Melissa Manice
CEO and co-founder

With 50 million Americans suffering from asthma or COPD, it's no surprise that so many start-ups have focused attention on the respiratory space. Few, however, have gained as much traction as CoheroHealth, whose hardware (a sensor-enabled spirometer) and software (a gamified app) have generated excitement among patients and physicians well in advance of the company's commercial debut. "We've built the best 'mousetrap' for pulmonary," Manice says.
That "mousetrap" could revolutionize treatment and adherence in the asthma/COPD space. The sensor-enabled spirometer transmits patient data directly to the doctor, who can scan it for signs of an imminent adverse event or identify if a medication is having the desired effect. "Right now, doctors send patients home with medications and a pen-and-paper-based action plan, then you take readings and bring them back to the doctor," Manice explains. "But we're at a point where digital technology can make this an automated and engaging experience. There's no reason to stay data-dumb when the technology allows us to be data-smart." —Larry Dobrow