Best Digital Initiative for HCPs: 2014

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Best Digital Initiative for HCPs: 2014
Best Digital Initiative for HCPs: 2014

Sponsored by AbelsonTaylor

Area 23 and BI/Lilly
Glucose Perspectives

Judges loved the hand-drawn, simple RSA Animate style used in the Glucose Perspectives video to explore historical discoveries about type 2 diabetes and introduce new developments in the understanding of the pathology of the disease.

The video is housed on and is supported by an interactive graphic and in-office posters.

“Beautiful animation plus a well-told story complemented with an interactive version of the piece made for a well-rounded experience,” said one judge.

The video was created for both PCPs and endocrinologists. Presenting a 3,600-year historical perspective and explaining the role of SGLT2s (sodium glucose co-transporters) in glucose homeostasis reminded physicians that science evolves and set the stage for acceptance of new findings.

“The RSA Animate style helped us bridge the gap between our two target audiences by creating a visual aid that helps PCPs easily digest the complex information needed to persuade and educate endo­crinologists,” an agency representative added.

“Great audience insight and engaging creative makes this entry stand out,” a second judge commented. “The interactive component allows for deeper understanding.”

Within three months, the website had more than 11,000 unique visitors with nearly two minutes average engagement time. Unique visits exceeded 63,000 by February 2014.

CDM New York and Quest Diagnostics
Quest AssureD

CDM's iPad visual aid for Quest's vitamin D assay stresses the necessity of accurate vitamin D testing and features an animation highlighting testing technique differences.

“Fantastic characters dynamically illustrate the science and the need for accuracy,” said one judge. Results included increased sales and more than 900 video views.


• Area 23 and BI/Lilly for Glucose ­Perspectives

• CDM New York and Quest Diagnostics for Quest AssureD

• Havas Lynx and Eisai for—Making Weight Loss Matter

• ICC Lowe and Orexo for Zubsolv-iDetail Aid

• JUICE Pharma Worldwide and Merck & Co. for Merck Adult Vaccination Program

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