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Partner Forum: Can evidence show POC the way?

EHRs can deliver evidence-based information about giving the right medicine to the right patient at the right time. How can industry craft point-of-care marketing that is both relevant and useful?

Does account + creative ≠ agency?

Changing pharma demands and the ever-expanding skills of job seekers (tech, UX, search, mobile) have altered agency team structure. How must agency-client relations change to keep to the new model?

Is pharma equipped to prove value?

Delivering better patient outcomes takes the right economic instruments. Do market-access teams have the right tools at their disposal to make the value-for-money argument?

Partner Forum: Is data the key to trial recruitment?

LabCorp's purchase of CRO Covance promises to open access to LabCorp's patient database for trial recruiting. Can this help resolve problems like the disparity of female representation and scarcity of subjects for studies?

Is guidance stifling social media?


Recent FDA draft guidance was meant to help companies create FDA-compliant tweets and handle third-party misinformation on the web. What other obstacles lie in the path of effective social media use?

Has risk information run rampant?


In an era when many patients prefer a conversation over a commercial, and as the FDA considers revisions to the "brief summary," how much risk information is necessary in DTC ads and why?

Are discounts cutting out co-pays?


GSK's decision to cut Advair's price spurred some PBMs to put it back on formulary. Will drugmaker discounts diminish the need for loyalty programs? How can these programs stay relevant beyond giving co-pay assistance?

Can value vanquish payer pressure?


Pharma cites "payer pressure" as one of its biggest marketing challenges yet struggles to make the "value" case for products. How can it translate market-access awareness into reimbursement success?

Can EHRs raise the quality of care?


Stage 1 of the three stages of meaningful use criteria has ended, and Stage 2 is rolling out. So far, it's unclear if the incentives improve patient care. How can industry help doctors bridge the quality gap through EHRs?

Can local and global live together?


As brand communications responsibilities shift from local markets to centralized hubs, what will happen to the smaller, local agencies, and what will regionalization mean in terms of preserving choice for Rx clients?

Are rep networks a solid resource?


Research shows HCPs bounce from site to site, so rep networks seem to offer both one-stop info shopping and industry contact. But do they provide quality interaction, or are they just a way to e-mail marketing materials?

How do we make the mobile move?


With physicians and patients engaging in more cross-platform behavior, marketers must be multi-screen to reach them. Yet only one-third of pharma sites are mobile-optimized. Can we catch up with our customers?

What's the RX for specialty meds?


Unmet need has turned pharma toward specialty meds. Yet every success reduces unmet need, raising the bar. In this landscape, how do you ensure that a small-audience drug has a compelling value proposition at launch?

Can analytics hit the ROI target?


How are analytics, targeting and other forces augmenting ROI measurement?

How will the cloud change pharma?


Cloud-based CRM, which has been adopted by many a biopharma, has capabilities beyond carrying rep data. What are you doing technologically to ensure clients' field reps and tele-detailers stay on the cutting edge?

What's the key to communicating?

What's the key to communicating?


Healthcare reform opens the door for innovative communications among patients, payers and physicians. But how can disparate data sets and stakeholders from across a conservative, silo-ridden industry work together?

What's the gamification game plan?


Patients and physicians each can benefit from gamification: Patients gain a sense of control and connection, physicians can boost competencies. How can games foster better communication between the two groups?

Can no-see restrictions be solved?


How can industry reach HCPs who don't see sales reps?

How can digital fill clinical trials?


What are some ways that pharma could use websites, analytics and social media to boost enrollment in clinical trials?

How can pharma build digital DNA?


Pharmas are restructuring to implement digital marketing initiatives—for instance, using social media to build brands or engage audiences. As they partner, how should agencies help them cultivate a digital DNA?

How can DTC break new ground?


What device and/or diagnostic marketing advances will emerge in DTC, and how should such companies experiment with media?

Balancing promotion and education


How can agencies establish brand identities for specialty drugs without looking too self-promotional?

Can Big Data justify big budgets?


Big Data holds promise for helping pharma boost efficiencies, but the business case for new analytic techniques, in many cases, is still being written. How do you justify budgeting for data-management technologies?

How can specialty dollars do more?


Specialty pharma budgets can be smaller than in primary care, yet the conversations with specialists and ­payers are often more complex. How do you maximize reach with a lower spend?

Can publishers open the data door?


The BMJ said it will not publish research papers on drugs when clinical trial data are kept secret. What effect will BMJ have on other medical journals, and will companies begin to take the wraps off such data?

Will atypical ads make TV viable?


The use of 90-second ad units by healthcare advertisers is on the rise. Will 90s and other atypical ad-length units make TV more viable for pharma, and what's the best way to use this new mix of ad units?

Can 'performance' pricing pay off?


Many media agencies now use pay-for-performance compensation. It calls for tying media efforts to trackable metrics. What metrics should be used, and how can an incentive-based fee model work for healthcare brands?

All the news that's fit to reprint?


Can an article's reprint potential create a publication bias?

What's the right way to go digital?


How can pharma marketers strategically and safely use digital to reach customers?

Are journal costs at a tipping point?

By By

Harvard has urged faculty to abandon costly journals for open-access ones or those with "reasonable, sustainable subscription costs." Will this be a tipping point in the war of words between universities and publishers?

Why is print's power still prevalent?


Media data show pharma spent more for ads in magazines (+1%) and newspapers (+3%) last year, along with journals (+6%), but less in TV, outdoor and radio. What's behind the power of print as an ad vehicle?

Is ivory tower free of industry bias?


Is academic research any more timely or transparent than industry research?

Do reviews have an evidence gap?


Missing documents allegedly kept a review of Tamiflu from conclusively examining the drug's efficacy. Are reviews marred by publication and reporting biases? What can be done to make assessments more robust?

Will 2012 ad spend go for the gold?

For media buyers, 2012 means the "quadrennial" cyclical driver. The Summer Olympics and European Soccer Championship are expected to boost advertising. Will we see more spending in the healthcare sector?

Is consolidation the coming thing?

Several clients consolidated their advertising and promotion business last year, awarding all-in-one agency-of-record status for franchises, often including media duties. Should we expect more consolidations this year?

What's behind print's banner year?

Pharma DTC ad spend rose 4% through July 2011, vs. YTD July 2010, according to SDI, with magazine buys up 18%. Why is print up?

Will personalization cut ad spending?

What are the implications of personalized medicine for media? Do more targeted therapies mean a precipitous drop in ad spend, or will spending migrate to different channels?

Is focus on HCPs becoming a trend?

Wolters Kluwer Health is divesting its Pharma Solutions unit to focus on apps and journals. Does this move away from an audience of pharmas and medical agencies to focus on HCPs portend a trend or not?

What will Google+ mean for pharma?

Google tried one-upping its rival when it released a Facebook-esque package of social media features known as Google+. Is this a game changer, and what will it mean for pharma marketers?

Where will pharma's web dollars go?

This year the healthcare/pharma industry is expected to increase web media spend 13% to $1.2 billion, according to an eMarketer forecast. Where should that spending go?

How do CPG alliances aid pharmas?

Teva's alliance with P&G should enable the drugmaker to get competitive rates on global media buys for its OTC products. Are there other opportunities for firms to gain media-buying scale by partnering with CPG advertisers?

Does new policy hurt transparency?

The FDA decided to bar reporters from consulting outside experts about embargoed news. Journalists say this runs counter to FDA's pledge to increase transparency. The agency says otherwise. Is this sound policy?

Should journals expand disclosure?

In the wake of the insider-trading probe involving Human Genome Sciences, should journals expand disclosure rules for researchers to include ties to the financial community? Due diligence or transparency overkill?

Will pharmas keep shifting duties?

GlaxoSmithKline's decision in late 2010 to shift consumer media-planning and -buying duties for all its brands was a fresh signal that no media account is beyond review. Will we see more pharma clients rock the boat this year?

Will journals take online dollars?

Revenge of the dead trees? If journals begin 2011 like they started off 2010, with an infusion of pharma ad dollars, will their revival draw advertising spend away from professional online promotion?

Will specialty titles start growing?

Publishers of multispecialty and primary care titles enjoyed the largest ad-spend gains in a resurgent first-half 2010. Will things get more interesting for the specialty care segment, as well?

Will journal ad recovery last long?

Journal ad revenues took an unforeseen turn for the better in the first half of the year, with overall ad spend jumping 14.3% from January to June. What's behind the upsurge and will it continue?

Is Grassley's ghostwriting report still relevant?

Sen. Chuck Grassley released a report shedding light on the controversial practice of ghostwriting. Some say his findings are based on outdated publication-planning practices. How should we put Sen. Grassley's report in context?

Where is professional media headed?

With journal spend taking a dive, many agencies have jettisoned internal media buyers, outsourcing to the big network shops among others. What do you see as the potential for employment and career advancement?

How can mobile improve access?

Millions of patients across the country are set to enter the healthcare system, each with different insurance plans and tolerance for drug co-pays. How are you using mobile technology and social media to improve access?


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