September 2014 Issue of MMM

September 2014 Issue of MMM

September 2014 Issue

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Live, Listen and Learn

Companies are realizing that they need to be more attuned to their audience

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Leadership Exchange: How Do We Get Beyond the Pill?

As its focus moves from manufacturing to service, pharma needs to partner with healthcare neophytes as well as established players. James Chase asks six experts ...

Patient Education/ Marketing: Keeping Pace with Patients

Welcome to patient education circa 2014: With patient expectations at an all-time high, pharma marketers are struggling to keep up in the quest to make ...

Journal Ad Review: Reality Bites

Print's numbers may be taking some small steps in the right direction, but data is what the industry really wants to sink its teeth into. ...

Therapeutic Focus 2014: Women's Health

To see what's new in the women's health market, it might be necessary to take a look back. The return of the IUD is just ...

Headliner: Proteus CEO takes an original path

Andrew Thompson, CEO, Proteus Digital Health

In Focus

In sunny world of LASIK marketers, a dark underbelly

Last week, the former FDA branch chief who originally approved LASIK machines asked FDA to reconsider its denial last month of his petition to ban ...

Partner Forum

Are discounts cutting out co-pays?

GSK's decision to cut Advair's price spurred some PBMs to put it back on formulary. Will drugmaker discounts diminish the need for loyalty programs? How ...

Consumer Marketing

DDR on DTC: Brisdelle

Noven's spots for Brisdelle send a positive brand message

Beltway Insider

Washington Insider: Open Payments

Problems and changes have set ablaze criticism over the Sunshine Act's implementation


Medical Marketing Needs Mainstream Mad Men

Agencies must generate emotional resonance with the target audience, not unlike Apple, Pepsi or Nike

Private View

Private View: Visual Storytelling

What good is information, if it forgoes the emotion that moves people to take action? Enter visual storytelling—an emerging art form designed to conjure up ...

Back Talk

Pharma's Role in Cost Control

It may be time to adopt a model in which we help deliver healthcare