Philips focuses on healthcare tech

Lightbulb company Royal Philips is swapping its heritage for the consumer healthcare business.

J&J pulls morcellator from market

The company is calling the move a withdrawal, as opposed to a recall.

GE buys interest in DNA

The finance, electric and broadcasting company has taken a $1-billion interest in DNA technology.

Covidien buys firm armed with missile tech

Covidien is buying ingestible-camera company Given Imaging.

Report: J&J nearing hip settlement

The current number is reported to hover around $4 billion.

FDA exempts most mobile apps from scrutiny

FDA exempts most mobile apps from scrutiny

The agency issued final guidance on mobile apps, saying it will focus only on a subset that present the greatest risk to patients if they don't work correctly.

"Sensor you swallow" passes psych test

"Sensor you swallow" passes psych test

Proteus Digital Health's ingestible sensor shows utility as an adherence tool for those on psych meds, a study suggests.

Mayo device helps monitor heart patients from afar

Device maker Preventice says the peel-and-stick monitor has the potential to go beyond the critical care market and into the sports world.

J&J consolidates, rebrands Ethicon units

J&J consolidates, rebrands Ethicon units

Driven by consolidation in the healthcare industry, J&J is reuniting Ethicon, Inc. and Ethicon Endo-Surgery to present surgeons and health systems with a single face.

Abbott closes Q1 with sales boost

The company expects emerging markets to rise in importance and says it's scoping out possible device acquisitions.

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