Five things for pharma marketers to know: Thursday, June 18

Five things for pharma marketers to know: Thursday, June 18


Merck settles a marketing lawsuit for $5.9 million; CVS plans to create diagnostic apps; a survey shows advertising agencies plan to keep head count steady for the rest of the year

Sanofi lays off 100 at Boston R&D hub

The Paris-based drugmaker has axed 100 oncology and global R&D employees as part of a reorganization effort.

Five things for pharma marketers to know: Monday, December 1

Five things for pharma marketers to know: Monday, December 1

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GSK is set to announce US job cuts this week, sales reps are getting the axe in China, and the FDA has rejected Avanir's inhalable migraine medication.

Roche to lay off 100, restructure

Sales reps are among the pinked-slipped in Spain.

Boehringer to cut costs by 15%

Layoffs are reported to be in the offing.

Amgen Q2 sales rise, company to lay off up to 2,900

Amgen Q2 sales rise, company to lay off up to 2,900


The majority of the layoffs will be in the US.

Informa rumored to lay off staff

Tweets offering help and jobs have followed reports that former Elsevier employees are now former Informa employees.

More Novartis layoffs

The company is reported to be cutting and moving up to 4,000 jobs.

AstraZeneca closes India R&D shop

168 employees will be pink-slipped this quarter.

Novartis lays off 500 pharma staff

The company will be beefing up support of Sandoz, its generics division.

Galderma, Novartis layoffs

Galderma's reorg will mean fewer employees. Novartis is closing a Canadian plant.

Layoff season continues

Actavis shrinks its staff by 30%, and Bayer reduces its California footprint.

Transcept announces layoffs

The cutbacks will leave a staff of eight.

Ariad workforce shrinks by 40%

The company announced the layoffs Friday.

BMS narrows its R&D focus

BMS narrows its R&D focus


The company's pursuit of a tighter research focus follows a path very much like that of its peers.

Novartis, Shire issue pink slips

Novartis is cutting jobs in California and adding some in Massachusetts, while Shire is trimming its UK R&D staff.

Novartis to lay off 371 in UK

The news is part of an ongoing reorg by the Swiss firm that is rumored to include selling off its animal health business.

Teva denies rumors of CEO-board friction

Generic giant Teva refuted allegations that the CEO, Jeremy Levin, and the board of directors were at odds over the company's cost-saving maneuvers.

Teva trimming 10% of staff ahead of MS drug expiry

Teva trimming 10% of staff ahead of MS drug expiry


The generics giant said it will lay off about 5,000 employees as it braces for the expiry of one of its specialty brands.

Lilly primes investors for possible cuts

Lilly primes investors for possible cuts


Echoing a strategy similar to that posed by Merck, the drug maker told investors that its strategy for hitting revenue targets includes efficiencies. It also depends on a regulatory-friendly pipeline.

Business briefs: Akorn, Bayer, Lonza, plus curbing CNS drug use

Akorn expands, buying Hi-Tech Pharmacal; nursing homes miss their goal to curb antipsychotic-drug use; Bayer cancer drug gets priority review; and Lonza lays off staff

Business briefs: J&J, Manhattan Research, plus July job cuts

J&J sells off its feminine side; Manhattan Research's study on the sales rep "tablet dance"; Cepheid rolls out a consumer TB campaign; and healthcare sector job losses top out in July.

Merck braces for revenue shortfall amid patent losses


Quarterly sales fell 11% compared to the same period last year. The company plans on weathering a continued flow of patent losses with a narrower R&D focus.

Business briefs: Elan and Valeant

Perrigo sweeps Elan off its feet for $8.6 billion, and Valeant is slashing 2,700 jobs.

R&D chief's spring-cleaning sweeps through Merck labs


Roger Perlmutter has begun to trim the fat off Merck's lackluster pipeline.

AstraZeneca buys respiratory specialist Pearl Therapeutics


The drug maker eases the burden on its Symbicort franchise by scooping up Pearl for $510 million.


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Merck, Takeda execs: Is AI the new bad app?

One executive referred to AI as a "black box" and as the "Tower of Babel."

Value-based care requires innovators to challenge the status quo

Execs stressed the importance of collaboration, consumer-mindedness.

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The artificial pancreas can provide value to the health system.

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