September 2012 Issue of MMM

September 2012 Issue of MMM

SEPTEMBER 2012 issue

Editor's Desk

Pharma's new best friend

Apple's tablet device, it seems, is now pharma's best friend, too. But it's not as simple as just rolling up to the physician's office, flashing ...


Patient Marketing Report: From A1C to Z

Sites like Novo Nordisk's Cornerstones4Care are bringing full-spectrum segmentation to the task of bolstering adherence and being there for the patient

Journal Ad Review: Pulp Friction

Ad spend for medical/surgical journals declined by 16.5%, as patent expiries and regulatory delays stifled 2011's comeback bid. Marc Iskowitz reports on the numbers for ...

Headliner: Helming a rising research power

Though healthcare intelligence firm WorldOne is 12 years old, co-founder and CEO Peter Kirk feels like the company is "just getting started."

Therapeutic Focus

Therapeutic Focus 2012: Oncology

Personalized medicines that use companion diagnostics to identify a patient sub-population are the theme of this year's crop of cancer drug approvals.

Vantage Point

Vantage Point: Strategies for sales reps

These steps can equip sales teams to work around limited access, bring value to oncologists and increase sales


The Prostate Specific Antigen test

The PSA test is a large part of the reason that death from prostate cancer has declined

Professional Marketing

Sales rep loss hurts Dendreon sales

Pink slips and a restructuring plan that includes shutting its New Jersey manufacturing plant are just the beginning of the coming changes Dendreon.

Shire rebrand sharpens focus on regenerative medicine

Shire announced that it was rebranding its Advanced BioHealing unit Shire Regenerative Medicine

Professional Marketing brief: September 2012

News on Novartis, Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline

Med Ed Report

Pharma slashed CME funding again

The drug industry dialed back its continuing medical education (CME) grant-giving in 2011, continuing a negative trend

Opioid petition could impact CME

A citizens' petition could regulate the way drugmakers market such pain medication as Oxycontin and Percocet

Video education for patients, MDs

A new video-based educational series will aim to tailor content to both patients and physicians, the firms behind the effort say.

Med Ed Report briefs: September 2012

News on the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions, Med-IQ, AAFP, AMA and EthosCE

Professional Media

Wolters Kluwer make iPad ad push

The medical journal publisher says advertisers are following the move toward the iPad

JAMA publications are gearing up for a 2013 rebrand

Nine Journal of the American Medical Associaiton publications will get new names in 2013

Professional Media briefs: September 2012

News on Elsevier, Springer and The International Journal of Angiology

Partner Forum

All the news that's fit to reprint?

Can an article's reprint potential create a publication bias?

Digital Media

WebMD dips, Everyday Health grows

Softer revenues led to a double-digit revenue decline for WebMD in the first half, while Everyday Health grew 35% when compared to the first six ...

HealthiNation supplies video content to Remedy Health

Remedy Health Media agreed to integrate content from health video provider HealthiNation.

Digital Media briefs: September 2012

News on Withings, AstraZeneca, Janssen and Topin

Consumer Marketing

Stryker rebrands knee, sees spike in web traffic

Stryker's TV ads for its Get Around Knee seem to be fueling in a spike in consumer interest on the company's website

DDR on DTC: Zostavax

Merck's terrific new integrated campaign for their shingles vaccine Zostavax

Pfizer places its bet on OTC Nexium

Pfizer is scooping up worldwide marketing rights to the non-prescription version of Nexium for $250 million up front.

Genzyme backs support effort for MS patients

The lives of five patients with mutiple sclerosis will be chronicled online as part of a program developed by the National MS Society and Sanofi's ...

Providers prefer paper: study

In a survey of non-MD health professionals, 55% said they rely primarily on paper-based communications when talking with patients.

Consumer Marketing briefs: September 2012

News on Pfizer, Oral Cancer Foundation, GlaxoSmithKline and Johnson & Johnson

Marketing Research

TTC edges IMS further into pharma R&D space

IMS Health acquired TTC, a Philadelphia-based trial benchmarking and analytics firm

Mobile research app offers insight

CarbonSix said it launched a tool that can deliver "in the moment" insight about patients living with chronic medical conditions.

Agency Business

Dudnyk raises its West Coast profile

Dudnyk bought San Francisco-based Stratagem Healthcare Communications

Roska lands the consumer launch of OAB pill Myrbetriq

Astellas tapped independent agency Roska Healthcare as consumer agency-of-record for Astellas' new overactive bladder pill, Myrbetriq

Agency Business briefs: September 2012

News on JeffreyGroup, Core Nation, Johnson & Johnson, Burson-Marsteller and HCB Health

Beltway Insider

As I See It: FDA whistleblower

Companies who submit proprietary data to FDA have a right to ensure it isn't disclosed to competitors

FDA: Drugmakers share the blame for shortages

FDA challenged a House report that said its regulations and enforcement actions contribute to drug shortages.

Court nixes payoffs to generic firms

An appeals court ruling says "any payment from a patent holder to a generic patent challenger who agrees to delay entry into the market" can ...


Will healthcare reform be able to save oncology?

Drug choices will likely narrow to only those therapies with the best clinical and cost efficiency data

Private View

Private View: TV's Big Spenders

Does big spending by the industry on TV ads translate into outstanding creative? Not always.

At Work With

At Work With: Greg Marta

Greg Marta, Director of Digital Marketing, DMW Direct


Upward Move: Bob Harrell

Bob Harrell, VP of Marketing, Appature

Name That Brand

Name That Brand: September 2012

Brand X shows off its softer side

Back Talk

Putting content into context

As with "one-size-fits-all" marketing, the "content-only-driven" strategy is outdated