ISN and NPG partner to create new journal

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The International Society of Nephrology (ISN) has formed a partnership with Nature Publishing Group (NPG) to launch Nature Clinical Practice Nephrology in November 2005.
This partnership brings together the ISN's global network of over 20,000 nephrologists with NPG's successful publishing program, including its newest series of journals for practicing clinicians -- Nature Clinical Practice.
Former ISN President, Robert Schrier was named editor-in-chief.
Nature Clinical Practice Nephrology will provide the practicing physician with a comprehensive overview of the most up-to-date literature relevant to the diagnosis and management of patients with kidney disease. It will include editorial and opinion pieces, highlights from current literature, commentaries on the application of recent research to practical patient care, comprehensive reviews, and in-depth case studies.
Four journals in the Nature Clinical Practice series were launched last year; Nature Clinical Practice Nephrology and three other titles are planned for 2005. The series will eventually span some 14 titles.
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