creative/Strategy

At Work With

At Work With: Charlene Prounis

Charlene Prounis, CEO and managing partner, Flashpoint Medica


People Moves: October 2013

Manufacturer, regulatory and agency promotions and hires

Back Talk

Strengthening digital DNA

Digital DNA is an inevitability, as we cannot forever resist this societal tide