Best Medical Digital Initiative for Consumers: 2015

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Free Killer Tan 
Agency: Area 23 
Client: Mollie's Fund 

Video of unsuspecting young adults who thought they were getting a free indoor tanning session but instead walked into their own mock funeral drove 2 million views on Facebook and YouTube combined. 

“Challenging and unconventional with a strong message,” one judge said. 

“Great insight into target behaviors,” noted a second judge. “The casket tanning bed is brilliant. Bravo!” 

Area 23 reported that 1 million American young adults tan daily despite the well-known links between tanning and melanoma. Its nonprofit client Mollie's Fund, which focuses on melanoma prevention, wanted to inspire meaningful behavior change.

“To truly to make a long-lasting, life-changing impact, it was important to make this issue personal and hard-hitting,” the agency noted. 

In addition to Facebook and YouTube, the video was also posted on Free and included elements that allowed visitors to spread messaging and drive additional site traffic through sharable free tanning coupons. Twitter outreach focused on sororities and frater-nities and led to demonstrations to ban tanning.

Ninety percent of the 1 million YouTube video viewers were in the target audience and 95% of the 1 million Facebook viewers were among target audience. Thousands of young adults made proclamations on Facebook to never tan again and urged loves ones to do the same. 

Agency: Agency RX 
Client: AstraZeneca 

This campaign aims to raise awareness of the BRCA mutation in ovarian cancer and increase testing. Original content, including patient stories and inspiring messaging, spans Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and 

Judges described the campaign as excellent and sensitive and also noted that it connected well with patients and drove strong results. 

■ Agency RX and AstraZeneca for #BeBRCAware
■ Area 23 and Mollie's Fund for Free Killer Tan
■ Grey Healthcare Group and Pfizer for Amy Purdy
■ Intouch Solutions and AbbVie for Inside Inflam-mation Interactive Tour on
■ Klick and Baxter Health­care Corporation for Beat Bleeds app update

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